About us

It started in August,2010 when I realized what a powerful tool Twitter could become to what I had in mind. Previously I had been teaching people Quenya using other methods, but this time I could reach a larger audience instantly and easily.

So, I had to decide a good name for an account. Well, “Quenya” I thought! But there was already a girl with that name! (Damn her!) Then I needed to add something to Quenya. Something small, easy, short and catchy! 101! I remember watching a TV show on Fox called Food101, where they taught newbies how to cook! (= me!). It would be more than appropriate getting a number so meaningful to communicate what I intended with my Twitter account.

Alright! I got a name: Quenya101. Now all the rest has become history! After Twitter, came several projects, people started coming together, following me and the same people who became my pupils suggested the creation of a site! Quenya101 Language Institute was born and right now, 1 year after, it opens its doors to NEW QUENYA MASTERS, people who learned Quenya with me since that small beginning and have got skills and knowledge that deserve recognition and praise!

Therefore, I acknowledge the following Quenya Masters:

Name: Ondo Carniliono

From: Gondor

Languages: English, Português & Español

Bio:“I was born on the realm of Gondor, in Minas Tirith, from an old Numenórian family. As a highborn,I got trained in all the arts of history, filology, mathematics, science and war. My father had the blood from numenórë, my mother was of Rohan, from a rich merchant family. After years studying, I entered into the service of King Aragorn Elessar, son of Arathorn, as the royal scholar. My job is to both study and interpret old documents, specializing in Quenya and foreign languages documents.”

Contributions:Ingolë, Special Poem & Prose Edition, As cute as it gets, Special Poem & Prose Edition II, Maybe Tolkien would be so sad, Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song (Full Quenya Version), Poema e Prosa Versão Especialseveral posts as an official Quenya Master and also some translations at Poem & Prose

Contact: ondo@quenya101.com


Name: Erutulco Eruntano

From: Tirion

Languages: English, Español & Lingua Latīna

Bio: “Born in Nargothrond in the splendour of our First Age, and went to live to Laurelindórenan with my brethren after the War of Wrath. Now finally settled in Tirion, Valinor, helping our young saplings in their learning of our beautiful language.”

Contributions: Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide, King of the Castle, master of th e Domain, A toast for the Knight of the Castle, A Varda, Elentári, A token of knighthood, several posts as an official Quenya Master & the improvement in Smart Course with his Tengwar quick guide.

Contact: erutulco@quenya101.com


 More Quenya Masters still to come…

If you’re a Quenya Master, CLICK!


38 responses to “About us

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  2. Andras

    Dear My Mavens,
    A need your support. I beleive in teleology, theoretical shcool. Its summary is every living and non-living things has a goal; this is the reason of being. I think its motto came from the Terminator:
    There is no fate but what we make.
    Please translate and post it to me into Quenya or Eldarin language with tengwars. Thank you in ever so mutch.
    All the best!

  3. eswindell

    I was wondering how to write this: höa nésa in Tengwar? I know the h should be the upside down y but I’m not sure how to write the o with the dots since the only ones on the lessons are with slashes above the o. Thanks!

    • The word “hoa” when written using Roman alphabet is not written “höa”.

      Also, the umlaut does not affect the orthography when writing with Tengwar alphabet.

      You’re welcome.

  4. Hello,
    can somebody help me with the translation of the name ‘Laura’ into tengwar, please?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Dain99

    I want to get my myself a tatoo with the name “Laura” in tengwar letters. I not really sure about it because there are so many different ways to write that i think.. Can you please help me?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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