Ranísil ar Erunno

A quick but very important announcement.

Today is my wedding day. I’m gonna be off for some days. Therefore, EVERY SINGLE service from Q101 is halted until December, 10th, 2017. I’m sorry about that. After the specified date, I’ll be back to work and answer all your requests within 101 hours (or even 360 minutes!)

Later, I’ll update this post with a few nice pics, you know… for the curious ones. I am one, I know how it feels sometimes.





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8 responses to “Wedding

  1. Pedro Bernardinelli

    Congratulations, meldonya!!!! I wish you the best! =)

  2. Celefindel curunisse

    Congratulations. Best wishes doe your future together

  3. Congratulations. After 41 years of blessed marriage, I can assure you that with all its ups and downs, there is no way better to live for most human beings. Goes all the way back to our first parents when God saw that it was not good that man was alone.

    If the two of you make Christ the cornerstone of your union, you are due for some amazing adventures as you learn what it means that he makes of the two of you a single flesh.

    • Wow, Rob……41!!!!!!

      I totally agree and it’s not good that man continues to be alone. May Jehovah be praised for what he put together and created for the happiness of us all. What a love we were shown!

      Thank you so much for your words. I loved them. My wife as well after commenting about them with her.

      By the way, check some pics in the new update here in this post. 😀

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