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Friendship … in Quenya

Friendship in Quenya

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Samantha Whitfield and answered in 174 MINUTES with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Max Tattoo 360) Continue reading

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Happy Elvish Holidays!

That’s right! It’s not about the mismatched September, something hobbit birthday or the destruction of the Ring around March…NO…the only official elvish holiday precisely calculated is upon us, the Enderi!

If you’re not an elf, you may wonder…but what is “Enderi”? Check some details about them here.

And to celebrate the date, here’s the Q101 Elvish Calendar for this high holiday of year XV 2 for ALL! Patreon and non-patreon alike at the same time! Enjoy:

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A letter, a surprise and a gift to a friend

From time to time, a special request like this one pops up here and its own nature calls for and deserves a dedicated post as it’s deeply unconventional and personal, having an unique beauty of its own.

This time, Nicholas Lima requested two letters to be translated into Quenya as he planned a special birthday gift for his friend Heidi. Here is the final result and the product Quenya101 delivered to him. We hope we might have helped his surprise gift made in the end of January 2018 and would love to hear from him or Heidi here. That would be extra cool, huh?

By the way, if you want YOUR request to be answered, be it long or short, please make your request at and Q101 will accurately translate it to you!

Anyway, here it goes:

Nicholas Letter 1


Dear Heidi,

The elven greeting “Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo” couldn’t be more fitting to talk about our long friendship. Since that fortuitous day over a decade ago our friendship has been like the light of Eärendil, a bright star always shining on our life, always illuminating our path and giving us hope and strength even in our darkest hours.

On this day which marks your birth, I wish you all the happiness in the universe and that you always have a long and blessed life. I hope this book brings you a lifetime of adventure, fun and awe with the epic history of our beloved Middle-Earth.

May the light of the Two Trees of Valinor always shine upon and blesses your life.

With love, from your friend,


Nicholas Letter 2

Happy Birthday Heidi!

I wish you all the happiness in the world and that you have a very long and heathy life, full of joyful and beautiful days. I hope you have many more years of pleasure following Bilbo and his friends in their journey “There and Back Again”. Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.

Yours always,



Middle Earth Readyt$m# `C65^81Ej$=
`B `Vm#7T5nR zR1E;6 ›`Vj$5 8~Bj# j~Mt$5:# `Nt$4%`VjyY› 5#6 `C5yE5%t$ zR1T`V5 hÍ~C7E 5%jt$jyY-`CqE t#61R`C .D7R 1E5# `N6 t#zE1 j^`C6 hÍ~C 5%jt$jyE 5~C yR `B aEj# `V`C7R2%jnE= aEj%t# `Vj$5 `Bj&°t$ 8~Bj# alUj$jyE,R= `Bj&°t$ aEj$´`C 1T`VjyE `C6 `C4$`C yR `V81Rj `C6 1~M7R y~Vj# `Ct:^65$ j~Mt$jyE,R5–
8~B7E 5~C 5^81Ej´#= t$7T5$Ìj `Bj#´ `Cj#,F `Bj~MyR,R `C6 5lE 9C7UÎyEj `Bj°&t$ `C2# `C6 `Cj#´ alUj$- 9C7EÎ5 `V81Rj qE6t# iT5# 1Uj´# j$5:# 1lE5# j$2#= `Cj#,R `C6 ~ChÍE 1~M7E zR4#5$5 t$m# `V2^7RjyY–
5lE `B aEj# `Cm&yE yEj%5~N7R`N `Bj°&t$ aEj# alUj$j#´5:# `C6 t#5#Ì iR–
t$jt$5$5= t$m^j#´j^°=

Middle Earth Ready`Cj#,F`C 5^81E= `C65^81Ej$Á
t$7T5$Ìj `Bj#´ `Cj#,R `Cw#7R,R `C6 5lE 9C7UÎyEj 1E `C2# `C6 7Tf$`C alUj$= `C6nE `Cj#,T`V `C6 yE5%t$ .D7T`N5- 9C7EÎ5 `V81Rj 9C7ÎUyEj `Cw# `Cj#,T`V j^`Cj% j#5 9Bj#´j qTjqY `C6 t$m^7EÎ6 j$2#4#,R ›1E,R `C6 `V4&j$ `C1E›- 5lE 1T7UyE4$j `C6 yE7UÎyE4$j `B yEj#6 1T`Vj#´5:# 5& yTj#´–
`Bj&°t$ j$5#Ì=


Melda Arnostalë,

I eldarinwë quettar “Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo” nar anvanimë quetien yára nilmelvo. Apa martëa aurë tana or maquat loar yá nilmelva ná ve i cala Eärendilwa,
calima elen illumë síla cuilelvassë, illumë calyëa tielva ar antëa ve estel ar túrë véla ammornë lúmelvassen.

