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Q101 Stirring Collection

…is released!


Today is the first day of a new elvish month (1 Coirë 144) and you know what that means! A NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Check out our new products and designs:


AND….you’re ALL getting free shipping until 02/14/17 12PM CT (any order over $45 US or $80 International except Wall Art for International orders)

Free shipping code is:


Let things be reborn and be stirred with new life…




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Free Shipping extended!



Due to the huge Black Friday success, Q101 Shop is extending FREE SHIPPING up to 12/05/16 11:59PM CT to all orders over $45 US / $80 International (except Wall Art). Code is: FREESHIP4d1f8c

But this is not it! You wanted, you got it! SPECIAL SALE with 20% OFF on Men, Women & Kids selected products* of the outstanding “I am no man” design. Pick the color you want and grab while this lasts!

* = it includes Men T-shirt, Women Fitted T-shirt, Women V-Neck, Women Unisex T-shirt, Kids Baby T-shirt, Kids Baby Longsleeve Bodysuit.






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Elvish Black Friday


30 to 50% OFF

until Cyber Monday

Free Shipping until 11:59PM CT 11/24/16

Enter the code: FREESHIP4d1f8c

(By the way, are you a Telegram user? Get exclusive discount news FIRST at Q101 Telegram Channel:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Q101 Shop




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Q101 Winter Collection

…has arrived!q101-hrive-logo

Today starts Winter (1 Hrívë 144) according to the elvish calendar and in this very night, I present you the NEW Q101 Shop Collection:


AND:…..we got FREE SHIPPING until Thanksgiving! (11/24/16 11:59PM CT)

Code is: FREESHIP4d1f8c

Let it snow, let it snow and get Q101Fashion while you’re at it!



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White Tree Awards V


What a mark! Here we are! Due to all Tolkien fans we have reached such a mark! Let’s celebrate it! Below, we shall have the White Tree Awards V for the best Quenya101 posts from 03/14/16 to 11/17/16. So quick since the last awards. Here’s what we got on this 5th edition:



And the White Tree goes to…

Best Engaging

It seems Tengwar was perfectly made for tattoos, huh? But only when written correctly, kids.

Best Commented

What a reception! People loved the inauguration of Q101 Shop and commented everywhere! Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook…beyond Quenya101 reach!

Best Attraction

A revolution took place in the field of Tengwar fonts designing and you watched from prime seats here in Quenya101!

Best Rated

Everyone loves a compilation which makes life easier, right? You rated the best and here it is the guide you wanted, at your hand!

Best Spread

It spread like wildfire! Huge traffic in few days and it continued on and on. It seems the whole galaxy spread it everywhere! I wonder if it reached Andromeda too.


according to YOU, the BEST of all is…

Best People’s Choice

What a surprise! Least to say, what a coincidence! Last White Tree Awards we got something from the Bible too, and now…you chose it again! Wow, super cool!




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Winter (collection) is coming…


Q101 Shop is already preparing new designs for the coming Hrívë Collection (Hrívë a.k.a. Winter) and in first hand I announce the winner of the election voted by you (11/08, election, vote, coincidence? I think not) here

Heart and Mind

Heart and love Brain and reason

So, you voted and you got it!

Stay tuned for the coming new collection, Hrívë Collection.

Winter is indeed coming….in 2 weeks (you know, elvish calendar baby)




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Q101 Shop wants you to WIN!

I want you

Vote! Follow! Like! Share! Win!

Here’s the first promotional contest from Q101 Shop! Easy to participate and easier to win! Check how it works below and follow closely the elvish stairs to the prize!


Choose below which image you would like to have as a new product in Q101 Shop! Pick your favorite:


After voting, follow the Official Instagram of Q101 Shop! Just that! Easy-easy!

Like & Share!q101-album

Go to Facebook and like the Quenya101 Language Institute album called Q101 Shop. Share it afterwards. This step is importat! Voilà!


Every single participant may win 1 Tattoo Q101 request for FREE! If you like tattoos and you’re thinking about one, that’s the opportunity! If you don’t like it, just have a favorite sentence/name/famous quote of yours translated into Quenya and written with HUGE fonts! Why not, huh?

(Result will be announced in 11/08)





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Q101 Fashion

October, 20th, 2016


Quenya101 Shop is released!


There, you can buy several exclusive Q101 elvish products with all your favorite imagery found in the site. T-shirts, pullovers, tanks, bags, duvets, shower curtains, pillows, rugs…it’s a new elvish fashion world opening up before our eyes.49260-threadless-logotype-icon-vector-icon-vector-eps

Quenya101 alongside with Threadless brings you the best quality products with Threadless logistics delivering them everywhere in the world (Middle-Earth included!)

Check out some of the release collection:

…and that’s just a sample of the very first collection! So many things to come yet! Imagine getting your OWN NAME stamped on a T-shirt! Everything is possible. No limits!

To celebrate this special release event, follow the new Quenya101 Instagram account, buy any product of Q101 Store and share a pic of yours with it and the hashtag #Q101Fashion. You’ll gain a free X101 translation as bonus!

