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Aranië Léranórëa (République Française)


Allez les bleus!!!!

Today is THE French holiday, the storming of the Bastille and tomorrow possibly France will be for the second time Fifa World Cup Champions (I’m counting on that) so….

I present to you the awaited map of France (Léranor) in Quenya!

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Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Today, it’s a HOLIDAY! The German Unity Day (10/03/90) aka Tag der Deutschen Einheit when the nation became united and one single Germany came to be (once again). No more East Germany, no more West Germany, nur…DEUTSCHLAND!



So, as I love maps and as I love Germany, I couldn’t help it but present to you all the Elvish version of Germany map with place names composed according to its etymologies. Behold, the land of the people, i Lienórë:

Deutschland auf Quenya


I cannot imagine how hard that must have been for people who lived in Luxunor under the shadow of a terrifying wall that cut a deep trench in the German Unity. Families, friends, lovers, all of them divided simply because of politics, ideologies….yikes! I wasn’t there, I didn’t live that kind of reality, but I can sympathize and understand the pain it must have caused such a distressing situation. Thankfully, that is past! There is no Rómenya Lienórë nor Númenya Lienórë anymore!

Deutschland auf Quenya Tengwar


Für die deutsche Einheit!

Germany Elvish Heraldry

Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo


Q101 Deutschland

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NEW elvish year begins! (The last one)


March, 26th, 2016 after sunset marks the beginning of the last year of the 14th yén! (14th what?) That happens once in 144 YEARS! As you can see, there’s a big chance we’re not gonna be around when the next one happens, so… big day today…let’s make it count!

Year full circle

If you’re absolutely lost in time concerning the elvish calendar, which is pretty cool I must say, take some time to get familiar with it here.

As you may realize, sunset is not a regular point in time! It varies from place to place and season to season. When exactly will the new elvish year of 144 start in your place? Check some places around the world according to their local time below:


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Berlin, Germany


Brussels, Belgium


London, UK

New York

New York, USA


Nicosia, Cyprus


Paris, France


Rome, Italy

São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil


Stockholm, Sweden


Sydney, Australia


Toronto, Canada



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¿Cómo se dice (…) en Quenya?

Todos nacimos en un entorno cultural en el cual el lenguaje es una parte no solo grande, sino también fundamental: es el medio por el cual se transmite. En ese entorno crecimos con un idioma particular, nuestra lengua madre, que nunca vamos a poder cambiar. A la vez, si estás leyendo esto, quiere decir que al menos tienes un interés por el Quenya, pero quizás no lo dominas tanto como te gustaría. Si tu lengua madre es Español, ¡que mejor que poder tener las frases de tu lengua madre en la hermosa lengua de los Elfos de la Tierra Media!

Hasta ahora solo podías pedir una traducción del Inglés al Quenya. Ahora ,si la frase que quieres es en Español, ¡aquí estoy para ayudar! . (Por frases famosas o letras de canciones ir aquí – solo inglés por ahora-). Como siempre, citando al Maestro Yoda, “paciencia debes tener”, y a su tiempo tendrás tu frase traducida lo más preciso posible y con un análisis completo. Solamente tienes que solicitarla en los comentarios de la futura página ¿Cómo se dice (…) en Quenya?

PS: La página será creada pronto y los pedidos podrán ser hechos a partir del Año Nuevo élfico (XIV 142)




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Vinya Eärnor (New Zealand)

This map is dedicated to my new neighbors from New Zealand, the Marshalls. It’s more than appropriate too as we all know New Zealand is the living Middle-Earth in our own planet. The names were quite easy to compose etymologically into Quenya, as most of them come from English. Some come from Maori, but that didn’t pose any hardship too as the language is kinda Quenya friendly in its orthography what makes it pretty easy to adapt.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the #1 place I’d like to visit in the near future! Let’s see what future holds to me! I must touch that lovely land with my own feet!

