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Tengwar Burger

Do you remember it? Do you recall? Well, it’s been such a long time since I published a new and exclusive Q101 Tengwar font!!! And here it is, the 4th one coming right out of the oven. It’s yummy, it’s fresh, it got extra special sauce and you can order with or without pickles and onions….YaaY! This Tengwar Burger:


Tengwar Burger is chubby and designed to be so. No room for diet talk, boring side salad as main course….yikes! The font is healthy and sound, rounded and full of carbs, fat and all that juicy stuff and grandmas and grandpas would want us to have to grow strong and wide!

Since immemorial times (in fact, I can remember it…it was 2011) we have been sponsored by Lembas King and this font celebrates that fat enriching partnership too.

In order you get all the flavor coming with this brand new font inspired in Coimaso Aran logo, check the Quenya pangram below:

tengwar burger pangram

You can taste that fresh font right away! Order it by clicking at the button below and you’ll receive one special exclusive Tengwar font to go!

tengwar coimas

But you know that’s not it! You can get all Quenya101 exclusive fonts (Tengwar Kornography, Tengwar Kids & Tengwar Bathory) and type in different styles in Tengwar never dreamt before!

tengwar-cornotecina-button tengwar-hini-buttontengwar-bathory-button


Also, there will be a big update in the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide coming soon. A whole new collection is bound to be added! Stay tuned for it! This is the only place where you can get the craziest and different Tengwar fonts of the whole…Arda! Everything here, only…


the q burger


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3 steps to get HUGE Tengwar fonts!

Here’s a guide to help all Quenya101 audience who’s getting their first contact with the site, its services and how they work. Frequently, people look for accurate translations for lifetheir future tattoo and not only that, they want it written as large as possible in order to aid their inking process. Where can they get ALL that? Quenya101 of course!!!!!

So,… here’s a quick guide to show you can get exactly all that, super fast, super accurate and ready to be designed on your skin:

Step 1

Make your request at Tattoo Q101 or Max Tattoo 360

Those are the main services perfect for tattoos. The basics about them are: they bring you huge Tengwar fonts through packs chosen by you and they are answered super fast. Tattoo Q101 is answered within 101 hours and you can choose 1 pack with 6 Tengwar fonts while Max Tattoo 360 is answered within 360 minutes (extra urgent if you have an imminent tattoo appointment) and you get 4 packs with 24 Tengwar fonts total (all fonts possible so you get to decide which style to go). Get more info by clicking the links above.

Step 2

Fill the form and wait the delivery

Well, that’s a simple step but it’s not less important. Have in mind that sometimes it’ll be needed some further clarifications about your request concerning quotes’ sources, names’ etymology, etc; and I’ll contact you through your Paypal email so we can talk about them.

Tattoo Q101 Request HeaderMax Tattoo 360 Request Header

When one answers accurately the Tattoo Q101 and Max Tattoo 360 form, barely nothing additional is necessary, and that will contribute for a smooth 101-hour (or 360-minute) wait.

Step 3

Check the site and save the image for you

You’ll receive an email with a link directly to the site’s page where your answer is. Click and check it. Now comes the tricky part, saving the image as huge as possible. Follow the images below and you’ll manipulate the image for your advantage and get the most of your translation.


Right click + open image in new tab


No matter how the image comes, check the width size in the address bar. Through it you can…


…enlarge the image as huge as you want. Try something around 10,000, for instance.


Voilà! You’re ready to save it huge! Head to your ink artist with it.

Voilà! Those are all the steps, all you need to do so you get your quote/sentence/name accurately translated/composed into Quenya as large as possible.

One important detail is: Sometimes people do not use Tattoo Q101 or Max Tattoo 360 to request things. When that happens, the image size is not designed for tattoo purposes and cannot be manipulated to be large and still keep good resolution and quality. Here’s an example how you identify those instances:


This is an example of an image that cannot be enlarged. Its address bar ends up with no width size.

If you have any further doubts about any Q101 services, feel free to contact me! I’ll be delighted to deliver you exactly what you want and how you want! Pleasure is all mine.


