Page 8 (§§24-5)

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§24² / §25


§24² / §25


§24² / §25

Paragraphs & Analysis

The end has begun. In the last page, we read about the first battle of the Valar against Melkor for the dominion of Arda. The Powers clash and the planet is shaped after its effect. Now, let’s resume the second to last paragraph. It reads:


{resuming from the previous page}

…lá ilyë exë Valar, ve oron ya vanta lencavë eäressë ar

harya caserya or i fanyar ar ná vaina mi helcë ar hiswerína

ar nárerína; ar i cala henduva Melcorwa né ve ruinë

ya hesta úrenen ar micirë qualin niquenen.

I cala henduva Melcorwa.

I cala henduva Melcorwa.


{resuming from the previous page}

…than all other Valar, as a mountain that walks slowly into the sea and

have its head over the clouds and is clad with ice and smoke-crowned

and fire-crowned; and the light of the eyes of Melkor was like a flame

that withers with heat and cuts inside with deadly cold.

Click on the image below to listen the audio in Quenya:


§24 II

And now the very last paragraph, the one that will put an end in the whole Ainulindalë Quenyanna project. I present to you:


Sië engë i minya ohta Valaron Melcorenna i turien

Ardava; ar ormion tanë i Eldar istar lanwavë. An quétina

nat sís tulë Valallon intë, yan

i Eldalië quentë Valinóressë, ar yanen’entë

parnë; mal’anwavë i Valar nyarner ohtaron’ó i

tulië’ldaiva. Er nas nyarna imbi i Eldar ya i Valar

néver illumë, er Melcor, turë Arda’r

manwatas tulien Minnónaiva; ar carnentë nóri ar

Melcor nancarnë te; nandi sampentë ar Melcor ortanë

te; oronti ontanentë ar Melcor hantë te; ëari carnentë

unqua ar Melcor carnë te cumna; ar munta cé harya sérë hya

tulë vórëa loa, an tancavë qui Valar mótaner sië

Melcor nancarnë se hya rincë se. Ananta mótienta úmë ilya

yávelóra; ar ananta lá nómë ar motiessë né indonta

aqua carna, ar ilyë nati ner quilë ar venwessë ilimya

ve i Valar emérier minyavë, mal Arda né lencavë

cantaina’r tulca carna. Ar sië né i’mbar Hínaiva

Ilúvataro tulcaina teldavë Núressë Lúmeva ar imbi

i únótimë elenion.

I minya ohta Valaron Melcorenna

I minya ohta Valaron Melcorenna i turien Ardava


Thus began the first battle of the Valar against Melkor for the rule

of Arda; and of those violences the Elves know finitely. For spoken

thing here comes from the Valar themselves, with whom

the Elven people spoke in the land of Valinor, and by whom they were

taught, but finitely the Valar told about the wars before the

coming of the Elves. Yet it is told among the Elves that the Valar

tried always, in despite of Melkor, to rule the Earth and

to prepare it for the coming of the Firstborns; and they built lands and

Melcor destroyed them; valleys they dug and Melkor raised

them up; mountains they created and Melkor broke them; seas they made

hollow and Melkor made them empty; and nothing might have peace or

come to lasting growth, for surely if Valar laboured thus

Melkor undid it or twisted it.  And yet their labour was not all

fruitless; and though in no place and no work was their will

fully made, and all things were in hue and shape different

as the Valar had wanted at first, but Earth was slowly

fashioned and made firm. And thus was the habitation of the Children

of Ilúvatar established at last in the Deeps of Time and amidst the

innumerable stars.

And to finish once and for all, the whole Ainulindalë Quenyanna project, here’s the very last update with the audio of the last paragraph:



The end.



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