Star Wars Football?

Another crossover here in Quenya101, of the many many many we have had already! Star Wars is nothing new here and we have mixed it a lot with Quenya & Tengwar. Football is another passion of mine and to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII and the victory of Seattle Seahawks (though I was rooting for P.Manning and the Broncos), we definitely need a post about the most fantastic sport EVER (if you don’t know it, you should!)

To my surprise, NFL recently has published a collection of Star Wars football helmets! The exact thing we do here! Crossovers. Star Wars fans will love it! Football fans will be surprised and if you’re not among both fandom, well….there’s always some new stuff to get to know and start enjoying right?

BEAUTIFUL! This is a masterpiece! Thank you, John Raya for creating them and thank you NFL for sharing them! Fantastic!!!! Also, but not the least….let’s congratulate the Super Bowl 1st time winners…..

Sial Eärfiondi a.k.a. Seattle Seahawks

Sial Eärfiondi a.k.a. Seattle Seahawks







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