The Q




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1Y Quellë W3

One special new design to celebrate the exact date when Q101 Shop started! This is one bonus round spread into 6 different versions to mark the 6 different months/seasons (Quellë, Hrívë, Coirë, Tuilë, Lairë & Yávië) of the elvish calendar.



Enjoy the one in its different forms and check other products to get the one suited to your elvish/Tolkien collection:


1Y Quellë W2

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Not all those who wander are lost HUGE Tattoo Q101 Edition


The mother of all translations in Quenya.

Not all those who wander are lost whole poem.

Floyd Rivera requested through Tattoo Q101 AND Floyd Rivera got it in 86 hours through Tattoo Q101

I bring you the revised edition of the original translation made by Ondo Carniliono few years ago. What is revised? Well, minor things. I kept the poetic and free spirit made originally and added a tiny bit only. It’s ridiculously tiny, don’t panic. Notice that Quenya101 version takes advantage of Quenya declension nature and plays freely with word order. Quenya allows room for that. Below, you won’t find a fixed translation. Literal wording. One word after another. NO! Word order allows it, so we danced with them. Not to mention vocabulary issues too. There are synonyms here and there that could be used differently, you know. So,… what you got here is the most poetic and accurate Quenya translation, aimed at the beauty of the idea behind the poem and using Quenya language to the farthest it can be reached.

In this post you’ll get the whole High-Elven Tengwar Collection If you’re interested in more fonts, check the Poem & Prose page here. Also, Quenya101 site is flowing abundantly with Tolkien translations. Use the search box, you’ll find it! If you don’t, just follow Floyd’s example, request it!

Do you want an extra mile? Check the full analysis here 

Now, let’s all grab our walking sticks and wander with Tolkien through this beautiful poem. Watch your step, wander freely but be lost not.

All that is gold does not glitter


Ilya i laurëa ná, mirilya lá,


Not all those who wander are lost


Queni yar ranyar ullumë vanwë umir


The old that is strong does not wither


I yára ya tulca ná, hesta lá

Deep roots are not reached by the frost


Tumnë talmar rahtainë nixenen umir


From the ashes a fire shall be woken


Yúlallo nárë nauva coivaina,


A light from the shadows shall spring


Cálë lómillon tuiuva


Renewed shall be blade that was broken


Ceura nauva hyanda ya né rácina,


The crownless again shall be king


I ríelóra ata aran nauva


Voilà! From Tolkien own mouth! Spread it, rate it, like it…enjoy it!



Q101 & ND101


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White Tree Awards V


What a mark! Here we are! Due to all Tolkien fans we have reached such a mark! Let’s celebrate it! Below, we shall have the White Tree Awards V for the best Quenya101 posts from 03/14/16 to 11/17/16. So quick since the last awards. Here’s what we got on this 5th edition:



And the White Tree goes to…

Best Engaging

It seems Tengwar was perfectly made for tattoos, huh? But only when written correctly, kids.

Best Commented

What a reception! People loved the inauguration of Q101 Shop and commented everywhere! Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook…beyond Quenya101 reach!

Best Attraction

A revolution took place in the field of Tengwar fonts designing and you watched from prime seats here in Quenya101!

Best Rated

Everyone loves a compilation which makes life easier, right? You rated the best and here it is the guide you wanted, at your hand!

Best Spread

It spread like wildfire! Huge traffic in few days and it continued on and on. It seems the whole galaxy spread it everywhere! I wonder if it reached Andromeda too.


according to YOU, the BEST of all is…

Best People’s Choice

What a surprise! Least to say, what a coincidence! Last White Tree Awards we got something from the Bible too, and now…you chose it again! Wow, super cool!




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And the 5th White Tree Awards is coming…


Here we are, once again in our festive time, celebrating the last 100 posts from Quenya101! Check out below the best of the best and pick your favorite for People’s Choice Awards!

