Summer Vacation….again?


Not only 2013 saw the very first Quenya101 Summer Vacation in July, now we saw another Summer vacation! Yeah, I changed hemispheres and lost the thing I love the most! Cold snowy winters!

Anyway, if you’re interested in Fast Line services and wonder where the posts are…check what changes with this 2nd Summer Vacation:

  • All posts are paused! They’re gonna be back in February!
  • FAST LINE requests are not gonna be answered in 101 hours! From January, 1st, 2014 12:00AM ET to January, 31st, 2014 11:59PM ET, all requests made through Fast Line will be regarded as made in February for delivery sake. For instance, if you make a Fast Line request in 01/10/14, it’ll be counted as made in 02/10/14 and it’ll be answered up to 101 hours from the adjusted date on.


  • X101 services WILL NOT be paused! They’ll be answered regularly with all its extra and new features! If you’re desperate to get something answered in 101 hours during January, X101 is the solution you need!
  • Don’t think Quenya101 is REALLY on vacation! That’s not what happen! In January, regular line requests, answering the staggering amount of comments people leave here and updating some of the site pages will be focused so everyone gets benefited by Quenya101 Language Institute laborious enterprise!

That’s it! Have a nice snow if you’re at the right place and…join my sweaty nights down under!



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