This is just the beginning, kids,…just the beginning…don’t forget to…





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Just BE the elf!

RPG’s…what a fun way to spend the weekend, huh?! Not anymore! 

Instead of rolling dice, calculate your HP after a hit in your left elbow and check the weapons class table at page 457 of an RPG book….how about going to the woods after midnight to slay a band of orcs who happened to be camping there?

Well..people are doing that in south London (and other places too)! For real! Check this interview taken from The Independent made by Charlotte Philby where Chioma Nri, a 17-year-old boy talks about his elvish experiences:

“Dressing up as an elf and heading out to the woods to engage in battle with a whole cast of other elves, humans and “half-orcs” is not how you’d imagine an average kid from south London would spend his weekend. But if you knew the feeling you get when it is 1.30 in the morning, it’s pitch black, you’re in the middle of a forest and you know there’s a big nasty monster out there who wants to kill you, then you’d understand why. At this point, you completely forget that you’re in character and all you can think is: Oh my God, I’m going to die! It’s the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had.

In case you haven’t already realised, getting your head around what Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is about requires a certain suspension of disbelief. To put it simply, it’s rather like a medieval version of paintballing, with an element of improvisational theatre, using swords instead of guns, with everyone dressed up as a different character, all of whom have different strengths and weaknesses.

I have been part of the same LARP club since I was nine years old. Our battles take place within a world we’ve created called Orin Rakatha, which is reminiscent of Middle Earth. Most weekends around 20 of us head out to the woods or to a castle or a campsite and are given a plot, with different scenarios; we act out our parts against a crew who play the opposition in various different characters. Maybe one of our cities will be in trouble and it will be up to us to protect it, or perhaps the opposing faction is getting too strong and it will be our job to bring them down.

Orin Rakatha is governed by a complex system of politics and hierachy, and there are generally three races: elves, humans and half-orcs, with various healers and gods as well. Following a great war, the elves have been split into two factions. Centuries back there was a battle and one of the factions was driven underground. Over thousands of years without sunlight, the elves have grown darker in skin colour and in character; these are evil elves, called “drows”. I have been a drow elf since I was nine years old.

Elves are generally clever, deeply political characters with a sense of self-importance. My character is something of an outcast. Most of the people who belong to my club are white, but I am mixed race. While the other drow elves wear dark paint on their faces, my skin tone is naturally lighter, so I have created my character as a half-drow: I am unpure, and not as evil as the other elves.

In our world there are different colours of magic: yellow involves lightning bolts, red is for flames and black is used to make others weaker. The importance of hierachy within the realm of the elves is such that you aim to kill those above you in order to get an immediate promotion. At the moment, my drow is sucking up as much as possible to the high people in order to move himself forward.

As well as my club, which revolves around plot-based scenarios, known as linear games, there are huge festival events where as many as 1,000 people gather in different countries and join a different faction, and do their best to achieve the objective set out for them. The longest event my club, Hero Quest, has held lasted for 11 days, during which you could spend from 9am to 3am immersed in a series of battles.

Most people see what we do as something geeky. When I was younger I wouldn’t admit to my friends what I do. But then I realised that it was so much fun that I didn’t care. If someone told me about it now, I would probably think it’s incredibly nerdy, but once you go out into the forest and get to hit monsters with a latex sword, there’s no going back.

For details of how to join Chioma’s club visit; or to buy weapons or costumes for events visit”



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A token of knighthood

Erutulco, i roquen taraso!

As you may be aware of, Erutulco has solved the challenge proposed here and as promised, he received a gift for the deed!

What you see above, is the T-shirt sent to him to celebrate his knighthood! Now Erutulco, not only is, but has the token to prove he is officially a knight of the castle!

My girlfriend helped out with this plan, by getting this artwork done in São Paulo, Brazil where I should have been last January…but my plans were frustrated! So…I had the idea, she got it done and the final result was this:

The colors were all based in Uruguay flag. That particular artist was chosen (I think his name is Juarez, I can’t remember exactly) because I have already seen him in action and he’s goddamn good! He sorta tattoos T-shirts, so I wanted him to produce that piece of art.

And maybe…maybe….this is the 1st T-shirt coming out from Quenya101. Who knows what the future may bring, right?

Erutulco /

Erutulco, the knight of the castle.

Mission accomplished! Promised & fulfilled!



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It’s elvish girlie, I know; but it’s so cool!

I think this is the most female post I have ever thought about writing here. Nothing against girls, of course; but I’m not one and it’s hard to me thinking as one.  For instance, something hard to understand is the fixation some women have about marriage, fancy parties, dresses and so on.

But you may be wondering: what the hell is he talking about? Am I in the wrong site? Wasn’t it about Quenya, Tolkien & stuff?

But here we are folks. This post is exactly about the stuff  😀 in “Quenya, Tolkien & stuff”.

If you’re thinking about getting married, check the latest super über fabulous dresses used in Middle-Earth this last Spring. Your bride’s gonna love it!

You can see much more here


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