Síra ná nostalya, merinyel ilya alassë ilúvessë ar nai haryuval illumë anda ar alya cuilë. Haryan estel parma sina tulya lenna taina lenda, alassë ar áya túra quentanen melda Endorelvo.

Nai i cala Alduva Valinórëo illumë cala cuilelyanna ar manya se.

Melmenen, meldolyallo,


Alassëa nosta, Arnostalë!

Merinyel ilya alassë Ambaressë ar nai haryuval ta anda ar rincëa cuilë, arwa alassië ar vanimë aurion. Haryan estel haryuval amba alassië loali lan hilyal Pilpo ar meldoryar lendantassë “Tassë ar entulë ata”. Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.

Illumë lenya,




Melda = adj. dear, beloved
Arnostalë = name composed according to the etymology of Heidi (a variant of Alice) as described here:

Paragraph 1

I = def. art. “the”
eldarinwë = eldarinwa+[ë] = adj. elvish, elven+[plural marker]
quettar = quetta+[r] = n. word+[plural marker]
Elen = n. star
síla = silë+[a] = vb. to shine white+[present tense suffix]
lúmenn’ = lúmë+[nna] = n. hour, time+[allative case suffix]
omentielvo = omentië+[lva]+{o} = n. meeting, reunion, gathering+[poss. pron. Inclusive “our”]+{genitive case suffix}
nar = ná+[r] = vb. to be+[plural marker]
anvanimë = [an]+vanima+{ë} = [superlative suffix]+adj. fair, proper, beautiful+{plural marker}
quetien = quetë+[ië]+{n} = vb. to speak, to talk, to say+[gerund suffix]+{dative case suffix}
yára = adj. old, ancient
nilmelvo = nilmë+[lva]+{o} = n. friendship+[poss. pron. inclusive “our”]+{genitive case suffix}
Apa = prep. “after” (concerning time)
martëa = martë+[a] = n. luck+[adjectival suffix]
aurë = n. day, special day, festival day
tana = demons. pron. “that”
or = prep. “over”
maquat = maqua+[t] = idiom. exp. “group of five”+[dual marker]
loar = loa+[r] = n. year, solar year+[plural marker]
yá = postp. “ago”
nilmelva = nilmë+[lva] = n. friendship+[poss. pron. inclusive “our”]
ná = vb. to be
ve = prep. “as, like”
i = def. art. “the”
cala = n. light
Eärendilwa = Eärendil+[wa] = “Sealover, Seafriend”+[possessive case suffix]
calima  = adj. bright
elen = n. star
illumë = adv. always, all the time
síla = silë+[a] = vb. to shine white+[present tense suffix]
cuilelvassë = cuilë+[lva]+{ssë} = n. being alive, life+[poss. pron. inclusive “our”]+{locative case suffix}
illumë = adv. always, all the time
calyëa = calya+[ëa] = vb. to illuminate+[present tense suffix]
tielva = tië+[lva] = n. path, way, road+[poss. pron. inclusive “our”]
ar = conj. “and”
antëa = anta+[ëa] = vb. to give+[present tense suffix]
ve = prep. “as, like”
estel = n. hope, faith
túrë = n. strength, power, might, victory
véla = adv. “alike”
ammornë = [an]+morna+{ë} = [superlative prefix]+adj. dark, black+{plural marker}
lúmelvassen = lúmë+[lva]+{ssen} = n. hour, time+[poss. pron. inclusive “our”]+{locative case plural suffix}

