Bring the waters, Ulmo!

Coirë 2 Patreon

Here comes the last month of the elvish year! It announces the end of NFL Season as well and the deluge caused by tons of snow melting (or the end of summer rains depending on where you are). Thinking about those kind of endings, this month brings to mind, the cover art of Coirë 2 is based on the Fall of Númenor and features Ulmo as well!

If you want to have access to all exclusive content (like the elvish calendar series) become a Patreon now and grab all elvish rewards and prizes there are! Don’t forget you can even get a calendar customized to your place and sunset time!

Here’s the full version of last month’s calendar made available now to all:

Hrívë 2 Los Angeles

That Varda illustration is so gorgeous! The crown, the dress, the colors, all so lovely! Winter was based on Los Angeles, CA sunset time. What is this month’s? All Patreons already know that by this time.

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoy all the calendar to help you track your time like an elven boss!



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