New Zealand Quenya

Noteworthy are the etymologies of same names there. Take a look at Northland for instance. That’s exactly what Forostar in Númenor meant! The adaptation couldn’t be more perfect! Also Arfanyarassë which is basically one of Taniquetil’s names. That’s what Taranaki means! Great discoveries that map brought to my attention! New Zealand IS Middle-Earth! There’s some cosmic coincidence pointing to it! No one can deny it!

New Zealand Tengwar

If you like this map, you can check much more here. Click on some countries names there and you’ll see their maps composed into Quenya. If your country is not there, you can request me and I’ll be glad to help you with your map! Have in mind that it’ll take some time and depending on your mother tongue, I may need serious help to make it. Anyway…be my guest and enjoy for now….Vinya Eärnor!

Vinya Eärnor

Vinya Eärnor




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And the Award goes to….


White Tree Awards III is almost here, and you’re the one who’s gonna choose the best post among the last 100 from Quenya101. We want to hear you! We wanna know what you enjoyed the most here so we can continue to make it better and better FOR YOU! If you’re a new fan around here, take some time and check the options below. If you’re with us for some time now, vote for that singular post which delivered to you everything you like the most: 101% Tolkien material right on!

And the Nominees for the ‘White Tree Awards III’ People’s Choice is:












Cast your vote now! You can choose more than one option as well as vote as many time as you want!

Thank you for voting and see you there at our Award Ceremony!












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Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo (Commonwealth of Australia)

And the Elvish Cartographer (a.k.a. Quenya101) attacks again! After we completed the maps for North America why shifting the compass and head a little bit south? Birds migrate every year heading south and this year it seems to me, I’ll take this route too! South it is!

Australia map below was extremely easy to compose into Quenya. States got simple names, all in English so quick and painless, I present to you: Hyarmenórë!



The only name which took me a little research was Tasmania. It’s based on the name of the first one who discovered it and due to the sm cluster, Tasmania was adpated to Tammanya following the phonetic evolutionary rules of Quenya, i.e. SM > MM in medial clusters.

Australia Quenya


Hyarmenya Hyarmenórë seems TOO MUCH souths involved but, well that’s really what it means “South Australia”. It’s English/Latin redundant, so let it be in Quenya too!

Australia Tengwar


I hope enjoy the land of Oz and don’t forget to check other countries as well here. If yours is not there, just ask it here and it’ll be a pleasure to compose it for you!

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo




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The Birthplace of J. R. R. Tolkien

Aiya! Entullelmë!

Well… Erunno wasn’t the only one to take a month vacation! I also took my own vacations, finally freeing myself for a month from college and… I stayed for two weeks on my uncle’ and aunt’s house on the beautiful South Africa! They live in Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng. But Johannesburg has nothing to do with Tolkien (besides from the fact that this was the aunt that introduced me to the Silmarillion, thank you Dalva!).


While in Johannesburg, I visited many beautiful and interesting places. For example, Lion Park, where a lion cub bit me (and damn, lion bites hurt) or the amazing Sterkenfontein Caves and the Maropeng museum, both focused and important to the history of Middle-Earth humankind. But that’s not what why I’m writing this post. I also visited a very important place to Tolkien lovers: his hometown. Tolkien, unlike most people think, wasn’t born in England. Instead, he was born in Bloemfontein, then part of an independent republic, called Orange Free State, now part of South Africa, in the province of Free State.


I stayed in Bloemfontein only one night, in a hotel called… The Hobbit Boutique Hotel! The hotel, located in President Steyn Avenue, also holds the memorial to Tolkien’s birthplace.

All rooms are named after The Lord of the Rings characters, including Bilbo, Galadriel, Arwen, Frodo (the room I slept in) and Elrond (the master bedroom). Also, on the hotel’s common room, a table has on display a few books: all Lord of the Rings books, divided in three volumes, The Hobbit and There and Back Again (a collection of maps illustrated by John Howe).