VOTE for your TOP 3



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Elvish Tattoo Guide

Before continuing…



Starting October, 12th, 2016 Quenya101 brings you this new featured service, the Elvish Tattoo Q101!

tumblr_o2iejeu4d01sa2p7qo1_500Have you got the feeling of tattooing the most beautiful alphabet created by Tolkien with a very significant sentence of yours BUT….are you afraid you might end up with gibberish?

Fear it not, my human friend! With Tattoo Q101 not only you’re gonna get a most accurate Quenya translation, but you’re gonna have it HUGE, 6x HUGE (for tattoo artists’ sake). So how does it work? Just like the very good old Fast Line with some differences.  Check the quick FAQ here so you know all details:

FAQ Index

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

3 – How does it work?

4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where will I be answered? Where do I click?

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

It’s how you can request anything to be translated accurately into Quenya so you get your tattoo with no concerns, fears or the like.

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

Up to 101 hours! That’s right! There are huge lines everywhere but you’ll just need to wait few days and voilà! Ready to ink!

3 – How does it work?

Click on the Tattoo Q101 buttons on the site, donate the requested amount and fill the form HERE asking the name/famous quote/sentence/special date you want to be translated into Quenya.


4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

Per donation you can ask 1 name OR 1 famous quote (taken from books, movies, songs, etc.) OR 1 random sentence at your choice OR 1 special date. Important: quotes and sentences are limited to 150 characters (space and punctuation counting as well). If you want something above the character limitation, please make additional donations accordingly.

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

You get everything Fast Line already brought you! Check here all the details.

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

Well, They’re super HUGE! How huge? Instead of describing it, let me show you the regular size and the super HUGE. Compare and draw your conclusions:


The regular size. Cool but not good enough for tattoo purposes, huh?


Now, we’re talking! HUGE size. Not huge enough? Click on the image and you’ll see… … yeah, perfect, huh?

Bottom line: instead of an average of 24-sized fonts, you’ll get something around 288! (OUCH, my eyes! They blew up on my eyes!)


7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

You can get 6 fonts! That’s right, not only one or two like before. SIX! A whole Tengwar collection. You can choose the one 6-font Tengwar collection you want by clicking on the banners below and checking the styles that suit you:









It is ESSENTIAL you mention which Fonts collection you want for your request. If no collection is mentioned, a random one may be picked for you.

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where do I click?

At the appropriate page according to your request, you’ll get it answered. Check the pages here.

Shut up and let me click, right? Okie Dokie, sir… click below and let me be at your services:


Click – Ask – Get – Ink




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Tengwar Fonts are HERE TO STAY!

are-you-readyThis is historical! For ages, for years I have wanted to develop my own Tengwar fonts but I had never ever got the skills and knowledge to do that!

09/13/16 changed everything! I did it! I sat down, did my homework and now A NEW ERA of customized and original Tengwar Fonts has arrived!

Prepare yourselves, buckle your seatbelts and let’s ride with an infinite amount of new Tengwar designs.

And the first one, who took me the whole night….(I was literally awaken 24 hours to finish this first baby):

Tengwar Kornography 2.0


And I tell you honestly, MANY MORE will come. I can create anything now! A new page will be added to Quenya101 with everything you need to know and get concerning Tengwar Fonts. Stay tuned. Meanwhile…check the odyssey towards Tengwar Kornography:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exact moment my first Tengwar font is born:

Well, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Anyway, talking about being born, baby and stuff…you might wonder what’s the next Tengwar font coming….(here’s an initial glimpse):


Tengwar Kids 😀






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And per se And

tumblr_m7xje9NcsY1r8en8vo1_500Alphabets! Great group of symbols designed to express a language in written media. Alphabets are present in our everyday life (right now you’re reading one arranged according to English language) and we never realize the long story & journey each single letter has to tell. For instance, what happened to the 27th lost letter of Roman alphabet? What was it & why it’s not around here anymore?

Johnson & Johnson, Barnes & Noble, Dolce & Gabbana: the AMPERSAND today is used primarily in business names, but that small character was indeed the 27th letter of the Latin alphabet. Where did it come from though? The origin of its name is almost as bizarre as the name itself.

