About me

It all started in 1998 when my best friend Alex lent me a book called ‘The Silmarillion’. It all started there. 5 years later, I began learning how to use Tengwar. I always loved languages and no wonder Tolkien writings hit me straight in the forehead. And it hit me hard!

Since 2003, I’ve been studying Quenya deeply. During college (Linguistics) I started taking notes about my classes in Tengwar and this definitely boosted my writing skills and knowledge. I have already used it very much (even though it’s an artificial language and some people tend to mock saying it’s not a ‘real’ language). Anyway…I have already translated songs, helped my friends with Quenya names, etymology, Tengwar writing and this is just a new-found way I may use from now on to spread my passion.

So, I hope you enjoy all the knowledge shared here.

Special thanks to: z3louco2 (best pupil ever) and Barnton (WordPress idea)

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If you are experiencing any problems with Quenya101 pages, Fast Line doubts, have questions about the institution and its goal or just want to chat about Tolkien lore, send me a message through any channel above. Don’t forget that the surest way to contact me it’s still through the Quenya101 site, but feel free to use the others if you feel like.

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poem & prose

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165 responses to “About me

  1. Kyla Bergen


    I have a request special to my heart, my brother recently passed away who was a big LOTR fan. He was our big brother who brought my whole family into the love of the books and movies. It a love that has lasted through my childhood into adulthood and continue with my children!
    My sibling and I are getting tattoos that represent parts of what made our brother so special.

    I am wanting to get “Big Brother” in Quenya as tattoo and I want obviously want it to be correct. I’m not sure if those words/ phrase is possible but I hope you can help me out.
    Many thanks!

  2. Hilda

    Hi~ I have gotten really interested in Quenya lately and I am making myself an own Middle-earth character. A Vanyar elf. Those elves speak Quenya but I need a name for her. Could you help me with that? I want her name to mean either light or pure. Thank you!^^

  3. Katinka Holme Pedersen

    Hi! I was wondering what the name ‘Katinka’ is in Quenya Elvish. It is female, originates from the russian name ‘Katerina’, and it means ‘clean’ or ‘pure’. Thank you so much!

  4. Nemanja

    Hi there! Sorry for my bad English. Im big fan off Lotr, and what you did here is simply amazing. The amount of work and love you have spent here is admirable. I want to learn Elvish and this is by far best place on internet for that. Thank you! Just being on this site i feel like Im in Middle Earth. Bards will tell stories about your works :).I fell of my seat when i saw my name here – Nemanja.
    Although almost all you described is correct you translated wrong word.There are many theories but meaning you used its not correct Nemanja is old Serbian name (It is derived from the by-name borne by the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty, Stefan Nemanja (1114–1199) ) derived from Slavic word “maniti” or ” mamiti” which means privlaciti” or “person who attracts” or “person who is attractive”.Other theory is that name origins from “ne manuti” which means “not to let go” in terms of being persistent and stubborn.
    This is why In the past it was only allowed to be given to members of the royal family.
    Although ” nemati” means “without possessions, have not” like you said, that doesnt makes any sanse.Why would prince call him self “Stefan with no possesions” For example: Emagine if first English monarch, instead “Alfred the Great” was called Alfred with no money”
    Sorry for such a long comment. Keep up the good work, you are awesome and i wish you all the best.

    • Aiya Nemanja! I’m very happy to have you aboard the Q101 boat! Come together to learn the most beautiful language of all, Quenya! Stick with us and you’ll surely do! Concerning all the etymology discussion you mentioned about your name, do you have a reliable source to attest it? Without it, I cannot include it in Quenya101. All etymologies are researched and attested. No theories are allowed.

      If Stefan or Alfred are humble (which is a very good quality), they would allow themselves to be called “have nots”, huh? 😛

  5. Nehtarwë Etmacilsovallë 人斬り抜刀斎

    「死神」{ɕiːŋi ɣʲahmʲi} I aryúlima ni antalye ná;Fíribalano!
    I have a suggestion for a new word: ‘Fíribalano’ meaning shinigami (or “Angel of Death”).

