White Tree Awards VI


Once again, here we are gathered, folks; to celebrate a White Tree Award! It’s been almost an year full of elvish posts, translations, announcements, releases…well let’s do it! Below, we shall have the White Tree Awards VI for the Top 10 Quenya101 posts from 11/22/16 to 11/02/17. Here’s what we got on this 6th edition:

White Tree VI 200


And the White Tree goes to…


A warrior’s translation for a time of kings and knights.

White Tree VI 200


The place to go if you want extra rewards and bonuses.

White Tree VI 200


No doubt, a prime translation from Shakespeare.

White Tree VI 200


Back to where it all started, in a hole in the ground.

White Tree VI 200


The greatest project announced since Ainulindalë Quenyanna.

White Tree VI 200


And the Force shall be our guide… always.

White Tree VI 200


Celebrating the German holiday in high elvish style.

White Tree VI 200


Fingon cried out and the rest is history.

White Tree VI 200


For the ones looking for prime quality and speed.

White Tree VI 200


according to YOU, the BEST of all is…


By far the best one. Whenever it pops up here, it’s an instant #1 all the time!

White Tree VI Alternate





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