White Tree Awards IV


Here we are once again, to celebrate Quenya, its passion and the beauty within its every corner! It took some time, but now White Tree Awards IV has come to highlight what we have best in the past 100 posts! Let’s get started and honor the tradition!

The 4th edition of this award celebrate the best post achievements between 10/13/13 and 03/07/16.

White Tree IV 101 down

And the White Tree goes to…

Best Engaging

 The most famous poem of The Silmarillion full of anger and bitterness by Fëanor in the tongue it was spoken originally!

Best Commented

After all, reviews always bring enlightenment and debates, right?

Best Attraction

Packed with historic info about our own alphabet, this one is a must-read if you really love your a, b, c.

Best Rated

Lovely project that came to life and was told how and why by Troy himself.

Best Spread

Think about a world without Tolkien! Kind of a nightmare but a interesting exercise to see his impact on us.


According to YOU, the best one of all is…

Best People’s Choice

From the undeniably most important book of all time, a poem by King David now available in the High-Elven language.



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