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7th Year +


Quenya101 starts its 7th year of life!

It began in a February, 3rd…just like this one here, but it was in a different world, in a different life, many things are left behind there and they are never coming back.

It began with a Welcome! post with no pretension at all. Actually, I had no idea what to do, what to write, how I would build this place wherein I would deposit everything that I love about this language.

It began with my words. My keyboard and words. Love was the fuel and in time, things started to grow, to develop, like an embryo.

One section here, another page there, let’s help people with this, now with that…and here I am, years later with millions of faithful elves joining the multitude of devoted Tolkien fans.

Now, Quenya101 has 61 special dates converted into the elvish calendar, 471 famous quotes translated, 524 posts published, 556 names etymologically composed, 4,084 words translated into Quenya, 8,892 comments and thousands (I really can say that) thousands of hours of my FREE time dedicated to Quenya101 Language Institute site.



Because of YOU!

I’m here because of you. You are the ones who want it. You are the ones like myself who urge to learn, to understand, to have that written, pronounced, translated and explained in Quenya.

You want it, you got it!

Forgive me if I cannot deliver the amount you want and deserve. Millions of you are too many for one of me.

But I am here and I’m gonna try my best. Be sure of that.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being there at the other side of the screen.

Year 6 brought some many new things! We were back with regular posts (some months almost in a daily basis…something never saw here), the creation of our OWN exclusive Tengwar Fonts as well as a new Tengwar Font Guide compiling the best there is currently. A SHOP was opened! New services directed to tattoo fans who wish to get theirs. A new full-time project to follow the Ainulindalë Quenyanna legacy now covering Eärendillinwë (thanks to Jonathan Britton)…

Wow, man….if you only knew what is coming this 7th year! But I cannot spoil the surprises. You’ll have to sit down and enjoy at the right time what’s in store for you. Stay tuned here where you know you get everything in Quenya…




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Q101 Fashion

October, 20th, 2016


Quenya101 Shop is released!


There, you can buy several exclusive Q101 elvish products with all your favorite imagery found in the site. T-shirts, pullovers, tanks, bags, duvets, shower curtains, pillows, rugs…it’s a new elvish fashion world opening up before our eyes.49260-threadless-logotype-icon-vector-icon-vector-eps

Quenya101 alongside with Threadless brings you the best quality products with Threadless logistics delivering them everywhere in the world (Middle-Earth included!)

Check out some of the release collection:

…and that’s just a sample of the very first collection! So many things to come yet! Imagine getting your OWN NAME stamped on a T-shirt! Everything is possible. No limits!

To celebrate this special release event, follow the new Quenya101 Instagram account, buy any product of Q101 Store and share a pic of yours with it and the hashtag #Q101Fashion. You’ll gain a free X101 translation as bonus!

This is just the beginning, kids,…just the beginning…don’t forget to…





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NEW Tolkien book in 2017!

beren_and_luthien-296x447A compilation of Tolkien’s tales of Beren and Lúthien will be published next year, HarperCollins has announced.

Edited by Christopher Tolkien and illustrated by Alan Lee, Beren and Lúthien will bring together material scattered throughout the 12-volume History of Middle-earth series.

The earliest version of the tale of Beren and Lúthien was written in 1917, when Beren was an Elf not a Man and the equivalent of Sauron was a large evil cat.

The story underwent considerable revision throughout Tolkien’s life, and was reworked in both prose and poetry. The new book will demonstrate this evolution.

Beren and Lúthien will be published 100 years since Tolkien’s wife Edith danced for him in a small woodland glade filled with hemlocks in East Yorkshire, an event he later acknowledged was the inspiration for the meeting of the immortal Lúthien Tinúviel and the mortal Beren in the glades beside Esgalduin.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beren and Lúthien will be published on 4 May 2017.

Article by Daniel Helen @




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Elvish Tattoo Guide


Starting October, 12th, 2016 Quenya101 brings you this new featured service, the Elvish Tattoo Q101!

tumblr_o2iejeu4d01sa2p7qo1_500Have you got the feeling of tattooing the most beautiful alphabet created by Tolkien with a very significant sentence of yours BUT….are you afraid you might end up with gibberish?

Fear it not, my human friend! With Tattoo Q101 not only you’re gonna get a most accurate Quenya translation, but you’re gonna have it HUGE, 6x HUGE (for tattoo artists’ sake). So how does it work? Just like the very good old Fast Line with some differences.  Check the quick FAQ here so you know all details:

FAQ Index

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

3 – How does it work?

