Quenya101 Weekly Lembas I

Quenya101 Lembas

Life has changed. I’m not sure if there’s any going back now. Time is not what it was anymore. Drastic changes will be done concerning Quenya101 posts (you definitely have already sensed that) and from now on, we’re gonna have basically weekly bulletins with all new stuff in the site. Everything newly translated from all the requests people leave here will be in one sweet spot, easy to get, easy to review it. Click on the images and you’ll be directed to the page where you can check all the details of the particular translation.

From time to time, we’re still having those old good fashioned posts with funny stuff, linguistics insight, special translations so on and so forth.

Below, you’ll find out what’s new in Quenya101 in the last week:


New names








poem & prose

New famous quotes

Jim Gordon @ The Dark Knight

Jim Gordon @ The Dark Knight

And once again…

Samwise Gamgee @ The Fellowship Of The Ring


New sentences

I was never worthless

Do not be afraid


Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

Thank you all and see you next week!



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