Ainulindalë Celebration


To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Ainulindalë Quenyanna, I’d like to share to gem that was brought to us by Lorenzo Carrera Bloise from Andúnë.

He crafted a whole compilation of Ainulindalë Quenyanna texts in one single PDF file, easy to read with the 3 versions transcribed on top of each other (English/Quenya/Tengwar).




Click on the link below and check by yourself. Very well done and something remarkable that I stored up to spread on this day, Ainulindalë anniversary!


Thank you very much for the whole work, Lorenzo!


Q101 ainulindalë



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2 responses to “Ainulindalë Celebration

  1. Lorenzo

    Woah, it’s been a year, and I’ve just realized you posted this xD.
    Where is the pdf? The image is empty.
    See you next year!

    • So much time, Lorenzo! You have been losing many cool things lately if it’s that long you don’t check Q101 here. Eärendillinwë Quenyanna was completed, several Q101 Shop collections launched, Q101 Patreon started bringing exclusive content and rewards, Q101 Elvish Calendar in printed form,.,,,,…..

      Anyway, thank you for pointing that out. There was a bug and link didn’t stick where it was supposed to. I corrected the post. See you later.

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