Even though the hotel is extremely comfortable, huge rooms, great breakfast and excellent service, the rooms are not designed after a hobbbitesque fashion, assuming, instead, a Victorian style.

In the middle of the common dining room, the most important Tolkien-ish feature of the whole country, Tolkien’s birthplace plaque, written in English and Afrikaans:

IMG_9805 The city also has a few other Tolkien memorials, for example, a plaque in the church he was baptized and a memorial in the bank his father worked. I, due to lack of time and information, did not visit them, unfortunately. There used to be a Tolkien Trail, a guided tour to all locations relevant to his history but, as there was not much interest, it was cancelled.

The city itself is beautiful, with a few nice attractions, such as the Anglo-Boer War museum and a giant Nelson Mandela statue located at the top of a hill, the highest location in the city.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, visiting such an important place to the history of the Professor. It’s only sad that there’s not much interest, as most famous locations are all around England, the country he moved when he was three years old. Tolkien himself said he remembers almost nothing of Bloemfontein and the country (somewhere it is said he remembers a huge spider near his cradle).

The country itself is beautiful, with many different touristic locations, including animal parks, museums, huge shopping malls and casinos (I swear I did not go broke on Blackjack!). The country also produces great wine, sold at fair prices, that can be combined with the delicious (and also fair-priced) food, including ostrich and springbok meat.

Thank you all for reading! Namárië!




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Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico (Republic of South Africa)

AFRIKAThe very first African country Quenya map debuts today in Quenya101! Daviyd requested this country and I thought it would be pretty hard as South Africa has many official languages (11) and perhaps many and many provinces, states or regions…well, I wasn’t aware of South Africa’s province divisions, but to my surprise; it was easy easy! Few states, most of them, simple names in English. Phewww, I dodged the bullet!

Without further delay, I present to you South Africa!

South Africa

Sweet! We got three capes, one state, one with just compass directions and four that deserved some research! South Africa was gentle and nice to me!

South Africa Quenya

Just for the record: Afarica was based in the supposed derivation of the Latin word AFRICA from the Arabic word afar “dust,  earth” even though this line of thought is easily arguable.

South Africa Tengwar

Here we got Afarico due to the genitiva case suffix -o. So, Hyarmenya Afarica = South Africa, but Republic of South Africa = Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico.

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

If you wish to check other countries and their maps already converted to “elvish geography” check the Eldar Ambaressë page and click in some countries’ names there.

If you wish to request a specific country, be my guest! As long as you have tons and tons of patience and willingness to help me in case the regional words are beyond my linguistic skill, you’re welcome to ask anything! I’m here to serve you!




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Eärendil finds his harbour

Eärendil around the worldHe did it! Eärendil did it! This is the last part of ‘Eärendil series’ where we sailed around Google Translator listening to several languages pronunciation of this single Quenya word Eärendil and comparing it to Quenya phonetics. Which one is the closest of all? Follow this ride and find what Eärendil has found! Surprised or not, you’ll be aided to keep in mind the correct Quenya pronunciation! 

(While you read this guide, go to type Eärendil and listen each language mentioned below! A cool and easy tool to aid you with phonetics)


4 stars

Portuguese shares many phonemes with Spanish and that contributed for a high rate here. We got EÄRENDI here, so almost on the spot!


4 stars

Oh yeah, baby! Norwegian got a solid pronunciation like Hungarian did. The first E is too open, but we got ÄRENDIL pretty good.


2 stars

Well, as long as Far-East is concerned, Korean is good! It has firm vowels and some consonants stand up for the task. We got a ÄREND in Korea!


2 stars

That’s another language I know nothing about and have never heard before. I can’t say more about its phonetics but in this exercise, we have a RENDI here.


4 stars

4 stars? Really? YES! Greek kicks ass! Quenya was based on Greek after all. But there’s a trick because of the alphabet. You gotta type Εαρεντιλ (Earentil) so you can hear EÄRENDIL. See? Whole word!!! Unfortunately, the stress is not correct, otherwise it’d be a 5-star!


