The One that has it all & The One that praises the Lord

Aiya! It’s me again and I’m here to talk about some friends and their amazing tattoos. As you could guess from the post title, I’m talking about two people. I promise that my double posts will end soon!

First, let me talk about Judith ‘Mithrellas’ Arantes. She’s a good friend of mine and, a while ago, she asked me to translate Psalm 150 into Quenya:

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

We worked together to find some the perfect translation, with two different translations, finally going for the following:

Á lávë ilyë súliva eälar laitar i Héru

Literally, this means Let every spirit-possessing being praise the Lord. One interesting thing I found while working this translation is the intimate relation between breath and spirit in Quenya. Quoting the Quettaparma:

BREATH (noun) hwesta (breeze, puff of air), foa (puff of breath), súlë (Þ) (spirit) (earlier [MET] form thúlë = Þúlë)

As usual, check out the Tengwar version:

Á lávë ilyë súliva eälar laitar i Héru

But this was not a simple tattoo! It has a full work of art into it! Check it out, together with a photo of Mithy cosplaying as Tauriel:

Now let’s go for the second part of the post.

I promised in my last post that you would hear more of Franz ‘Maglor’ Brehme. Well, Maglor not only tattooed the famous Not all those who wander are lost verse, but MANY other nerd culture references! Batman, Star Wars, Wheel of Time, Tolkien: you name it, he has it somewhere on his body! And Maglor is also a tattoo artist, so you can guess how tattoos are special to him.

So, let’s finish with some photos of him. Don’t get scared by the “bad boy” looks, he’s a very nice person!

That’s all for today, folks!





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4 responses to “The One that has it all & The One that praises the Lord

  1. skyedancer

    That’s really cool. It’s the same in Latin. Spiritus means both breath and spirit. I never thought much about it before reading this, though. Again, that’s really cool, and also says a lot about how Professor Tolkien thought.

  2. popular designs own creation that is fantastic

  3. Valië

    Sis and WoT mentor, love you both and your tattoos ^^

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