Page 7 (§§21-4)

Ainulindalë 7



§21² / §22 / §23 / §24¹


§21² / §22 / §23 / §24¹


§21² / §22 / §23 / §24¹

Paragraph & Analysis

So here we are, page 7! Now, the Valar are already in Arda and Melkor is already creating trouble with his greedy wishes of making it his kingdom. Manwë rebuked him and he departed for other parts of Arda, still breeding his evil intent towards the planet. Also, we’ll read about the forms and shapes that the Valar took, some male some female and why it happened so.

Let’s start then with the concluding words of paragraph 21. Just a short part but filled with significance. It’s Melkor who utter the words here:


{…resuming from previous page}

se, ar equë exë Valarin: “Sina nauva aranienya;

ar estanyes nin!”

Ar Melcor equë: “Sina nauva aranienya…”


{…resuming from the previous page.}

it, and said to the other Valar: “This shall be my kingdom;

and I name it unto me.”

Now, listen to the words Melkor uttered in his arrogance and greed:


And now paragraph §22 where Melkor’s brother, Manwë says “uh-uh” to Melkor and they fight over the toys of Arda! Heed the writings of §22:


Mal Manwë né i toron Melcoro i sámassë Ilúvatarwa, ar

nes i héra tamma’ttëa linwa ya Ilúvatar

orortië rávenna Melcorwa; ar tultanes

túrë ar tittë faireli, ar tullentë restanna

Ardava’r alyanë Manwë, sië Melcor úmë polë nuhta

mótanta tennoio, ar Arda hesta nó lostas.

Ar Manwë quentë Melcoren: “Aranië sina úval mapatas

ve lyenya, raicavë, an exeli omótier sissë

ve’lyë.” Ar engë ohta imbi Melcor ar exë

Valar; ar talumë Melcor oantë ar lendë exë

ardannar ar carnë tanomë námarya; mal úmes hehta

i náma Araniéva Ardo ya nes óreryassë.

…ar engë ohta imbi Melcor ar Valar.

And here’s the English literal version of this paragraph:


But Manwë was the brother of Melkor in the mind of Ilúvatar, and

he was the chief tool of the second theme that Ilúvatar

had raised against the roaring noise of Melkor; and he summoned

many mighty and small spirits, and they came into the fields

of Arda and aided Manwë, thus Melkor couldn’t stunt

their labor for ever, and Arda withers before it blooms.

And Manwë said unto Melkor: “This kingdom you shall not take it

as yours, wrongfully, for many others have laboured in here

as you.” And there was strife between Melkor and the other

Valar; and at that time Melkor departed and went away to other

regions and did there his will; but he didn’t abandon

the desire of the Kingdom of Arda that was in his heart.



And here comes the part where we are told about the shapes and forms the Valar took when they entered Arda. Interesting stuff when you think about spiritual creatures and how they work:


Sí i Valar mapaner intë venwë ar quillë; ar an’entë

sacainë Ambaressë melmenen Híni Ilúvataro, yan

haryanentë’stel, mapanentë venwë ve cennentë

Olorissë Ilúvatarwa, hequa meletya’r alcaressë.

Entë venwenta tulë handentallo cenima’mbaro,

ar lá Ambarello; ar umis mauya ten, hequa er ve

colilvë larma, ar er lertalvë helda ná ar úvalvë aucirë coitelva.

Etta i Valar lertar vanta, qui merintë, helda, ar sië i

Eldar umir polë cenitat, ananta nantë tás. Mal talumë

merintë colë larma i Valar mapar canta queni

ve hanu ar queni ve ní; an nantë ilimya

felmessë yessello, ar nas tanaina cilmessë

ilyava, umis carna cilmenen, ve me yava larma

tana hanu hya ní mal umis carna senen. Mal i venwi

ya i Aratar colir umir illumë ve

i venwi i arani ar i táríva Hínaiva Ilúvataro, an

lúmi colintë sanwentassë, carna cénima

venwessen alcar ar aistiéva.

Mapanentë venwë ve cennentë Olorissë Ilúvatarwa

Mapanentë venwë ve cennentë Olorissë Ilúvatarwa

Now, read the literal English version of this paragraph:


Now the Valar took themselves shape and hue; and for they were

drawn into the World by love of the Children of Ilúvatar, for whom

they had hope, they took shape as they saw

in the Vision of Ilúvatar, except in majesty and glory.

Moreover, their shape comes from their knowledge about the visible World,

and not from the World; and it doesn’t compel them, except only as

we use raiment, and yet we may be naked and we won’t cut off our being.

Therefore the Valar may walk, if they want, naked, and then the

Elves cannot see them, although they are there. But at the moment

they want to clothe raiment the Valar take form some

as male and some as female; for they are different

in feelings from the beginning, and it’s shown in the choice

of each, it’s not made by the choice, as us whose raiment

shows male or female but it’s not made by it. But the shapes

that the Great Ones use are not always like

the shapes the kings and queens of the Children of Ilúvatar, for

at times they clothe in their own thought, made visible

in shapes of glory and dread.

And the time to listen has come:



Now we come at last to the final paragraph of this page. Here, we read about the help the Maiar (not yet named as such) gave to the Valar at the ordering of Arda as well as the forms they took which raised the envy and wrath of Melkor due to their glory and beauty. Ultimately, Melkor took visible form too, but it was evil and hard to look upon! Let’s read:


Ar i Valar hostaner rimbë sartor, quelli nar mis,

exer ve túra ve nantë, ar omótanentë

panossë Ardava ar i turiessë yalmeryaiva. Sië Melcor

cennë nes carna, ar i Valar vantaner Ardassë ve cenimë

túrer, collë larmassë Ambarwa, ar nentë meldë ar alcarinquë

cenien, ar almarinquë, ar Arda né ve tarwa

alassentan, an ormeryar ner turnë. Ulca milmerya ollë

analta mir se sië; ar yando mampes cenima venwë, mal pan

indorya ar i sárië ya uryanë sessë venwë tana né morna ar

aica. Ar lendes nún Ardanna analta túrë ar meletyassë…

(to be continued)

Ar Maiar tuller ar ómotaner panossë Ardava.

Ar Maiar tuller ar ómotaner panossë Ardava.


And the Valar gathered many companions, ones are less,

others as mighty as they are, and they labored together

in the arrangement of Arda and the mastering of its clamors. Thus Melkor

saw it was done, and the Valar walked on Arda as visible

powers, clad in the raiment of the World, and they were lovable and glorious

to see, and blissful, and Arda was as a garden

of their delight, for its violences were conquered. His evil greed grew

the greatest within him then; and also he took visible form, but because

his mood and the bitterness that burned in him that form was dark and

fell. And he went down towards Arda in greater power and majesty…

{to be continued}

Now listen…


§24 I


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