Quenya Bible Words


Quenya101 proudly announces a new page/project/feature going on here on our site: Quenya Bible Words

What is it all about?

Flashcards with simple words taken from the Bible and translated into Quenya PLUS an insight into Bible’s original languages Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek! A fusion of the high-elven classic language with mankind’s classic languages of old.

Jehovah in Quenya

Also, it all end up like a neat dictionary with entries, translations and Biblical references.

Everyone is invited to request any single word one wishes to have it translated into Quenya (provided that word appears in any Bible text) and contribute to this grand Q101 initiative.

In the beginning in Quenya

Of course, Patreons will have a bonus! Their requests will always have a Q101 Logo feature attached with its answer. If you are a Patreon, check how you might get this reward through the tiers update happening in 03/17/19



Check the new page available HERE with some samples of this new Q101 project!

Quenya 'Iverit Hellenike


Q101 2019 Logo White Background



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