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May, 4th, 2013 … converted into Elvish Calendar

May, 4th, 2013 NEW date converted into the reckoning of Imladris! (Requested by Julianne Vela and answered in 64 hours through FAST LINE) In History: Floyd Mayweather defeats Robert Guerrero to retain his WBC Welterweight title. Learn now all details here or search about … Continue reading

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Timeline IV 2013 January, 2nd  May, 4th / 13th June, 21st July, 3rd August, 17th November, 24th 2014 January, 22nd May, 24th June, 6th / 11th August, 2nd / 9th / 15th / 25th September, 8th October, 31st December, 10th Special … Continue reading

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