Q101 Shop wants you to WIN!

I want you

Vote! Follow! Like! Share! Win!

Here’s the first promotional contest from Q101 Shop! Easy to participate and easier to win! Check how it works below and follow closely the elvish stairs to the prize!


Choose below which image you would like to have as a new product in Q101 Shop! Pick your favorite:


After voting, follow the Official Instagram of Q101 Shop! Just that! Easy-easy!

Like & Share!q101-album

Go to Facebook and like the Quenya101 Language Institute album called Q101 Shop. Share it afterwards. This step is importat! Voilà!


Every single participant may win 1 Tattoo Q101 request for FREE! If you like tattoos and you’re thinking about one, that’s the opportunity! If you don’t like it, just have a favorite sentence/name/famous quote of yours translated into Quenya and written with HUGE fonts! Why not, huh?

(Result will be announced in 11/08)






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4 responses to “Q101 Shop wants you to WIN!

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  3. Olordil

    Question: If I want to translate “Follow your dreams”, what’s the best way to translate “dreams”? I know the most obvious way is “á hilya olorinyar” but olos is a ‘nightly’ dream, not an ‘inner’ dream, if you know what I mean. Is there a better translation?

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