Luwin, Legolas and Leia, a triple geek cord!


Let’s mix it all, why not? Don’t be shy. Add some ingredients, shove it in a pan and let’s see what we got. Tasty? Well, it’s up to you and your geekdoms! I like mine and you can prove many of them right here!


A major update was made to L page in Poem & Prose. Check all the quotes from all over the geekdoms as well as rock lyrics! Leia, Legolas, Luwin, Led Zeppelin, La Vida Bohème, Legião Urbana and Lúthien (bonus round!).


Don’t forget: You want it, you got it! If your favorite quote isn’t there yet, just request. Regular line, Fast Line or X101. Up to you!

Got it?




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Filed under A Game of Thrones, Quenya, Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings

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