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Hell yeah … in Quenya

Hell yeah in Quenya

Hell yeah.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Katelynn Hunter and answered in 20 hours through FAST LINE)

Are you looking for something different? Search whatever you like!


Middle Earth Ready



Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…



Or if you like getting extra bonuses and rewards while getting your requests answered monthly, try the…


Q101 Shop complete

thanks deeply our Patreons for the support and contribution

to our elvish language institute. Thanks to them we now have…

Hell yeah which is the 639th sentence translated into Quenya…




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Nirvana nightwishing nine’nch nails

Nirvana in Quenya

Here comes the newly organized N page with the best famous quotes from Nirvana (coming as you wanted it to be), Nightwish (from Finnish to Quenya), Nine Inch Nails (wanting to ffff you like an animal), Neil Young (better burning than fading) and more. Check it now while you come as you are, as you were…





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Mugs, cases and books



Now you can be an elven boss while drinking a mug of coffee, scribbling some notes and texting your folks!

You can get mugs, notebooks and phone cases with all Q101 Shop designs! Get yours now!






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Q101 Winter Collection

…has arrived!q101-hrive-logo

Today starts Winter (1 Hrívë 144) according to the elvish calendar and in this very night, I present you the NEW Q101 Shop Collection:


AND:…..we got FREE SHIPPING until Thanksgiving! (11/24/16 11:59PM CT)

Code is: FREESHIP4d1f8c

Let it snow, let it snow and get Q101Fashion while you’re at it!



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Tengwar Kornography

Tengwar Cornotécina

As a metal fan, I like metal fonts and as a Quenya fan, I like Tengwar alphabet. You can see where I’m going here, right? To the infinite and beyond, to the new frontier, to nobody has ever dared to be before…(at least that I’m aware of)….

Anyway, I’ve been trying to make new fonts for a long time now but I don’t have what it takes to really make them. I have limited knowledge of computer and I know somebody will eventually make my vision come true so everyone can type weird and new Tengwar fonts. My #1 vision involves Korn and Tengwar. I present to you officially, Tengwar Kornography:

Tengwar Kornography


Do you see the point here? You know…this style may not please you like it pleases me, but the point is: ANY Tengwar font is possible! There’s no limit to where creativity may take you. If I knew how to work with font creating softwares, I’d have designed tons of fonts and I want to stimulate the ones who got skills and knowledge for that. Create and be joyful with the work of your hands! (like I am now)

If you like this particular font, check How do we say (…) in Quenya? section where some sentences were already written with…

Tengwar Kornography header




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