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Ahtari – Oialë Ohta (Avengers – Infinity War)


This is a special contribution adapted from the work of Giuliano Venturi (which shall be know as Tiucafangon) from Brazil. He sent me this great customized Avengers logo and authorized the extensive use of it here in Quenya101.

Today, we celebrate the première of Avengers Infinity War (which honestly, I’ve been anxiously waiting for many years now) sharing this art and I hope you all have a great movie experience (I don’t think Marvel will disappoint us in any way, right? Coff…Coff….YES, DC, I’m looking at you right now!) as I will in the coming Sunday.

Avengers Poster in Quenya


The Q


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From Odin to Ozzy

I am Iron Man in Quenya

Now, all quotes from O are neatly organized and displayed here in Quenya101

You can check über brit rock with Oasis, the pretty fly lyrics from Offspring, the father of Thor Odin, the king of the Teleri in Aman Olwë and the Iron Man by excellence, Ozzy Osbourne!

Do you want mOre? Request it and you shall have it!



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