Paragraph 2

Síra = n. today
ná = vb. to be
nostalya = n. birth, birthday+[poss. pron. “your”]
merinyel = merë+[nyë]+{l} = vb. to want, to wish, to desire+[pers. pron. “I”]+{obj. pron. “you”}
ilya = adj. & n. “all, whole, each, every”
alassë = n. joy, happiness
ilúvessë = ilúvë+[ssë] = n. universe, allness+[locative case suffix]
ar = conj. “and”
nai = mod. vb. “may” (wishing constructions)
haryuval = harya+[uva]+{l} = vb. to have+[future tense suffix]+{pers. pron. “you”}
illumë = adv. always, all the time
anda = adj. long
ar = conj. “and”
alya = adj. blessed, rich, fortunate
cuilë = n. being alive, life
Haryan = harya+[n] = vb. to have+[pers. pron. “I”]
estel = n. hope, faith
parma = n. book
sina = demons. pron. “this”
tulta = vb. to bring, to summon, to fetch, to send for
len = le+[n] = obj. pron. “you”+[dative case suffix]
taina = adj. extended, lengthened, elongated
lenda = n. journey, adventure
alassë = n. joy, happiness
ar = conj. “and”
áya = n. awe
túra = adj. great, big
quentanen = quenta+[nen] = n. story, narration+[instrumental case suffix]
melda = adj. dear, beloved
Endorelvo = Endor+[lva]+{o} = n. Middle-Earth+[poss. pron. Inclusive “our”]+{genitive case suffix}

Paragraph 3

Nai = mod. vb. “may” (wishing constructions)
i = def. art. “the”
cala = n. light
Alduva = alda+[u]+{va} = n. tree+[dual marker]+{possessive case suffix}
Valinórëo = Valinórë+[o] = Land of the Valar+[genitive case suffix]
Illumë = adv. always, all the time
cala = vb. to shine
cuilelyanna = cuilë+[lya]+{nna} = n. being alive, life+[poss. pron. “your”]+{allative case suffix}
ar = conj. “and”
manya = vb. to bless
se = obj. pron. “him, her, it”


Melmenen = Melmë+[nen] = n. love+[instrumental case suffix]
meldolyallo = meldo+[lya]+{llo} = n. friend+[poss. pron. “you”]+{ablative case suffix}
Tulliévo = name composed according to the etymology of Nicholas described here:


Alassëa = adj. happy, joyful
nosta = n. birth, birthday
Arnostalë = name composed according to the etymology of Heidi (a variant of Alice) as described here:


Merinyel = merë+[nyë]+{l} = vb. to want, to wish, to desire+[pers. pron. “I”]+{obj. pron. “you”}
ilya = adj. & n. “all, whole, each, every”
alassë = n. joy, happiness
Ambaressë = Ambar+[ssë] = n. World+[locative case suffix]
ar = conj. “and”
nai = mod. vb. “may” (wishing constructions)
haryuval = harya+[uva]+{l} = vb. to have+[future tense suffix]+{pers. pron. “you”}
ta = adv. so
anda = adj. long
ar = conj. “and”
rincëa = adj. flourishy
cuilë = n. being alive, life
arwa = adj. possessing, having, in control of
alassië = alassëa+[ië] = adj. happy, joyful+[plural marker]
ar = conj. “and”
vanimë = vanima+[ë] = adj. beautiful, fair+[plural marker]
aurion = aurë+[on] =  n. day, special day, festival day+[genitive case plural suffix]
Haryan = harya+[n] = vb. to have+[pers. pron. “I”]
estel = n. hope, faith
haryuval = harya+[uva]+{l} = vb. to have+[future tense suffix]+{pers. pron. “you”}
amba = adj. more
alassië = alassëa+[ië] = adj. happy, joyful+[plural marker]
loali = loa+[li] = n. year, solar year+[partitive plural marker]
lan = conj. “while”
hilyal = hilya+[l] = vb. to follow+[pers. pron. “you”]
Pilpo = orthographic Quenya variant of Bilbo which comes from Westron Bilba
ar = conj. “and”
meldoryar = meldo+[rya]+{r} = n. friend+[poss. pron. “his, her, its”]+{plural marker}
lendantassë = lenda+[nta]+{ssë} = n. journey, adventure+[poss. pron. “their”]+{locative case suffix}
Tassë = adv. there
ar = conj. “and”
entulë = {en}+tulë = {prefix again-, re-}+vb. to come = come back, return
ata = adv. again
Nai = mod. vb. “may” (wishing constructions)
tiruvantel = tirë+[uva]+{ntë}+(l) = vb. to watch+[future tense suffix]+{pers. pron. “they”}+(obj. pron. “you”)
ar = conj. “and”
varyuvantel = varya+[uva]+{ntë}+(l) = vb. to protect+[future tense suffix]+{pers. pron.”they”}+(obj. pron. “you”)
i = def. art. “the”
Valar = Vala+[r] = n. Power+[plural marker]
tielyanna = tië+[lya]+{nna} = n. path, road, way+[poss. pron. “your”]+{allative case suffix}
nu = adv. under, underneath, beneath
vilya = n. sky, air


Illumë = adv. always, all the time
lenya = independent pron. “yours”
Tulliévo = name composed according to the etymology of Nicholas described here:


Text 1

Nicholas A1Nicholas A2Nicholas A3Nicholas A4Nicholas A5Nicholas A6

Text 2

Nicholas B1Nicholas B2Nicholas B3Nicholas B4Nicholas B5Nicholas B6

Thank you, Nicholas for this admirable request full of fraternal love!

