Tengwar fonts FUN FUN FUN!

Well, I’ve been working a lot these couple of days creating fonts nonstop and I got some more already finished and ready to be used! I present to you all the new Tengwar Kids:


I’m not sure if that was inspired in Spongebob Squarepants, but well I can’t hide the fond feelings I have for that cartoon. I wanted this new Tengwar font to be funny, less serious than all others around the internet.


Soon, very soon all these fonts will be available for download in the new Tengwar Fonts page I’m developing here. Also, don’t think this is it. There’s so much more to come! Fonts in concept phase and others already finished, like:


Tengwar Bathory

As you can realize by the image above, all my fonts following a friendly mapping unlike Tengwar Annatar (which I enjoy typing even though some people don’t like it) which you definitely need to study its character mapping before typing anything. Tengwar Kornography, Tengwar Kids and the coming Tengwar Bathory follow the same pattern where you get what you type! T stands for T, not another thing. Easier for beginners, easier to type, easier to learn! It’s a win-win!

To finish, let’s celebrate the creativity festival I’m having these days with a song, shall we? It’s HwandeCalion TéracornaLanni time! (you can even listen the singing clicking this link)








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12 responses to “Tengwar fonts FUN FUN FUN!

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  2. I donated US$10 for the Tengwar Kids font but didn’t get any download link to the said font.

  3. donated US$10 for Tengwar KIds font but didn’t get any download link for the font

  4. what would a modern day 21st century Tengwar font look like?

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  6. Very cute! 🙂 Will you be perhaps uploading these new Tengwar Fonts of yours to something like http://Dafont.com for download, or is something else going on?

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