5 stars

Obviously, Eärendil finishes his tour in the land of the Finns! Finnish got it all! Pronunciation, stress. This is IT! It IS Quenya pronunciation of 


Eärendil finishes





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Eärendil comes and sails away


Eärendil doesn’t stop! Now it’s time to visit another places, check another languages. Resuming from our previous post, let’s listen different native people speaking their languages (through the use of Google Translator tool) and compare how close that pronunciation is to actual Quenya. Don’t forget: The word we take for our ride is Eärendil!

(While you read this guide, go to type Eärendil and listen each language mentioned below! A cool and easy tool to aid you with phonetics)


3 stars

No big surprise as Italian is a Latin based language like Quenya is. We got a good pronunciation of RENDIL here.


2 stars

German has a solid Quenya-like vowels resemblance, but the advantage stops there. Consonants are another matter. We got a good ENDIL here.


2 stars

Dutch sounds like German (ok, that’s a superficial view) and for Quenya phonetics, Dutch behaves the same way as German too. There’s an ENDIL there and nothing more.


1 star

No, no. Russian is just not meant for Quenya. They wouldn’t get along. I heard a good REN even though the stress is absolutely different.


4 stars

Fantastic surprise! Hungarian nailed 99% of the word! It’s ÄRENDIL straight up man! A pity the initial E is too open for Quenya standards.


4 stars

Spanish deserves a 5-star rate! Its phonetics is excellent for Quenya! Unfortunately, there’s a lil’ slip with the ERENDIL we hear there. Perhaps some regional variant wouldn’t miss the ä.

Wait! It’s not over yet! Eärendil is a mariner, he likes travelling and won’t stop his voyage just now! Stay tuned and sail away with him in the next episode of….

Eärendil around the World!

Eärendil around the world



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Eärendil around the World

EärendilShall we have an interesting exercise? It’s easy, quick and a pretty interesting tool for the ones who crave to listen to Quenya!

As it’s known, there is no online Quenya translator (that I am aware of, at least). Quenya is an artificial limited language and that poses double extra toughness for one to create such resource. I’m very happy about that as there are too many people pretending to know something about “elvish” with an online translator….I think you can picture the hell it would be.

But I digressed. I mentioned online translators here due to the resourcefulness of the ones available right now. Google Translator, the most famous, I guess; gives you the opportunity to listen many languages spoken by native people. That’s an A+!

Elvish Google

Now, here’s the trick: Which pronunciation would be closer to Quenya? For advanced students, that’s quite easy to answer, but let’s ride together and rate each language based on their phonetics. The word to be used as example is: Eärendil. The number of stars stand for how close that particular pronunciation resembles Quenya itself.

(While you read this guide, go to type Eärendil and listen each language mentioned below! A cool and easy tool to aid you with phonetics)


1 star

Awful! Nothing to do with Quenya. The only letter that sounds like Quenya is the D in Eärendil. Basically, English teaches you how NOT to pronounce Quenya!


1 star

Ouch! French may sound fancy but not for Quenya. We got only the DI in Eärendil sounding decently, the rest, oh no!


3 stars

Surprise, surprise! I know nothing about Czech but the sound is quite good for Quenya. We got the RENDI nailed in Eärendil.


2 stars

Well, I have already heard a bit of Turkish and it definitely doesn’t sound like Quenya. Some phonemes are close though and here we got REN in Eärendil.


1 star

Uh-uh, not Danish! Again, there’s only the in Eärendil, nothing more.


3 stars

Almost Swedish! Well, ALL phonemes are there, but the stress is not good. It falls in the last syllable and that’s weird (i.e. wrong) in Quenya!

Which countries Eärendil will visit next? Which ones will his Quenya ear be fond of? Stay tuned and don’t miss our next episode of….

Eärendil around the World!




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