Nanyë núrolya!



The Q


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Q101 Harvest Collection

…is ready to the reaping!

Q101 Yávië

You reap what you sow and here is what the new harvest has brought to us all in this 1 Yávië! Take a look at these new fruits and let’s prepare ourselves for the winter that is coming… (Yes, Starks…I’m talking to you!)

Check the NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Here are some of our new products and designs:

FriendWinter is comingAim it like a stormtrooperSpiderQ101 Yávië LogoSauronI Formen enyalëManwëMoringottoDwarfUSA Elvish HeraldryMauya ilyan firë

Get dressed for the harvest in elvish style with Q101 Shop…


Q101 Yávië

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review


Throbbing! The word is throbbing! That’s what I felt while watching the movie and that’s what it felt like after it was done! So painful! But before starting the review per se, I must warn you:


So, if you’re reading there, I suppose you already watched it or are pretty courageous to spoil such a good movie. The movie is throbbing! It’s action nonstop! Scene after scene, they change places, new characters are added (and they’re quite alright you know) and action is everywhere! It’s not for the faint-heart! I realize now Peter Jackson is surely writing his name in history. George Lucas has done it, Quentin Tarantino has done it, Steven Spielberg too…. This particular work of Jackson will stand out for ever and ever amen!


The movie starts right in the middle of action where the other had left. Without much effort, Beorn is already introduced and even though his role is diminished and one may ask yourself “why was he in the movie, anyway?” one may remember the pity when Bombadil was left out of Lord of the Rings. Not the same mistake again with Beorn.

51b78cbdb0c64_4 beorn

Mirkwood scenes are fantastic and having multiple spiders in the scene was a bonus! That moment when Bilbo put on the Ring and immediately started to understand what the spiders were talking…..AWESOME! Ok….he took it out and he continued to understand them, but the concept was brilliant. Also, let’s not forget their dizziness inside the forest which presented to the audience the feeling of being drowned by the curse and the sickness felt in Mirkwood.


I loved Thranduil character and his motifs. He showed some bad qualities in lots of scenes and their antagonizing, (Thranduil VS Oakenshield) brought sparkles to the movie. I really thought fight would start when they were pointing fingers on that scene. Legolas was very sharp in his character (very well portrayed) and as accurate with the bow as possible while Tauriel was the soft one. Kind, pretty and showing a good heart. Elves were fine, they played their part.


The Barrel sequence was funny, quick, intense and even though you knew they would continue their venture, the tension was everywhere and by itself the sequence stood out (and you know…it’s just barrels down the river)

Necromancer was chilling!!!!!!!!! I know my exclamation marks and I wanna use them! His voice delivered and I froze every time he was on the screen. That black cloud speaking Black Speech ffffff it all and kicked ASS!


When Gandalf fought him (or should I say “tried to”) and the EYE came on, shhhhh we all knew Gandalf had become pumpkin pie by then! I loved the Eye of Sauron displayed that way and surely it’s gif-ready for every single Tumblr account out there!

Smaug delivered every inch of expectation I had. It was there! It was a REAL dragon the way Tolkien created! It was sly, it was evil, it was playing with its prey. Smaug had everything. I could not think of a better voice for Smaug, the tyrannical as well. Benedict remembered the good feelings Darth Vader’s voice bring to me. The treasure room scene was the crème de la crème and oh boy…….not for the faint-heart!




Song, soundtrack, music and lyrics! Ok, lyrics may be forgiven a bit, but the song sucks big time! Aw c’mon, man! You may really think it’s a good song, you know all relaxing and stuff, good voice, vibe…but that’s NOT a song for that kind of movie!!!! Seriously? It takes away all the tension of the story portrayed in the 2 hours and 41 minutes and takes you to the beach beside a fire, roasting marshmallows…NO NO NO!


