Q101 is BACK!


I’m back, I’m back, I’m back!!! Finally! I was at a loss without my baby (Quenya101 is my baby boy, you know). I had huge technical issues and couldn’t take care of my baby boy here. I apologize deeply for everyone who donated to Fast Line and X101 this past weeks. Please, forgive me. You will be compensated with extra features in your requests.

If you requested anything using Fast Line, you’ll get X101 features (much more stuff) and if you asked through X101, you’ll get double dose. I’ll contact you soon. Stay tuned.

From now on, Quenya101 is back and all requests will be answered as usual.

I’m very very thrilled to be able to help you all with Quenya again! FINALLY!

What a relief!




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32 responses to “Q101 is BACK!

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