About me

It all started in 1998 when my best friend Alex lent me a book called ‘The Silmarillion’. It all started there. 5 years later, I began learning how to use Tengwar. I always loved languages and no wonder Tolkien writings hit me straight in the forehead. And it hit me hard!

Since 2003, I’ve been studying Quenya deeply. During college (Linguistics) I started taking notes about my classes in Tengwar and this definitely boosted my writing skills and knowledge. I have already used it very much (even though it’s an artificial language and some people tend to mock saying it’s not a ‘real’ language). Anyway…I have already translated songs, helped my friends with Quenya names, etymology, Tengwar writing and this is just a new-found way I may use from now on to spread my passion.

So, I hope you enjoy all the knowledge shared here.

Special thanks to: z3louco2 (best pupil ever) and Barnton (WordPress idea)

Contact info:

Q contact

If you are experiencing any problems with Quenya101 pages, Fast Line doubts, have questions about the institution and its goal or just want to chat about Tolkien lore, send me a message through any channel above. Don’t forget that the surest way to contact me it’s still through the Quenya101 site, but feel free to use the others if you feel like.

About requests

Requests are NOT taken through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook nor Email. Only through Quenya101 site. Before making requests, perhaps what you want is already answered here! Check the site, use the search box and if you cannot find it, please make your request HERE and it’ll be gladly answered to you. Check below all kinds of requests answered by Q101:



 (you can request names to be etymologically composed into Quenya)

Poem & Prose

poem & prose

(you can request famous quotes/lyrics/poem/prose/etc)

How do we say (…) in Quenya?

Á quetë Quenyanna

(you can request random sentences or words you want to learn)

There’s also exclusive content in other languages. You can request random sentences there in


Como se diz (…) em Quenya?




¿Cómo se dice (…) en Quenya?


My special day in the elvish calendar


 (you can request special dates to be converted into the elvish calendar)


 Q101 Special Services

Have in mind that it may take a while for your request to be answered due to the huge amount people asking things constantly. If you are in a rush and don’t want to wait in line, please consider using the super fast options such as Fast Line or X101 with its extra features.

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Thinking about something special for a tattoo? Then Tattoo Q101 is designed for you! Accurate translation, HUGE Tengwar writing and pretty quick (right in time for your ink appointment).


Do you want IT ALL and do you want it extremely freaking fast? Then Max Tattoo 360 (minutes) is perfect for your taste. Take a bite, it’s so yummy!


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147 responses to “About me

  1. mormegilwe

    Hey, can you please add this to the poems and prose section under Legolas:

    Nimrótelarië lo Laicolassë

    eldarinwë wenda engë yalúmessë,
    tilwinië elen auressenya.
    Fantarya fánavë né rímana culmalínen,
    hyapaterya tindaivoráno.

    Elena nétinë estirneryanna,
    alca loxeryassë
    ve árë laurë olwaranna
    Loriendë vanimessë.

    finderya né anda, rantoryar né malwa,
    Ar vanimë anes ta fairë;
    ar lenderyë súriquessë ve
    Lassë alda-lindenornen.

    Ara i lantahí Nimrotelrio,
    nan hlónar calaina ar oel,
    Ómarya ve lantalë teleptelma
    i ailo ilcalassë minna.

    Yassë sinomë randassa uiquen ista,
    ariessë hela mi laimë;
    An yárëo Nemrótelerië vanwa né
    ar Orontissen várenë.

    sindë londessë i eldarwa ciryar
    Nu i Oron sardë
    sé horanë lilauressen
    Ara i Eär raurossë.

    Wailë olónen imi Forostari
    Oryan, ar rimpavë ramanes,
    Ar tentanë ciryanna oa Eldafalassello
    Arta i lanwë súrisistina.

    Írë amaurëa tullë nula nórë vanwa ne,
    Orontar sunqualë hiswa
    Amortala falmali Pella i alacoinë
    lúpeltar olosivoitë wingalo.

    Amaretto yentë i pícalenna hrestassen
    Sí andúta han tumnassë,
    Ar huntë i cirya ucoloitie collë
    se ambela Nimrótello.

    yalúmessë nánes Eldaron-Aran,
    Heruornëo yo latimbor,
    yá laurëanwë ner olwar tuiléressë
    Vanima Lotelórienessë.

    Carmallo Eärenna i cennes campéro,
    ve pilindë i tangetsë,
    Ar capumnë mir i nén undumë,
    ve miulë or i rámanda.

    i Súrë nánë findelerya celumessë
    Falastë caltanë mici sen;
    Palan cenneltes poldú ar vanya
    Mena roccië ve alqualë.

    Nal Númello utúlië lá nyarië quetto,
    Ar i Sira fárassë
    Lá sinyar Eldalië ahlástë
    Amarettóro oientavë.

    Nimrodel: Nimrotelerië
    ninquë: white
    rotelë: cave, grotto
    rië: woman, daughter
    ië- fem suffix

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