Gandalf’s spell in Dol Guldur was one disappointment as well. IF that was Quenya, Gandalf needs to learn how to open the mouth so the vowels and consonants are well pronounced and enunciated! I didn’t like it! Bad taste in my mouth! Radagast on the first movie did much better! And that’s another fail! Where was Radagast? He was just a shadow of he could be. I know, I know, he’s very secondary, but but but;;;;; I just wanted more!

You’ll have less Dwarves than you could and should have as well. If you by any chance cannot remember their name by heart, you feel you don’t need to. They are not individually important, they are “Dwarves”. Thorin is the only one who is ONE character. But that’s just natural to expect with so many new characters and action!


Bard was good but I didn’t welcome him quite well. I don’t know why. Actor was not bad, his role was fine, but…ahhh….I think it’s just me. Humans in Middle-Earth are kinda boring!


I cannot wait for the next movie. How cruel they are! They shouldn’t do that to people. They rise the bar with every scene, you get in love with Middle-Earth and then….along came the credits! Astonishing desolation it was! Mesmerizing!

December, 13th, 2013 - The Dragon's Day

December, 13th, 2013 – The Dragon’s Day




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War is what it is!

And here’s is the Silver Medal of our Top 10 LotR Board Games. You can check other games elected at #10#9#8 #7#6#5#4 & #3. The game below has already been reviewed here, and it’s no big surprise is #2 in the list. (Why not the #1? You’ll see…)


War of the Ring




In War of the Ring, one player takes control of the Free Peoples (FP), the other player controls Shadow Armies (SA).

Initially, the Free People Nations are reluctant to take arms against Sauron, so they must be attacked by Sauron or persuaded by Gandalf or other Companions, before they start to fight properly: this is represented by the Political Track, which shows if a Nation is ready to fight in the War of the Ring or not.

The game can be won by a military victory, if Sauron conquers a certain number of Free People cities and strongholds or vice-versa. But the true hope of the Free Peoples lies with the quest of the Ringbearer: while the armies clash across Middle Earth, the Fellowship of the Ring is trying to get secretly to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Sauron is not aware of the real intention of his enemies but is looking across Middle Earth for the precious Ring, so that the Fellowship is going to face numerous dangers, represented by the rules of The Hunt for the Ring. But the Companions can spur the Free Peoples to the fight against Sauron, so the Free People player must balance the need to protect the Ringbearer from harm, against the attempt to raise a proper defense against the armies of the Shadow, so that they do not overrun Middle Earth before the Ringbearer completes his quest.

Each game turn revolves around the roll of Action Dice: each die corresponds to an action that a player can do during a turn. Depending on the face rolled on each die, different actions are possible (moving armies, characters, recruiting troops, advancing a Political Track).

Action dice can also be used to draw or play Event Cards. Event Cards are played to represent specific events from the story (or events that could possibly have happened) that cannot be portrayed through normal gameplay. Each Event Card can also create an unexpected turn in the game, allowing special actions or altering the course of a battle.

This is certainly the apple of my eye. A lovely long board game not designed for faint hearts. If you got a free day (and I really mean a whole day), grab your sit and a friend and play this little fellow! You’ll relive all the experiences you read and watched. You’ll be in Middle-Earth!

To be continued…



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Tengwar Fonts Guide



The content below is slightly outdated. Check the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide where you can find all Tengwar Fonts from the whole freaking internet AND also original and exclusive ones.

After the new promising feature of Quenya101 presented in the previous post, this guide is more than needed to help everyone with Tengwar Fonts. With this guide, you’ll have a complete catalog of all existing Tengwar fonts out there. Names, a pangram with of all tengwar, files to download and even a test to check if your internet browser is Middle-Earth ready!

Here you have only part I of this series. More is to come. When they do, links will be displayed here for easy navigation.

Tengwar Fonts Guide

Part II
(Beleriand, Eldamar, Galvorn, Mornedhel, Parmaite & Teleri)

Part III
(Elfica, Greifswalder, Optime, Caslin, Formal & Hereno)

Part IV – The Broken
(Cursive, Naive, Gandalf, Mazarbul, Typewriter & Morona)

So, let’s start! (Click at the heading to download the font file)

OBS: If you don’t know how to type using Tengwar, please read THIS before downloading the fonts and typing like a regular keyboard. That’s not how it works!

Tengwar Annatar

Tengwar Annatar Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar as you see in the image above is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style.

