Page 6 (§§18-21)



§18² / §19 / §20 / §21¹


§18² / §19 / §20 / §21¹


§18² / §19 / §20 / §21¹

Paragraphs & Analysis

There you go with one more page of Ainulindalë. By far the darkest one. Some parts are really hard to read and some attribute that the fact that the original text was distorted by Sauron to serve his will. Anyway, in this restored part of the Ainulindalë, we read about the creation of Eä as a material thing, not just a vision as before. Darkness is introduced and some Ainur enter the physical domain of Eä so they can help with the making of its history.

Let’s resume our analysis of the text. Here comes the end of paragraph §18 telling more about the materialization of the Vision by the will of Ilúvatar:


{…resuming from the previous page}

equérientë intë melmessë an i vanessë olorwa ar hoa

pantiessë Ambarwa ya tulles ar engë, ar

sámarentar ner quanta sëo; pan i quenta né aumapaina. Ar

rinder lúmeva úmer aqua carnë talumë i olos né aumapaina. Ar

queni equétier i olos hautanë nó i fárë i

sanyë Ataniva ar i sintië Minnónaiva; etta, ananta

i Lindalë ná or ilyë, i Valar úmier cenë i antelwa

randa hya i Ambar-metta.

I Valar úmier cenë i antelwa randa Ambarwa.


{…resuming from the previous page}

they had turned themselves in love for the beauty of the vision and in

large unfolding of the World which came and there was, and

their minds were filled with it; for the tale was unfinished and the

circles of time hadn’t been full made when the vision was taken away. And

people have said that the vision stopped ere the sufficiency of the

Dominion of Men and the fading of the Firstborns; therefore, but yet

the Music is over all, the Valar have not seen the later

ages or the ending of the World.

You know what time it is! It’s time to bring your ears to the Ainulindalë Quenyanna! Let’s listen:


And finally, Eä was created! By one single word coming from the mouth of Ilúvatar, everything came to be and the Universe was and the vision came to life.


Sië engë úquildë imbi Ainur; mal Ilúvatar tultanë

te, ar equë: “Istan i náma sámalyar ya engwë ecéniel

mauya sen’á, lá er sanwelyassë, mal ve nalyë immo,

ar er exë. Ananta, quetin: Eä! Á lavë engwer sinë ná!

Ar mentuvan Cúmassë Ilfirin’árë, ar nauvas

óressë Ambarwa, ar i Ambar nauva, ar aiquen

lello ya merë, lerta lelya nún sessë.” Ar rincassë Ainur cenner

palan cala, ve nes fanya’rwa cuina nairo; ar sintentë

sina er olos úmë, mal ya Ilúvatar acárië vinya

engwë: Eä, i Ambar ya ëa.



Then there was unrest among the Ainur; but Ilúvatar summoned

them, and said: “I know the desire of your minds which thing you have seen

compels itself to be, not only in your thought, but as you are yourselves,

and yet other. Therefore, I say: “Exists!” Let these things be!

And I will send into the Void the Immortal Flame, and it shall be

at the heart of the World, and the World shall be, and whoever

from you that wants, may go down into it.” And in a sudden the Ainur saw

afar light, as it were a cloud having a flame alive; and they knew

this was no vision, but that Ilúvatar had made a new

thing: Eä, the World that exists.

The climax of Ainulindalë, the topmost point! Listen the creation of Eä:


And now comes the §20 where some of the Ainur leave the presence of Ilúvatar and descend upon the Realm of Arda. They are the ones who became known as Valar. Read their tale:


Sië marta ten ya’inuron, queni marner er yo

Ilúvatar réna’mbarwa pella; mal exer, ar imbi

te, rimbë antúrë ar anvanimë Ainur, hótuller Ilúvatarello ar

lender nún sessë. Mal sóma sina Ilúvatar carnë, hya mauya sen

melmenta, ya túrenta talumë póna haryuva mando

ar nauva nauta’mbaressë, ná ósë oialë, tenna nas ilya,

sië nantë cuilerya ar nas cuilenta. Ar etta nantë

Valar estaina, i Valar Ambarwa.

Ar i Valar tuller…


Thus it happened to them that of the Ainur some lived still with

Ilúvatar beyond the edge of the World; but others, and among

them, many greatest and most fair Ainur, came away from Ilúvatar and

went down into it. But this condition Ilúvatar made, or it compels

their love, that their power thenceforward shall have confinement

and will be bound in the World, to be with it for ever, until it is complete,

thus they are its life and it is theirs. And therefore they are

Valar named, the Powers of the World.

Now, it’s time to listen:


And the Valar entered Eä and saw that there was something different than what they had seen in the Vision. Here comes §21:


Mal talumë i Valar tuller mi Eä nentë minyavë rúcinë ar

handelórë, an nes ve munta né carna er ya ecénientë

olorissë, ar ilya né manwa yessien ar er úcanta, ar nes

morna. An i Túra Lindalë né hequa i loa ar olótë

sanweva Lúmelóra Mardissen, ar i Olos er apatanië;

mal sí tullentë yestassë Lúmeva, ar i Valar

cenner ya i Ambar né apatanaina ar apalindaina,

ar mauya ten caritas. Sië nes yesta túrë mótientaiva úlestainë ar

úsinwë cúmassen, ar únotië ar ú-enyaldë randassen,

tenna Núressë Lúmeva ar endessë yondë mardi Eäva,

engë talumë ar tanomë yassë nes carna i

ambar Hínaiva Ilúvataro. Ar mótiessë i héra ranta

né carna Manwë ar Aulë ar Ulmonen; mal Melcor né tassë

yestallo yando, ar tulles imbi’lya carna né, querien se qui

polles milmer ar mettaryannar; ar tintanes altë ruiner.

Etta talumë Arda né er vinya ar quanta náro Melcor mernë…

{to be continued…}

Ar engwer ner úcantë


But at the time the Valar came within Eä they were firstly confused and

without understanding, for it was as nothing was made yet that they have seen

in the vision, and all was ready to begin and yet unshaped, and it was

dark. For the Great Music was except by the growth and blossom

of thought in the Timeless Halls, and the Vision only a foreshowing;

but now they came in the beginning of Time, and the Valar

saw that the World was foreshown and foresung,

and it compels them to make it. Thus it was the beginning of their great labours

in unmeasured and unknown wastes, and in ages uncounted and forgotten,

until in the Deeps of Time and in the midst of the vast halls of Eä,

there was at that hour and place where it was made the

habitation of the Children of Ilúvatar. And in this work the chief part

was made by Manwë and Aulë and Ulmo; but Melkor was there

from the beginning too, and he came in-between all that was done, turning it if

 he could to his greed and purposes; and he kindled great fires.

Therefore at the time Earth was still young and full of flame Melkor desired

{…to be continued}

 And one more page has come to its end…Listen the end of page 6 and the  story of Eä:



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