Ainulindalë Quenyanna

Q101 ainulindalë

Here’s the juicy part! My biggest project so far. I had this idea in 01/16/11. Why isn’t there a translation to Quenya about the genesis of Arda and everything in it? Elves should be able to read on their mother tongue, right? So, I felt like doing it. Bold, very bold indeed. I don’t know if I’m gonna accomplish it or not, but slowly I go,  patiently I’m doing it…so let’s see where I’m heading to.

It all started with a blank ancient texture scroll

Click on the pictures below to access their pages with analysis 

And it came to this: 1st page of Ainulindalë done!

And Page 2 was born. Different decorations, but the same elvish beauty!

And Page 3 was rescued! Even though it’s scorched it survived the sands of time.

Page 4 with an elvish shield and some blood..possibly from whom tried to save the scroll.

Page 5 and its colors which were added later, as suggested by archaeologists.

The dark page 6 of Ainulindalë. Many stories this piece of ancient paper has to tell.

Landscape of Arda embellished by the coming of the Valar in page 7

Landscape of Arda embellished by the coming of the Valar in page 7

Almost ripped completely, this manuscript brings us the last scroll of Ainulindalë

Almost ripped completely, this manuscript brings us the last scroll of Ainulindalë

I designed my translation to go hand in hand with ‘The Silmarillion’ textbook.  I used the 2001 2nd imagesedition from Houghton Mifflin.  So,  each exact line in my Quenya translation corresponds to the English version. Pages as well. The first image with Tengwar writing  you see above for example is page 15 from the first word to the last. I had to deal with a lot of empty space, so I decided to fill in some florals and other decorations of the page like ink stains, to make it look like an ancient manuscript. Tengwar italics are used to express the direct speech of Ilúvatar in the first page and I think I’m gonna make it standard for the whole translation instead of quotes or anything like it. It’s beautiful and it’s a convention that may help me to synchronize Quenya pages to English ones.

Enough with the talk! Head to all links above (click on the images) and let’s check the text inch by inch! I hope you enjoy it and this little project of mine helps to spread Tolkien seeds everywhere it reaches!



81 responses to “Ainulindalë Quenyanna

  1. ade

    hay all, pardon me to ask,can some one tell me the address web to learn speak quenya ? especially how to make sentences and its structure, please help me, and thanks

  2. Orelinde Anwamane

    Sadly I’m young and easily confused. And I don’t speak elvish very fluently yet… is there an extremely fast and easy way?……..

  3. jemandunerkant

    I am poor in money but, I will gladly help you in what ever manner I am capable to! Qui cuilenya hya fírienyanen polin varyatal, caruvanyes.

  4. L.

    Hi. I’m writing a letter for my boyfriend, wich I’d like to write ‘I love you’ in quenya. can you help me please? I searched in ‘how do we say … in Quenya’ and I couldn’t find it ):

  5. Rupert Chalcraft

    I just want to say I am beginner to blogging and site-building and definitely loved this blog. Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with very good well written articles. Bless you for revealing your blog.

  6. Amado Newcom

    Welcome on the challenge! I am enjoying your posts!

  7. Paul Haigh

    This is really great, thank you for sharing and I really hope you push ahead and find a way to publish. I would love a copy, just please try to ensure the binding matches the beauty and “vibe” of the pages you have produced.

  8. nik

    Our support is with you! 🙂

  9. I have a question about the first page of the Ainulindalë. You have placed the ú in Ilúvatar over the previous consonant L, shouldn’t it be placed over a long carrier?

  10. I would definitely buy this if you do get permission. Na cuina andavë ar na alya.

  11. I just began reading The Silmarillion in english for the first, time, i really liked the first chapter (if you can call it this way), namely the Ainulindalë, and I really like the idea of making it in full quenya. For me it’s a long journey to understand everything, but really nice job!

    • Awesome you started reading this superb book! My favorite one with no reserves!

      I’m glad you liked my Ainulindalë Quenyanna project too! The Ainulindalë story rules!

  12. I don’t know why there isn’t a version of the book in quenya nor sindarin… There should be one. I’m sure a lot of core fans would buy it (me included).

    • Unfortunately, in my opinion, Tolkien Estate is a bit “afraid” of exploring all the Tolkien merchandise potential. The movies and all the judicial battles concerning copyrights didn’t help at all.

      I’m gonna study deeply what it is legally necessary for me to do if I want to publish something like the Ainulindalë Quenyanna for real, for commercial purposes. Let’s see what we get!

      • Dieter Bachmann

        I am afraid there is only one thing you can do: wait for the expiration of copyright of the Silmarillion. I think this will be in 2043 (UK copyright law, life+70 years). That’s only 30 years to go now, so I think you may well live to see the day 🙂

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