Tengwar Annatar Italics

Tengwar Annatar Italics Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar Italics is the #1 choice of Tolkien fans as it’s the One Ring inscription and it flows beautifully in a cursive and “liquid” way.

Tengwar Noldor

Tengwar Noldor Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Noldor is the most Dwarvish Tengwar can get! Full of straight lines, it’s perfect for chiseling stone and perhaps make amends with that stunted bearded people!

Tengwar Gothika

Tengwar Gothika Quenya Pangram

Elves in Middle-Ages? Unusual combination, but why not? Tengwar Gothika is one of my favorite ones! It adds an air of medieval taste to the already beautiful alphabet.

Tengwar Quenya

Tengwar Quenya Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Quenya is a serious font with stern face and balanced visual. It’s good for documents or history specially those related to…Alqualondë burning ships! (Trolling Thingol)

Tengwar Sindarin

Tengwar Sindarin Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Sindarin may be called cousin to Tengwar Quenya. Both are alike but this one here is merrier, almost handwritten one might say, with a rounded quality stressed in it.


The test!

Middle Earth Ready

Can you see the tengwar below as you see above? If you download the fonts you should be able to. If not, try using Windows 7 and Google Chrome 26. That’s what I got here and I  can see pretty well all the Tengwar writing! If you have problems even after downloading the fonts, please tell me! We’re gonna try to solve this riddle and help you turning your computer elvish-friendly and Middle-Earth ready! 🙂

(PS: Mobiles? Forget it!!! No hope on the horizon yet!)



`B zF1;E6


yR 5#4$




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Dear Diary…today I gave gifts to all Middle-Earth, RINGS!


Date: II 2204
My mood is: Crafty

Annatar, Lord of Gifts, is back in business, and business is good. I have distributed all 16 of my Rings of Power, and now I’m just waiting for the payoff.

The Dwarves were the easiest to trick — no surprise there, anything created by Aulë is going to be dumb as a post, just like its creator. All I had to do was hint to my Dwarven contacts that some magic rings were available, and the poor stupid bastards came to me.

First I got a delegation from Khazad-dûm, demanding magic rings from me — their king, Durin the Umpteenth, claimed that the rings were made with Moria-gold, and so were rightfully his. So I pretended for a while I didn’t want to give up any rings, and then “caved” to the pressure. The Khazad-dûm Dwarves got three rings, and then I gave another two to the Dwarves of Belegost and another two to Nogrod. Anyway, as long as these stumpy morons take care of their rings (and don’t let them get eaten by dragons), I will soon rule the Dwarven race!

Men have been more difficult to ensnare, as any King of Men with the power and intelligence to be worth ensaring tends to have friends amongst the accursed Elves and their Númenórean allies. But I have managed to find nine who will make useful servants — three of them are Númenórean Sea-Kings, so-called “Black Númenóreans,” whose fear of death led them to accept my rings; and one was even a woman. The first to accept a ring, El-Murazor, is now over 500 years old, and just beginning to feel “thin” and “stretched.” He can’t see it, but he’s beginning to get permanently transparent — within 50 years he’ll be a full-blown wraith. Then he’s all mine.

And when I have total control over nine Kings of Men and seven Kings of the Dwarves, the Elves will have lost all their allies in Middle-Earth. Then all I have to worry about is the damned Númenóreans, and I have a few ideas on that front. Yes, I do.

Bwa ha ha. BWA HA HA. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Well, dinner is ready, gotta go. Later tonight I’m gonna spend a few hours polishing  my Ring — it’s precious to me, and I like to spend time with it. No, that’s not weird. It’s mine, my own… my precious.


Mordor Financial Controller comments: “Did you get receipts for those rings? We can write them off as marketing expense.”

Ghost of one of your orcs says: “Well, things finally seem sorted out. I mean, what are the chances that a dragon could get into a dwarven city? I mean, a giant flying lizard going underground? Those rings are safe.”

Ashi points out: “Gift-giving is good Karma, I see this paying off in the end.”

Taken from the excellent spirited Sauron’s Blog! Creative derivative stuff with a pinch of humor and it adds flavor for those who enjoy the bad guys too! Check:



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The Church of Middle-Earth

STPIt looks like, but this post is not about religion! Nor doctrines nor dogmas nor anything related to it. Actually, it’s a piece of artistic gallery about how a church (the building itself) would look like in Middle-Earth.

Middle Ages left us a rich story behind. Sure, there are the ugly parts where the Catholic Church killed them all; but artistically the Church was the main power and propeller of the beauties of that time. Sculptures, paintings, everything flourished and there’s a vast and unique collection attributed to this troubled times.