4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where will I be answered? Where do I click?

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

It’s how you can request anything to be translated accurately into Quenya so you get your tattoo with no concerns, fears or the like.

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

Up to 101 hours! That’s right! There are huge lines everywhere but you’ll just need to wait few days and voilà! Ready to ink!

3 – How does it work?

Click on the Tattoo Q101 buttons on the site, donate the requested amount and leave a message (if no message is left, please comment at the site or contact me) with your donation, asking the name/famous quote/sentence/special date you want to be translated into Quenya.


4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

Per donation you can ask 1 name OR 1 famous quote (taken from books, movies, songs, etc.) OR 1 random sentence at your choice OR 1 special date. Important: quotes and sentences are limited to 150 characters (space and punctuation counting as well). If you want something above the character limitation, please make additional donations accordingly.

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

You get everything Fast Line already brought you! Check here all the details.

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

Well, They’re super HUGE! How huge? Instead of describing it, let me show you the regular size and the super HUGE. Compare and draw your conclusions:


The regular size. Cool but not good enough for tattoo purposes, huh?


Now, we’re talking! HUGE size. Not huge enough? Click on the image and you’ll see… … yeah, perfect, huh?

Bottom line: instead of an average of 24-sized fonts, you’ll get something around 288! (OUCH, my eyes! They blew up on my eyes!)


7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

You can get 6 fonts! That’s right, not only one or two like before. SIX! A whole Tengwar collection. You can choose the one 6-font Tengwar collection you want by clicking on the banners below and checking the styles that suit you:









It is ESSENTIAL you mention which Fonts collection you want for your request. If no collection is mentioned, a random one may be picked for you.

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where do I click?

At the appropriate page according to your request, you’ll get it answered. Check the pages here.

Shut up and let me click, right? Okie Dokie, sir… click below and let me be at your services:


Click – Ask – Get – Ink




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Middle-Earth complete Filmography


2 days ago, this baby was announced and by now every single Tolkien hardcore fan must be dying to get this one and proudly display it on your shelf among your personal collection.

Well, I am one of them. According to Amazon, next November, 1st, 2016, I can become one of the holders of this magnificent piece of collector’s edition. Within it, there is:

– The Limited Collector’s Edition includes 30 discs featuring all six Middle-earth films in their extended edition forms, housed in six stunning faux leather books and a collectible Hobbit-style wood shelf. The one-of-a-kind wood shelf is crafted from solid wood with design selected by Peter Jackson.
– In addition to the extended edition release of every film, the collection also includes all previously released bonus content from both the theatrical and extended editions.
– Exclusive premiums designed for the collection include: · Spectacular 100-page sketch-style book with replica The Red Book of Westmarch, filled with original film sketches and new artwork · Original reproductions of exquisite watercolor paintings by acclaimed conceptual artists Alan Lee and John Howe, framable and wall-ready.

Special features (doesn’t specify whether these are all from the existing dvd/blu-ray editions):

– The Hobbit Extended Edition Trilogy features almost one hour of additional footage that were carefully selected under the supervision of director Peter Jackson (THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES extended edition is rated R), and more than 34 hours of theatrical and extended bonus content. The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy features more than 2 hours of extended scenes, also selected by Jackson, and more than 33 hours of theatrical and extended bonus content. Bonus content from The Hobbit trilogy theatrical and extended editions will be included on Blu-ray disc. Bonus content from The Lord of the Rings trilogy theatrical and extended editions will be included on DVD disc. Additionally, digital copies of all films in their theatrical and extended edition forms will be included for download on Digital HD.

But how much? $799.99…, dude…seriously? Well, can I at least choose the sword that is coming with it?

Wait, there are no swords included in that pack? So let me get straight…Tolkien fans are gonna be charged 800 bucks for movie discs…ouch!

I rather keep the ones I got in my collection so far…


My own, my precious…

…and wait until they charge a reasonable price and stop sticking their elvish sword in my guts… 800 times over and over again…




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Q101 is BACK!


I’m back, I’m back, I’m back!!! Finally! I was at a loss without my baby (Quenya101 is my baby boy, you know). I had huge technical issues and couldn’t take care of my baby boy here. I apologize deeply for everyone who donated to Fast Line and X101 this past weeks. Please, forgive me. You will be compensated with extra features in your requests.

If you requested anything using Fast Line, you’ll get X101 features (much more stuff) and if you asked through X101, you’ll get double dose. I’ll contact you soon. Stay tuned.

