THE Max Tattoo 360


An elvish frenzy begins!

21433127_10212704228952579_3841258185826154388_nStarting January, 18th, 2017, Tattoo Q101 gains a new enhancement! It’s not about gettingbigger and better but it’s about getting FASTER!

Are you like…late for your tattoo appointment? Are you still undecided of what you’re gonna img_5652get? Do you need something to be written in accurate Quenya RIGHT NOW, like you don’t have time to spare, to waste, you cannot wait?


Max Tattoo 360 was made for YOU! It’s all based on what Tattoo Q101 brings. Check how it works and all its features.

What’s the same:

  • Extended amount per request
  • EXTRA HUGE Tengwar Fonts to help your tattoo artist.


What’s different:

  • Instead of getting answered in 101 hours……360 MINUTES!!!!!!
  • Instead of getting answered in 6 Tengwar Fonts……24 TENGWAR FONTS!!!!!!


How can that be? 360 Minutes? Guaranteed? HOW?


Max Tattoo 360 will work only during business hours. Like a regular store.

IMG_20171223_164151It opens 12PM & closes 8PM

(Eastern Time – US)

Monday to Friday.

So, if you request anything through Max Tattoo 360 during its open hours, your 360-minute delivery will start counting immediately. If not, let’s say you request something 10PM ET, then your delivery time will start counting only when the “store” opens the following business day. Simple and straightforward, huh?

unnamedSo, if you are in a COMPLETE HURRY, RUSH, GIMME THAT, GIMME NOW mood, Max Tattoo 360 gives you that, gives you now and gives you with MAX features (24 Tengwar Fonts!!! Dude….it’s ALL Tengwar you can get…actually you can’t even chew that amount of Tengwar in one single bite! Man! Seriously…)

Where do I get answered? At the appropriate page, according to your request. Check the pages here.image1

Well, where do I leave the message with my request? Just fill the form HERE after you donated and that’s it!

If you wanna know more details of Max Tattoo 360, you can check the Tattoo Q101 FAQ here. It’s the same essence but bringing you more and bringing you fast!

All the pics shown here are from Quenya101 fans who requested here and got what they wanted! Accurate translations and at the end of the day…a very nice tattoo! Thank you for sharing, Steven, Niko, Valaraen, Kara and Tony!




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