Even glass was used for art. The glass of everyday life, a substance for utilities, changed into art. Stained glass is art to the nth degree and why not decorating our fictional Middle-Earth Church with some of it, illustrating the “saints” of our time and their deeds of fame and glory? THAT is what this post is about!

Close your eyes, open your mind, see with your imagination. The story of our land through stained glass!

(Click in each one to open a large and detailed view!)

What a beautiful work! Unfortunately I stumbled upon this through Sociedad Tolkien Paraguay Facebook Page and that’s as far as I can go giving credits to those images. If someone knows more about them, please tell me!

EDIT: Gorgûl Morianna helped with the author info here! It’s Jian Guo Thank you!!!

Anyway, they are fantastic designs for stained glass and it’d be breathtaking to see some of them for real in the windows of some Church….of Middle-Earth!



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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

My face (most of the times)

My face (most of the times)

“My dear Frodo! I have a tale to tell you but words won’t make any justice to the grandiosity of what you need to see with your own eyes from this tale. I’m pretty glad you can see it in 3D and 48fps!”

Yesterday I watched it! I got my friends together (Jim, Ly & Rach) and we went on our own journey to Middle-Earth (actually it was AMC’s theaters in New Brunswick…but that’s ok…it’s cool to add some fantasy to our ordinary lives, huh?)

Hobbit pack


The movie is astonishing! It makes you BE there. When it started showing Erebor and all its magnificence, a tear rolled. Seriously. I cried twice in this movie, but not crying like “how sad and touching this scene is”, I was more like crying from astonishment. First of all, I rarely blinked. Second of all, I got goose bumps all the time! No big surprise! Can you imagine my reaction when Radagast spoke Quenya and I heard perfectly among his muffled “grumbles” the words “quettar” and “óma”  Owwwww, I burst with joy! What a wonderful job Peter Jackson has accomplished!



Party scene with the introduction of all dwarves, Bilbo’s attitude (Martin Freeman nailed it!), the very distinct personalities all the dwarves portray and how lovely they do it! As an elf myself, I never cared for such stunted creatures, reckless and prone to feats of anger and emotional outbursts, but the movie shows lovely dwarves which you really relate to. It’s like “I want that dwarf to be my friend and buddy!”

The Hobbit-0006-20121105-56

Radagast was my favorite one! He is such a unknown foggy character in the books and the movie shows him in full light. Also, his part in detecting the decay of Mirkwood was fantastic shown! A glimpse of giant spiders here and there, some Quenya words to save a little fellow from the woods. I loved it!


The Goblins cave is another highlight full of tension, action and THAT’s where I got my slight uncomfortable stomach “action”. I ate Japanese food before (rice, chicken and vegetables) and wasn’t too concerned about the “nausea effect” but I felt a ripple when they were running and fighting their way out against all those goblins.


Gollum and Bilbo meeting and having their riddle game? Fantastic scene! Huge highlight! Gollum is super freaky, funny and scary at the same time! Damn how good it was!

(And what about Smaug in the end!?!?!? hehehehe)


Hard hard hard to find one. Probably there is, but I’m not that lame guy who watches movies just to complain about this and that instead of enjoying the whole entertainment brought to life on the big screen.


Perhaps parts that I enjoyed less (for my personal reasons) were: Galadriel portray…AGAIN! Azog appearance (a little bit) and definitely the shortness of the movie! It was TOO short! When I realized it was ending…

And now, let’s hear from Ondo:

Hobbit1At first, I would like to say my opinion about the book, that I have finished reading on Friday. I……didn’t like it. Bilbo is a huge pain in the ass and also a thief, Thorin is a fantastic character, but he becomes absurdly greedy, compared to Fëanor himself, which made him lose my respect. I did not enjoy the way the childish way the book was written (I know he wrote it for his children), but it’s maybe because I’m so used to the First Age stories spread in numerous book that I could not get used to it. Either way, the book isn’t bad, I just didn’t like it.


Now, the movie……DAMN! It was simply fantastic. The first scenes, the attack of Smaug and the kite dragon… I knew it would be good right there. This may be a heresy, but I thought the movie was better than the book (crucify me if you wish…).

I was expecting a few Elvish sentences, and I got sad I couldn’t fully understand them right away (and, of course, was frowned upon by my friends).


