Census, Order and Quenya, much Quenya!

Quenya101 strives to deliver accuracy in all things done here and you already know that. Having that in mind, I came to realize that some stats here were not that accurate and some were clearly miscalculated.

So, well…I counted, I checked, I double-checked and within this “census”, there’s even a slight update (a visual one for all that matters) in the Names and Poem & Prose Menu.

Menu Names

Stats were corrected and you’ll see in future posts being adjusted accordingly. These are some figures up to this day:


Etymologically composed




Genealogically constructed

Full names



Famous quotes

coming from different sources such as




sentences translated into Quenya

formed by



There’s even exclusive content in Spanish and Portuguese with their individual stats as well.

So, these are the numbers that show a little bit of Quenya101 production so far. Thank you for being part of it, requesting it, commenting, liking it, spreading and…right now…counting and enjoy the neat order here. (Well, I do!)

Menu Poem Prose




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