4th Year begins!

Q101 i fëa Quenyava ná sissë

Quenya101 is BACK! But not only that, we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary and the beginning of year 4! Wow….huh? No…not only that…it’s post-Super Bowl Monday and that’s just an extra reason for the celebration. Ok, ok…Monday is not a day that calls for celebration, but it doesn’t matter! Let’s have it! I’m happy to be back after this hot melting vacations and I’m anxious to release all new stuff coming up in our site!

The amount of people trying to reach me is staggering and it keeps growing. I’m afraid I’m not able to answer them all with the speed they require but be sure I AM DEFINITELY answering them all sooner or later. To help all people who were awaiting the return of Fast Line from vacation, below I’ll provide the list so you know when yours is coming and if I need further info from you.

Fast Line Vacation line

The requests marked as “?” need further info. There was no message attached in Paypal. Even if you have already commented in the site about it, please send an email so I can clarify what your request is.  The request marked as “!” is invalid as it’s not following the Fast Line rules closely. Please, Ines, contact me also by email.

Quenya101 logo 4th year

X101 was a hit and there are already people who joined the special Quenya101 raffle. That’s a great opportunity to get your request answered within 101 hours AND with extra stuff! Use it as you will!

Super new stuff is coming but I cannot spoil the surprise…just yet! Stay tuned for this new 4th year and spread the elven path to all Tolkiendilli out there!

A new dawn arising.

A new dawn arising.





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