Brace yourselves… Sindarin is coming!


Quenya101 proudly announces the newest, groundbreaking project coming up here! SINDARIN translations FOR ALL!

For ages, since Elwë Singollo (aka Elu Thingol) banned our beloved Quenya from Beleriand, there has been a rift between Quenya and Sindarin speakers. Noldor against Sindar, the elven family divided. Not anymore, not in here!


Quenya101 calls all of you to back up this Patreon goal to start NEWEST pages where you’ll get all the accuracy and quality Quenya101 brings you, but now…in SINDARIN!

So, what do you think? Shall we expand our linguistic borders and embrace all elves out there?






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6 responses to “Brace yourselves… Sindarin is coming!

  1. Newborn

    how do you actually learn the language? i mean learning how to read is a thing but to learn the language, that’s like super a thing!!

    • There are courses designed by linguists based on Tolkien material. One must have discipline and love for the thing in order to delve deep into this elvish lore.

  2. Newborn

    what is the difference between Sindarin and Quenya, is it the tengwar or simply different languages? and how much does tengwar and tehtar contain in both sindarin and Quenya?

  3. Olordil

    I personally think you shouldn’t be getting into Sindarin. For one, you spelled “Sindarin” wrong even in the Sindarin mode of Tengwar (there shouldn’t be a dot above the anar). Second, “Sindarin” is a QUENYA word, and Quenya words are written in the Quenya mode, right?

    • A dot above the anar? I really tried to understand what you meant but there is no tengwa called anar at first place.

      So, all Sindarin words here are written in accordance to its modes. Classic and Beleriand Mode.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and honest concern, Olordil.

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