More about elvish poem, more about elvish prose!


A little organization doesn’t kill anyone, right? (As surely said our mothers)

You already know Poem & Prose section where every single famous quote is translated into Quenya. If you have a request, just ask there! You can already find many quotes from Gandalf, Aragorn, Mahatma Gandhi, lyrics from songs, quotes from movies, real life, books, TV, video games…anything you like!

Ok, nothing new about it! NOW…..quotes are divided by the one who said it! Easy to browse and to find what you’re looking for! Take a look again at the image above. Can you guess all faces and logos shown?

6 of me? What is this witchcraft?

6 of me? What is this witchcraft?

Sure, there are 6 different Aragorns (which shows you 6 quote from him, YEAH BABY!) but what the hell is Will Smith doing in letter A? You don’t need to be curious, neither is this a challenge! Visit Poem & Prose A and you’ll see right there! Click on each image and voilà…you got the quote right before your eyes! It’s no big deal, a super fantastic thing….but it sure is organized and much cooler! Our mommies would be very proud, huh?

This is one of the new stuff coming in Quenya101. A lil’ detail here and there to help you more with Quenya! The audio will be progressively added to the page itself instead of being linked with the image too. You can experience how’s that gonna be with the newly fresh recorded Aristotle‘s quote:

I hope you enjoy my fellow elves!

(And don’t forget to tell mommy we finally learned to be organized!) 😀






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2 responses to “More about elvish poem, more about elvish prose!

  1. TaliaElizabeth

    Awesome! I still don’t understand word of Quena but awesome, anyway!

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