I enjoyed a lot to see some of the backgrounds of the characters and the construction of Thorin as a hero, unlike what happens in the book. Also…. Radagast was fantastic! And I imagine his rabbit sled made me wonder of he is Santa Claus on the Southern Hemisphere… Because the poor reindeers would suffer in Brazilian summer in December. Jokes aside, the numerous Easter eggs (like Gandalf “you fools” line, or Bilbo’s ring scene) from the LOTR movies were fantastic, not to mention the books references, such as our friend Ungoliant being mentioned.

I’m not a fan of 3D movies (my head aches and the glasses bother me), and I had never seen a movie in IMAX before…. But this time I could enjoy it pretty well. Also, the 48fps thing made some scenes seem very realistic, which was fantastic.

Overall, the movie was beyond what I expected.

And here comes word from Erutulco:

Long things short: it was an awesome movie! I was expecting a great movie, and it didn’t let me down. All the contrary! I came out so excited, wishing I could go forward in time to watch the second part. I enjoyed it as much as a Tolkien fan could!

The good

Overall, the best was putting the story of The Hobbit in the huge context it has. By adding the extra parts, Peter Jackson made the story have a part in a greater history: Middle-earth’s history. It was a brave move for him to introduce some stories told in the Appendices of LOTR, and it was (generally) well done.

Dol Guldur

The landscapes were awesome! The Shire and Rivendell were as good as always, but the jewel was Erebor! It was so stunning! It really resembled a rich dwarf household.


I was delighted to see that the introduced more sentences in Sindarin and Quenya! Of the first I couldn’t understand one word. But I had to smile to myself when I understood some of the latter! It felt good…



The bad

Many things shocked me for differing so much from the book. But then I thought: “man, its a movie, not a book”. And its true, its BASED on the book, not a reproduction of it. Still, even though I went to the movie with a “don’t compare to the book” attitude, I couldn’t help being One Ringslightly disappointed in some parts. Especially in crucial parts as the finding of the Ring and the riddles (I mean, what was the need of changing that?). Don’t get me wrong, this things didn’t spoil the movie: they just left a small bitter taste in me.

The other bad thing (in my opinion) is that many characters lacked some of the “solemnity” they should bare, and some had excess of it (Galadriel’s case). In attempting to make it funny, they made them a bit ridiculous. I would’ve treated Radagast with some more dignity…

Finally, the voices… The dwarves’ and the goblin boss’ voices were too “english” to me. Not like the ones I would expect from those races. But this is a minor issue.

And so comes to an end our unexpected journey…

Bilbo in Rivendell


what a ride!


Hobbit day

December,14th,2012 – The Hobbit day!


Quenya101 staff


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Khuzdûl….or “Quasi-Khuzdûl”

The Hobbit is coming and with it, comes along a whole bunch of Dwarves! Some look friendly, some look chubby, some look stern, but one thing they have in common is: THE LANGUAGE! Yes, boys and girls, for the first time, let’s not talk about an elvish language, but the dwarvish one, Khuzdûl!

Khuzdûl is the secret tongue of the Dwarves which they speak only among themselves and never teach anybody else. (I say….booooringggg). Tolkien developed very few material about it and there are around 50 attested words of Khuzdul, too limited to even try to speak it, unfortunately!

Some news on the net talk about David Salo helping out with Khuzdûl so we may listen that exotic language on the big screen. But HOW? How can that be when there’s no material to use?

Khuzdûl is based mostly on semitic languages like Hebrew, and Salo as a good linguist he is, follows this path, taking care of inventing structures and/or words that feel like real Khuzdûl as it should be.

Balin Fundinul Uzbadkhazaddûmu

But he’s not the first one to do that! If you are eager to speak like a Dwarf, there is some material available, made by fans, with a pretty consistent Khuzdûl grammar and extended vocabulary. Just like Black Speech here, perhaps it’s quite possible to release the Dwarf that’s inside of you!

Behold :



This site is neat! Visually is pretty simple, but the info there is organized, consistent, well thought and analyzed. I wish I could get in contact with the creator(s), but they leave no contact info nor any names there. It’s almost like an anonymous site!

There you can study everything your inner Dwarf hungers! Consonants, vowels, phonetics, verbs, grammar,….BUT never forget: That’s not Tolkien’s. It’s a derivative work based upon Tolkien’s. Even though, I compliment the site because it’s very well based and executed!

As an appetizer, check this chart involving consonants and their analysis:



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