3 steps to get HUGE Tengwar fonts!

Here’s a guide to help all Quenya101 audience who’s getting their first contact with the site, its services and how they work. Frequently, people look for accurate translations for lifetheir future tattoo and not only that, they want it written as large as possible in order to aid their inking process. Where can they get ALL that? Quenya101 of course!!!!!

So,… here’s a quick guide to show you can get exactly all that, super fast, super accurate and ready to be designed on your skin:

Step 1

Make your request at Tattoo Q101 or Max Tattoo 360

Those are the main services perfect for tattoos. The basics about them are: they bring you huge Tengwar fonts through packs chosen by you and they are answered super fast. Tattoo Q101 is answered within 101 hours and you can choose 1 pack with 6 Tengwar fonts while Max Tattoo 360 is answered within 360 minutes (extra urgent if you have an imminent tattoo appointment) and you get 4 packs with 24 Tengwar fonts total (all fonts possible so you get to decide which style to go). Get more info by clicking the links above.

Step 2

Fill the form and wait the delivery

Well, that’s a simple step but it’s not less important. Have in mind that sometimes it’ll be needed some further clarifications about your request concerning quotes’ sources, names’ etymology, etc; and I’ll contact you through your Paypal email so we can talk about them.

Tattoo Q101 Request HeaderMax Tattoo 360 Request Header

When one answers accurately the Tattoo Q101 and Max Tattoo 360 form, barely nothing additional is necessary, and that will contribute for a smooth 101-hour (or 360-minute) wait.

Step 3

Check the site and save the image for you

You’ll receive an email with a link directly to the site’s page where your answer is. Click and check it. Now comes the tricky part, saving the image as huge as possible. Follow the images below and you’ll manipulate the image for your advantage and get the most of your translation.


Right click + open image in new tab


No matter how the image comes, check the width size in the address bar. Through it you can…


…enlarge the image as huge as you want. Try something around 10,000, for instance.


Voilà! You’re ready to save it huge! Head to your ink artist with it.

Voilà! Those are all the steps, all you need to do so you get your quote/sentence/name accurately translated/composed into Quenya as large as possible.

One important detail is: Sometimes people do not use Tattoo Q101 or Max Tattoo 360 to request things. When that happens, the image size is not designed for tattoo purposes and cannot be manipulated to be large and still keep good resolution and quality. Here’s an example how you identify those instances:


This is an example of an image that cannot be enlarged. Its address bar ends up with no width size.

If you have any further doubts about any Q101 services, feel free to contact me! I’ll be delighted to deliver you exactly what you want and how you want! Pleasure is all mine.


The Q




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