The shape of the character (&) predates the word ampersand by more than 1,500 years. In the first doug-ampersand-1-480x960century, Roman scribes wrote in cursive, so when they wrote the Latin word et which means “and” they linked the e and t. Over time the combined letters came to signify the word “and” in English as well. Certain versions of the ampersand, like that in the font Caslon, clearly reveal the origin of the shape.

The word “ampersand” came many years later when “&” was actually part of the English alphabet. In the early 1800s, school children reciting their ABCs concluded the alphabet with the &. It would have been confusing to say “X, Y, Z, and.” Rather, the students said, “and per se and.” “Per se” means “by itself,” so the students were essentially saying, “X, Y, Z, and by itself and.” Over time, “and per se and” was slurred together into the word we use today: ampersand.

(The ampersand is also used in an unusual configuration where it appears as “&c” and means etc. The ampersand does double work as the e and t.)


The ampersand isn’t the only former member of the alphabet. There are MORE and it’ll be shown for the curious and avid minds soon. Stay tuned.

Based on





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Tengwar Sudoku

It’s been a long while since we had our last puzzle, so I came up with this idea and it quite hits the same itch scratched by Tengwar Kanji developed by Quenya101 here. Therefore, I present you….Tengwar SUDOKU!

But what is Sudoku?

250px-Sudoku-by-L2G-20050714.svgSudoku is a Japanese puzzle where logic and combinatorial number placement takes a major role. Usually, the standard Sudoku features numbers (1 to 9) and you gotta place them correctly inside the major squares, columns and lines without repeating them.

It’s not hard, but of course there are different levels you can play and some of them have so many possibilities, you’ll definitely have a hard time filling those little squares.  As you may realize, this puzzle is perfect not only with numbers but letters as well (which makes them a bit harder I think…but it’s just a matter of symbols) and Sudoku is the best puzzle we could get to exercise our Tengwar Kanji writing!

In our Sudoku, you’ll have 4×4 areas where 16 Tengwar Kanjis will be filled. Are you up to this challenge? Put your skills to the test and have fun during this vacation with Tengwar Sudoku!

Tengwar Sudoku


Don’t despair! Believe me…this is an easy one! You can send your answers to Quenya101 mail and the answer key will be given when we’re back in February! Enjoy the puzzle!



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Kornography Pangram

I’m publishing this post for a possible sponsor (Robson Pereira) I got who might develop Tengwar Kornography as a regular font. That’d be pretty cool and I hope he can do it. When and if, I get the final results of his work, I’ll definitely share this brand new Tengwar font (unlike Marcin Przybys who created a nice font, Tengwar New and HE DOESN’T SHARE IT! 😦  ). Quenya101 is completely different! What I do, I do for you and to you! Enjoy!

Kornography Pangram

This Quenya Pangram shown here was created by me and originally posted here. You can check its meaning as well as words pronunciation.

Tengwar Kornography Keyboard Mapping

Tengwar Kornography Keyboard Mapping




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Tengwar Kornography

Tengwar Cornotécina

As a metal fan, I like metal fonts and as a Quenya fan, I like Tengwar alphabet. You can see where I’m going here, right? To the infinite and beyond, to the new frontier, to nobody has ever dared to be before…(at least that I’m aware of)….

Anyway, I’ve been trying to make new fonts for a long time now but I don’t have what it takes to really make them. I have limited knowledge of computer and I know somebody will eventually make my vision come true so everyone can type weird and new Tengwar fonts. My #1 vision involves Korn and Tengwar. I present to you officially, Tengwar Kornography:

Tengwar Kornography


Do you see the point here? You know…this style may not please you like it pleases me, but the point is: ANY Tengwar font is possible! There’s no limit to where creativity may take you. If I knew how to work with font creating softwares, I’d have designed tons of fonts and I want to stimulate the ones who got skills and knowledge for that. Create and be joyful with the work of your hands! (like I am now)

If you like this particular font, check How do we say (…) in Quenya? section where some sentences were already written with…

Tengwar Kornography header




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