Is that Civilization as we know it?

170709571_29d86c223a_oI don’t usually talk here about my personal opinions about life, people and the world around,  but I need to share the reading I had a couple of hours ago. I agree with it 100% and it has an interesting connection with C.S. Lewis which quite qualifies it to be here.

The author of this article is robstroud, a Quenya101 fan and he totally said it. I think his voice must be heard and we all need to think things over. Is that what we become? Exhibitionists and viewers of what doesn’t deserve to be exhibited? Was C.S. Lewis a kind of modern prophet? DO READ:

We live in an exhibitionist era. It’s evident everywhere, but reaches a revolting crescendo in some of the extreme “reality tv” that’s become a standard feature of what passes for “entertainment” in a decadent society.

Not all reality programming is inherently vulgar. Some is potentially beneficial. For example:


Provides reinforcement for staying on the straight and narrow.

Deadliest Catch

Teaches us that whatever we’re doing, there are some jobs we could have that are even worse.

American Idol

I don’t watch it, but my impression is it basically revolves around decent entertainment and at least one prima donna judge.

The Apprentice

Teaches us the worst boss we ever had may not have been quite as bad as we recall.

So You Think You Can Dance

I don’t watch this either, but understand it’s pretty innocuous, aside from occasional humiliation.


Learn how to survive in the wilderness, from a guy with a fantastic surname: Les Stroud.

Among the many programs I would never watch, even if you paid me: Jersey Shore, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


A show I’m curious about—but not interested enough to waste any time investigating—isPastors of LA. Apparently, one of the featured ministers, who committed adultery and fathered a child while still married, proclaimed: “I have not preached on any platform in any church for one year! I’ve paid my penalty for my sin!” Not quite sure where he found that equation in the scriptures, but perhaps pastors of Los Angeles megachurches determine their own penances.

I can’t understand the allure of exhibitionism. Stripping down to one’s most embarrassing and offensive qualities, and parading those before an anonymous audience, is nowhere on my bucket list.

Even stranger to me than the willingness of a minority to invite public mockery and derision is the desire of relatively significant audiences to view some of these misbegotten concepts.

C.S. Lewis helps me understand the problem. In an article entitled “After Priggery—What?” he says:lewis1

We have lost the invaluable faculty of being shocked—a faculty which has hitherto almost distinguished the Man or Woman from the beast or the child.

Lewis begins the essay by condemning “priggery,” the judging of what is bad that infers the “prig” is morally superior. He also raises the question of whether or not our failure to condemn publically demeaning or destructive behaviors results in more damage to society than does the act of making moral judgments.

The illustration he uses is that of a “wicked journalist, a man who disseminates for money falsehoods calculated to produce envy, hatred, suspicion and confusion.” (There seems no shortage of such people in our world.)

Lewis says that our toleration of these malevolent influences is a terrible mistake. The following passage criticizes the fact that we actually enable such conduct by supporting it.

If we must find out what bad men are Writing, and must therefore buy their papers, and therefore enable their papers to exist, who does not see that this supposed necessity of observing the evil is just what maintains the evil? It may in general be dangerous to ignore an evil; but not if the evil is one that perishes by being ignored.*

Read the conclusion here

Well said, rob……very well said! Let’s just turn TV off and read a book…………in Quenya! 🙂

tv color bars




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2 responses to “Is that Civilization as we know it?

  1. Interesting idea…
    Because we have become much more acceptant of so many things, we need more extreme examples of “bad” or “questionable” behavior to feel better about ourselves, “morally superior” even… I don’t think we should become less tolerant though; we just need to get rid of the need to feel better than others.
    Also, I’m totally in favor of the book idea! 😀

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