From now on, Quenya101 is back and all requests will be answered as usual.

I’m very very thrilled to be able to help you all with Quenya again! FINALLY!

What a relief!




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NEW elvish year begins! (The last one)


March, 26th, 2016 after sunset marks the beginning of the last year of the 14th yén! (14th what?) That happens once in 144 YEARS! As you can see, there’s a big chance we’re not gonna be around when the next one happens, so… big day today…let’s make it count!

Year full circle

If you’re absolutely lost in time concerning the elvish calendar, which is pretty cool I must say, take some time to get familiar with it here.

As you may realize, sunset is not a regular point in time! It varies from place to place and season to season. When exactly will the new elvish year of 144 start in your place? Check some places around the world according to their local time below:


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Berlin, Germany


Brussels, Belgium


London, UK

New York

New York, USA


Nicosia, Cyprus


Paris, France


Rome, Italy

São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil


Stockholm, Sweden


Sydney, Australia


Toronto, Canada



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Campus Party 2015 & Nazgulcon 2014

This post is both in English and Portuguese. Este post está tanto em inglês quanto em português. Let’s talk English now.



First of all, I would like to apologize for our readers as I have not posted in a looong while. You know, life’s a bitch sometimes. I have been working really hard for university and my last vacations were filled with more work for my undergraduate research. So I had to stop doing something I love: writing here. But I have not stopped working with Quenya! In fact, I have done a LOT.

I have participated in two events as a lecturer: first, in Nazgûlcon 2014 and then in the 8th Campus Party Brazil. This post will discuss my part in both events and I will also share some of my work with you. Unfortunately for our English readers, the material is only in Portuguese. But don’t stop reading yet!

Let’s begin talking about Nazgûlcon. This Tolkiendili event was hosted by Círculo Nazgûl, a group of really rich guys, I mean, a group of really nice guys that are dedicated to collecting Tolkien-related objects, such as sword replicas, action figures and rare book editions. They have some outstanding pieces of art and I will share some photos at the end of the post.

I was invited by my friend Franz ‘Maglor’ Brehme (and soon you will see more of him here!) to participate in the event, and we decided that I could talk about the evolution of the writing systems in Arda. In a sense, this is a complement to my Hobbitcon 2013 lecture, where I talked about the evolution of the languages. And, by the end of the lecture, I presented what soon will become my masterpiece: I started developing a mathematical notation using Tengwar and Sarati. This is, of course, not the first time I do something like this, but this time it was special: I wrote the Einstein Field Equations of General Relativity in a full Tengwar notation. These are really special equations, for both physics as a whole and also to myself, as part of my undergrad research is a standard application of these equations, but let’s not get too much off-topic. I will soon do a full post presenting this work!

As always, I will post both the slides and a complementary reading for the lecture. Hop for the end of the post for them!

Now, let’s talk about Campus Party. This is a really HUGE event that happens in a few parts of the world, including São Paulo, dedicated to internet culture, powerful computers, start-ups, robot fighting and nerd culture in general. There are many high quality lectures during the event. This year, for example, there astrophotography lectures, talks by some high-profile guys from PayPal, together with astronauts, digital security specialists and programmers. All this with a crazy fast 50Gbps internet available to everyone inside.

By the end of the last year, I was approached by some people representing a really big language school here in Brazil, Wizard. They were organizing a huge marketing work for the event and they decided they wanted someone to teach Quenya in the event. Guess who they found? Yeah, me. I was supposed to give a small class, for 16 people, three times a day during four of the five days of the event, complete with handout and a certificate of conclusion. But then things got crazy. And I mean it.

The first day of the event was only for “setting camp up”, as people really camp there. And thus people heard about the Quenya workshop, and lots of people got really excited and, very soon, most of the available seats for all classes were already taken. I certainly wasn’t expecting that it would be such a huge success! As I was going to the event on the following day, I got a call on my phone saying that one of the stages would be available for my class. Twice. For 200 people. With a live transmission over the internet. Talking about crazy, huh?

And so, after lots of coffee and little sleep, I gave a 2-hour lecture for almost 200 people (plus people watching over the internet!)  about our beloved Quenya. This lecture is available online, for free, and by the end of the post, I shall give you guys the links.

Both events were fantastic, I met a lot of people and had a great time. By the end of the post, I will add some pictures of both events, together with my slides and handouts. Once again, all texts are in Portuguese, sorry…

Agora, em português!

