Happy Elvish Holidays!

That’s right! It’s not about the mismatched September, something hobbit birthday or the destruction of the Ring around March…NO…the only official elvish holiday precisely calculated is upon us, the Enderi!

If you’re not an elf, you may wonder…but what is “Enderi”? Check some details about them here.

And to celebrate the date, here’s the Q101 Elvish Calendar for this high holiday of year XV 2 for ALL! Patreon and non-patreon alike at the same time! Enjoy:

Enderi 2 Hannover

Enchanting, huh? The doors of the old cities of the dwarves, Belegost and Nogrod located in the Blue Mountains. A divisive chain of mountains illustrating the dividing days of the elvish year.

But we don’t stop there!

We got also the full art for all Quenya101 fans of the past month released too:

Yávië 2 Warsaw

One more to join the Q101 Elvish calendar collection. If you want your custom elvish calendar delivered to you, based on your location and sunset time, check how to get one through here.

But wait…there’s MORE! I told you it was a high holiday, didn’t I? So, here’s the NEW elvish month of Quellë XV 2 made available for all Patreons now:

Quellë 2 Hannover Patreon

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoy all the calendar to help you track your time like an elven boss!




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