Elizabeth, my Tengwar is thine…


And here it is!!!! The 3rd original and exclusive Quenya101 Tengwar font to be released, Tengwar Bathory.



As dark as it can get, Tengwar Bathory is dedicated to Elizabeth Bathory (kind obvious huh?), the blood countess who has inspired many songs and movies due to its cruelty and brutality when killing young women only to bathe in their blood. [OUCH! Nasty!]

Wow, dude! What a fantastic font to write in red blood and pure white in the darkest of pics. By the way, credits must be given to Mariam Zakarian and Jessica Lundberg! You can see their beautiful art here.

With a gothic style and dripping blood with its sharp corners, Tengwar Bathory is ideal for translating that black metal lyrics into Quenya. The writings in the image above is an example. You can check their meanings here and here.

Below, a Quenya pangram so you can taste the flavour of Tengwar Bathory:


There you go. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more!!! The 4th Tengwar Font is out in the oven…hmmmm, so delicious….


Tengwar Burger! Yummy!

But WAIT! You can get Tengwar Bathory RIGHT NOW! No need to wait. (As well as Tengwar Kornography and Tengwar Kids). Click below and enjoy your fancy Tengwar typing!

tengwar-cornotecina-button tengwar-hini-button










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3 responses to “Elizabeth, my Tengwar is thine…

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  2. Olordil

    Awesome! Keep up the good work with these Tengwar fonts! You mentioned you’re not using Annatar mapping. In that case, how do you get the tehtar to position themselves correctly? Is it automatic or is it with Shift and stuff? Also, I think there’s a mistake in your Quenya pangram. You can’t use harma (aha) to write nehtuva: because the h is soft, you should use palatalized hyarmen. (No problem though, just change nehtuva to nahtuva. The two verbs mean the same) Also, rancoryanen is wrong. It should be rancuryanen. Ranco is a U-stem, like telco, ango, orco. But again no problem with the purpose of the pangram, you just have to change a tehta.

    • Thank you, Olordil! The tehtar are not positioned automatically. There are distinct positions for each one and shift plays a major role in getting them right. Nehtuva is ok and hyarmen should be positioned initially. Concerning ranco, yes, that was a typo. You’re a good observer.

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