White Tree Awards VII


post has come!!! Here we are gathered, folks; to celebrate the White Tree Awards! It’s been an year plus full of elvish posts, translations, announcements, releases!  Tradition is kept and below we shall have the White Tree Awards VII for the Top 10 Quenya101 posts from 11/08/17 to 01/14/19. Here’s what we got on this 7th edition:

white tree vii

And the White Tree goes to…


You know the password, don’t you?

white tree vii inverted


The place to be taken by Thorin, Théoden and Túrin.

white tree vii



How you get them huge for your ink.

white tree vii inverted



With Star Wars, Stranger Things and Justice League releases.

white tree vii



The new inductees of this hall of fame for the past year.

white tree vii inverted


That’s the Way Of The Kings.

white tree vii



The name full of flame, the spirit full of fire.

white tree vii inverted



Haven’t you decided yet?

white tree vii



The hottest translation ever, always on the top!



according to YOU, the BEST of all is…


2017 vii

The genesis of the hall of fame!

white tree vii inverted



The Q


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