There and back again … in Quenya

There and back again in Quenya

There and back again.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Rosemary Gooden and answered in 34 hours through FAST LINE)

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to our elvish language institute. Thanks to them we now have…

There and back again which is the 614th sentence translated into Quenya…





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11 responses to “There and back again … in Quenya

  1. Sarah Monteiro

    I just read now my comment and I think it might got a little rude. I didn’t mean to question your work or your accurance in translating words to quenya, it’s because I have looked for this sentence everyhwere. I’ll have a tattoo and would like to use it., if you don’t mind. I can post the result after in your page, give you all the credits, I could see by navegating here that you had a great amount of work studying this language and believe me, I admire you for that. So… Thank you!

  2. Sarah Monteiro

    I really liked it, is that very accurate?

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