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Love is a sacrament … in Quenya

Love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling in Quenya

NEW quote translated into Quenya!

Oscar Wilde’s quote.

(Requested by Jamie Spicer and answered in 70 hours through FAST LINE)

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The Month of the Balrog

Coirë 1 Canberra

Voilà! Here it is unveiled, the last elvish month of the year (Coirë) as it was released to all Patreons before it had begun. Designed after Canberra Australia sunset time, one can follow it with minute-precision to determine when the elvish day starts. This one was custom made to Jack Shaw, Quenya101 Master and if you want yours, just be part of our community at Patreon



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Q101 Autumn Collection

…is released to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Q101 Shop!



How fast! 1 year has flown by! You know what time it is, right? Time for new designs!

Check the NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Here are some of our new products and designs:

Why so seriousBazingaI'm simply walkin itSpongebob ElvishpantsCthulhuTassë ar entulë ataI love youI knowStraight outta Green BayTake iTShut up, RightwraithNot all those who wander are prosper and with the Force


Get dressed to celebrate this 1st year in elvish style with Q101 Shop…




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Aurë entuluva … in Tengwar

Aurë entuluva in Tengwar

Day will come again.

NEW quote translated into Quenya!

Húrin Thalion @ The Silmarillion

(Requested by Alan’s Used Books and answered in 97 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for a tattoo through Tattoo Q101)

Click on the sentence above  to check its details or search about it and much more!


Middle Earth Ready



Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…



Or if you like getting extra bonuses and rewards while getting your requests answered monthly, try the…


Quenya101 Yávië Full Name

thanks deeply our Patreons for the support and contribution

Damon MessCodi Bottrell

to our elvish language institute. Thanks to them we now have…

Day will come again which is the 490th famous quote translated into Quenya…



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Eärendillinwë Quenyanna 8

Earendil stanza 8

Eärendil yearns for his home journeying in shadow.


Stanza 8

Through thick dark shadow and mist…gray, pale gray light.

Eärendillinwë 8 for gallery



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Elizabeth, my Tengwar is thine…


And here it is!!!! The 3rd original and exclusive Quenya101 Tengwar font to be released, Tengwar Bathory.



As dark as it can get, Tengwar Bathory is dedicated to Elizabeth Bathory (kind obvious huh?), the blood countess who has inspired many songs and movies due to its cruelty and brutality when killing young women only to bathe in their blood. [OUCH! Nasty!]

Wow, dude! What a fantastic font to write in red blood and pure white in the darkest of pics. By the way, credits must be given to Mariam Zakarian and Jessica Lundberg! You can see their beautiful art here.

With a gothic style and dripping blood with its sharp corners, Tengwar Bathory is ideal for translating that black metal lyrics into Quenya. The writings in the image above is an example. You can check their meanings here and here.

Below, a Quenya pangram so you can taste the flavour of Tengwar Bathory:


There you go. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more!!! The 4th Tengwar Font is out in the oven…hmmmm, so delicious….


Tengwar Burger! Yummy!

But WAIT! You can get Tengwar Bathory RIGHT NOW! No need to wait. (As well as Tengwar Kornography and Tengwar Kids). Click below and enjoy your fancy Tengwar typing!

tengwar-cornotecina-button tengwar-hini-button










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I will follow you into the dark … in Quenya

I will follow you into the dark in QuenyaI will follow you into the dark.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Shelby Brooks and answered in 101 hours with EXTRA features through X101)

More details here or through the search option.



Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

Thank you all and see you soon!

I will follow you into the dark is the 588th sentence translated into Quenya…



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