  6. mablungit

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the “Yava Elvish Calendar” and I noticed an error: I’ve looked for my birthday (3th january, 1996) and the result was “Valanya, Hrívë 42, XIV 123”. But I’m born at 8 p.m. and I forgot to click on “after sunset”, so I did it expecting that the date will change, becoming “Valanya, Hrívë 43, XIV 123” but that doesn’t happen. Have I make e mistake? Or there is something wrong in the software?

    (I’m Italian, forgive me if my bad English)

  7. Monique

    Hi there my uncle recently passed away he was the one that sparked my interest in Tolkien, Reading me all the books and taking me to all movies. I am looking for a translation in Quenya/Twengar for his gravestone.
    How would you translate: Always and forever a Mummy Greg or a Mummy Greg always and forever? I appreciate this so much, Thank you!

  8. Kleopatra

    Can u pls translate me the name Niovi

  9. Alyssa

    Hello! I’m looking to translate the quote “wherever you are, you’ll always be in my heart” into script. Could you help me?
    Thank you!

  10. Aiya istyar !
    Alassë nin anta cendata i sís tecil, quén cenë sa túra meldo nal i Eldaiva lambëo, estelinya etta ná sa voro caruvalyes !


    I am an Italian linguist and researcher, have been following your blog for quite a while though unable to read much due to lack of time.
    I have to say it’s wonderful to come across works like yours, given that I’ve spent the last decade trying to make Quenya a functional language in the context of real speaking.
    A couple of questions:
    – How would you convey the future perfect tense in Quenya ?
    – Since ‘lerta’ means ‘be free to do’ wouldn’t you think the sentence “Yassë lin ecë parë i lambë Eldaiva” would be more correct than “Yassë lertal parë i lambë Eldaiva” ?
    – Have you ever considered the idea of opening a chat where people (maybe those who follow your course) can dabble in communicating only through Quenya ?
    That would be a magnificent supplement to this site !
    (I have already done that on an Italian website, it’s not impossible to converse with anybody through the attested Quenya, you just need to follow some rules)

  11. Mildir

    Alassë nin anta cenita i sís tecil, quén cenë sa túra meldo nal i Eldaiva lambëo, estelinya ná etta i voro caruvalyes ! 🙂

    I am an Italian linguist and researcher, have long since been following this blog even though due to lack of time I never had the chance to read much.
    Given that I have been planning to make Quenya a functional language in the context of real speaking and reading for many years, what you write here is quite appealing !
    Did you ever consider the idea of creating a “Quenya-only” chat or a specific thread in which those who follow your course can practice and communicate only through Quenya ?

    A couple of questions:
    – How would you convey the future perfect tense in Quenya ?
    – Since “lerta” means “be free to do” don’t you think the sentence “yassë lin ecë parë i lambë Eldaiva” would be more appropriate than “yassë lertal parë i lambë Eldaiva” (I’m so challenging ! I know, I just want to know your line of reasoning… 🙂 )

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the site and are so enthusiastic about Quenya like I am. Very good to have you aboard!

      I never considered a thread such the one you mentioned though it’d be an interesting idea indeed for practice purposes.

      I have never conveyed any sentence in Future Perfect Tense. Your question is really interesting and made me think. Professor Tolkien never left any material (the ones we got to know so far) about this tense. I wonder if there’s even a possible way to express it in Quenya or if the elves would actually convey ideas using this tense. I don’t know.

      By using “lerta”, I meant people were free here without any obstacles to learn Quenya. That’s why I wanted to employ this specific verb.

      • Hantalenyar nin nanquetienen !
        I didn’t think I’d get any answer after two years, I’m surprised !

        About the Future Perfect Tense: there IS a way. See Parma Eldalamberon 22, “Quenya Verbal Structure”.
        The patterns indicated by the author (e.g.: Akáriéva = He/She shall have made) are Common Eldarin patterns but may very well be valid in Third Age Quenya…
        If you do not possess PE22 (or other issues) and want to know more about its content please contact me privately.

        • I always answer all comments here, Mildir! Every single one. No matter how long it takes. (We, elves, count time differently, you know… so two years was like this morning for us).

          I’ve just got PE22 and will check and study closely what you mention here!

  12. Verya Tano

    Small question: Are you alive and well and is this site still being up kept?

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