Elvish Tattoo Hall of Fame 2017

mt360A few days ago came to my attention the size of impact I caused on many people’s lives and skins when I browsed through all emails I have received so far about requests for tattoos and their actual pics when they are completed and how joyful people are to have them accomplished.

You know, let’s be realistic. Quenya is not pop. It’s not trendy. The regular average person out there doesn’t have a clue of what Quenya is. In my personal experience some usually mistake that for a country in Africa. (That’s Kenya, by the way).

So, the ones who come to me with their requests and do go the extra mile to have them inked…woooow…. I take my hat off to them. They are not average. They are not the common regular person out there clueless to what Quenya is and what it stand for. Above all, they really took time and effort to search a good source to have it accurately inked in their bodies! Well for all that,  I praise them! I laud them for the deep meaning attached to what they have done. Each one individually has a story to tell and all of them are connected by TOLKIEN LANGUAGE, Quenya.

To celebrate all these accomplishments by Quenya101 fans, here I bring you, the most extensive tattoo library up to date with dozens of accurate Quenya tattoos originated from Quenya101 since its very first years of existence.


Also, that gallery has become a permanent one in the right column of the site. It’s simply just too good to be one post only.

Thank you all for being there and bearing the inks made in beauty by artists around the world and translated with much love and passion…




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2 responses to “Elvish Tattoo Hall of Fame 2017

  1. Kara

    Thank YOU! I researched for a year. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find Quenya101 and get my tattoo done. Every time someone at my gym asks about the art, I talk about how cool your site is. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much, Kara!!! Yours was the most moving and touching story concerning all tattoos I ever got involved through Quenya translation. I told it to my wife and she got impressed too. I feel so happy and proud that I could be a tiny part of it. I wish you all strength the only true God can give so you can press on and continue to do it anyway!

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