Psalm in Quenya

bible-pageIt doesn’t matter what you think about the Bible, it is by far the most read book of all time. It’s ancient, it has solid principles to rely on even to this day and although it was written by more than 40 different human beings, the 66 books which form the Bible remain internally accurate and with one single theme from the beginning to the end. When you really read and study it, you realize no human being would be able to write such a book. It’s beyond our mortal ability. I have a deep respect for this book and appreciation that nowadays we can so easily read it! You know, there was a time people were burnt and killed methodically for trying to read the Bible.

But elves don’t know that. In Arda, there’s no Bible. Their history is very different. To mend this huge shame, why not starting to translate a little bit so elves can taste the Bible in their mother tongue? Just for starters, here comes the famous, widespread Psalm 23.

Psalm 23

Lin Meldonwa

  1. Yáwë ná mámandillinya. Meruvan munta.
  2. Salquëa nesselessë cariryen caita; ara mára senda nanda tentaryen.
  3. Fëanya ceutas. Tulyaryen tiennar failaleva rá esseryan.
  4. Ananta vantan nuruhuinenandessë, rucin lá ulcallo, an nalyë óni; tulwë ar vandilelya nar i nati yar asyar ni.
  5. Manwal opo ni sarno opo queni yar tanar henulca nin. Millonen amániel casinya; yulmanya ná mai quanta.
  6. Tancavë marië ar mára melmë intë sacuvar ni ilyë rer cuilenyava; ar maruvan coassë Yáweva tennoio.




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17 responses to “Psalm in Quenya

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  4. So beautiful! thank you!

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  7. Talia-Elizabeth

    I want to learn Quenya but I cannot find where to do so!
    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Earare

    I know you will hate my comment but I respectfully disagree. Bible has been written by MEN, passing their own beliefs as godly ones, therefore made other people believe that Biblical words came for God. It’s wrong! Otherwise how can one justify the atrocities such as killing, murder, slavery, rape and so on? I know perfectly that that’s how ancient Hebrews lived, but it doesn’t mean we should condone it. Besides, God/dess (whatever) doesn’t just tell : “Hey listen, write this, write that.”
    I’m not keeping anyone from reading Bible (Quran, Talmud, Torah or whatever), I just don’t understand why must we cling to some old, antiquated ways which we know damn well always depend on cultural context (not divine)? Should we practice polygamy? Should we sacrifice our own children? Should we massacre “heathens”?

    I haven’t heard a single story of people being “burnt and killed methodically for trying to read the Bible”. If you mean communism, then yes, it’s true, I’m far from justifying it, but what about Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment? Wasn’t that patriarchal, “biblically inspired” mainstream commiting crimes against those who disagreed with Church principles?

    • Well, your comment is pretty valid Eararë! I’m happy you shared it.

      If you study the Bible deeply, you’ll learn that although it took 1,600 years for that book to be written by 40 different men, the harmony, theme and unity is something that mere shepherds, kings, doctors, (some of their profession) couldn’t attain. They were centuries apart and we know very well how people tend to disagree in views and opinions just by being a few decades apart. (take 1960’s view of education children and 2000’s view, right?)

      Unfortunately, some people tend to confuse “Church” with Bible. Some people that have professed to be Christians and follow Bible principles have failed to do so and have committed all the atrocities you mention. Super true. If only they practiced what is INSIDE the Bible (and not religious doctrines) they would refrain themselves of hating their neighbors and therefore nothing like Inquisition would ever have happened! Don’t you think?

      When you analyze deeply the wisdom contained in the Bible, you’ll get to understand its principles and even though we live in different times with a different cultural context, Biblical counsels are timeless. For instance: Bible condemns lie! Who likes to be lied to? Wouldn’t human relations be healthier if everybody could trust each other 100% because people follow this timeless counsel? This is just a piece of example. There are so many others.

      Anyway, I loved to read what you think about the issue and hope you enjoy my points here too. Also, I encourage you to study the Bible. But you know…THE Bible, not a religion. It’s gonna be enlightening in many ways. Just give it a shot, why not? You may like what you discover about it OR you may attest what you already think about the Bible. Nobody loses. It’s a win-win!

  9. Very well done. If I weren’t both disorganized and pressed for time (call me Butterbur), I’d look up “Amen” in Quenya for a response.

  10. ¿Sería posible conocer el análisis del texto? It would be possible to know the analisis of the text? Please/Por favor 😀

  11. Spectacular. J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved this!

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