Q101 Elvish Calendar is coming…

Quellë 1

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Q101 Shop, here is the release of a sample of what is coming. A full customized elvish calendar with precise sunset reckoning (as elvish days start at sunset) of the location YOU are!

The sample above was designed according to New York City sunset time, so if you’re one of the millions who share a yellow cab, cheers for the Yankees and can’t stand breathing the fumes of traffic “nightmares” every single day in downtown Manhattan, well…there you go, you got yourself a full elvish month calendar.

Ulaanbaatar Suburb Grassroots Blue Clouds Mongolia

No matter where you are even if it’s Ulaanbaatar!

But what if I’m in Berlin? Buenos Aires? Sydney? Helsinki? London? Johannesburg? What if I’m in Ulaanbaatar?  What should I do? See, you need YOUR own customized calendar with the precise sunset time of your place/city/town/village/ castle/cave/domain/ kingdom/forest/etc!

How can you get that? What about the other months? The whole year? What if you wanna  stick that calendar on your wall? Is it gonna be printed?

EVERYTHING is possible through Q101 Patreon! Yes, yes, and yes! You can get a full digital AND printed customized elvish calendar with the precise timing of your location!

Become a Q101 Master or Q101 Lord and unlock this beautiful reward specially made to Quenya lovers! (Shhhhh…..by the way, it’s LIMITED…..RUUUUUNNNNN!)

Patreon Exclusive header

Ooo…ooooo I got one more question (you might say): “What if I’m a die-hard Quenya fan and I want my elvish calendar with an add-on completely in Tengwar?”


Quellë 1 Tengwar





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