Primeiramente, gostaria de pedir desculpas a nossos leitores, pois não tive tempo de postar nada durante muuuuito tempo. Sabem como é, as vezes a vida fica foda. Eu ando estudando pra caramba pra faculdade e as minhas últimas férias foram totalmente dedicadas para meus trabalhos de iniciação científica. Por causa disso, tive que parar de fazer algo que amo: escrever aqui. Mas isso não significa que eu parei totalmente de trabalhar com Quenya. De fato, eu fiz MUITA coisa nesse meio tempo!

Eu participei como palestrante em dois eventos: primeiro, na Nazgûlcon 2014 e depois na 8ª Campus Party Brasil. Neste post, vou falar sobre minha parte em ambos os eventos e compartilhar um pouco do meu trabalho com vocês. Se você está me acompanhando, você tem sorte: todo o material está em português!

Vamos começar falando da Nazgûlcon. Este evento Tolkiendili foi organizado pelo Círculo Nazgûl, um grupo de gente muito rica, digo, de gente muito legal, dedicado a colecionar objetos relacionados a Tolkien, como por exemplo réplicas de armas, action figures e edições raras dos livros. O pessoal tem algumas peças maravilhosas, e ao final do post vou mostrar algumas fotos pra vocês.

Fui convidado pelo meu amigo Franz ‘Maglor’ Brehme (e logo logo vocês vão ver mais dele por aqui!) pra participar no evento, e decidimos que eu poderia falar da evolução dos sistemas de escrita em Arda. Esta palestra pode ser vista como um complemento para a minha palestra na Hobbitcon 2013, onde eu falei um pouco sobre a evolução das línguas dentro da obra. Ao final da palestra, eu apresentei a minha obra-prima:  Comecei a desenvolver uma notação matemática com Tengwar e Sarati. Esta não é, claro, a primeira vez que faço isso, mas desta vez foi especial: escrevi as Equações de Campo de Einstein da Relatividade Geral totalmente em Tengwar. Estas equações são muito especais, tanto na física como um todo quanto para mim, já que parte da minha iniciação científica é uma aplicação imediata destas equações, mas não vamos sair muito do tópico aqui. Logo já vou fazer um post completo apresentando este trabalho!

Como de costume, eu compartilharei tanto os slides quanto a leitura complementar desta palestra. Vá para o final do post para vê-los!

Agora, vamos falar um pouco sobre a Campus Party. Este é um evento GIGANTE, que ocorre em algumas partes do mundo, incluindo, aí, São Paulo, dedicado a cultura de internet, computadores poderosíssimos, start-ups, lutas de robôs e cultura nerd em geral. No evento, ocorrem palestras de muita alta qualidade. Por exemplo, este ano tivemos palestras de astrofotografia, de alguns caras de alto nível do Paypal, além de astronautas, especialistas em segurança digital e programadores. Tudo isso junto com uma internet ridiculamente rápida, 50Gbps, disponível para todos dentro do evento.

Ao final do ano passado, um pessoal representando uma escola de idiomas gigantesca daqui do Brasil, a Wizard, entrou em contato comigo. Eles estavam organizando uma ação de marketing gigantesca para o evento e queriam alguém para ensinar Quenya no evento. Adivinha quem eles encontraram? Isso mesmo, eu. Eu deveria dar uma aula pequena, para 16 pessoas, três vezes por dia, durante quatro dos cinco dias do evento, completa com uma apostila e certificado de participação. Mas foi aí que as coisas ficaram loucas. De verdade.

O primeiro dia do evento era dedicado a “armar barraca”, já que pessoas realmente acampam por lá. Foi assim as pessoas ouviram sobre o workshop de Quenya e ficaram muito animadas com isso e, bem rápido, quase todos os lugares disponíveis em todas as aulas estavam ocupados. Eu com certeza não esperava que teria tanto sucesso assim! Enquanto eu ia pro evento no dia seguinte, recebi uma ligação no meu celular dizendo que conseguiram um dos palcos para minha aula. Duas vezes. Pra 200 pessoas. Com transmissão ao vivo pela internet. Falei que as coisas estavam loucas…

E então, depois de muito café e pouco tempo de sono, eu dei uma palestra de 2 horas pra quase 200 pessoas (mais todo mundo que viu pela internet!) sobre o nosso amado Quenya. Essa palestra está disponível, de graça, na internet e, no final do post, vou dar os links pra vocês.

Ambos os eventos foram fantásticos, conheci muita gente bacana e me diverti muito. E agora, deixa eu compartilhar pra vocês os vídeos, slides e apostilas! Novamente, os textos estão apenas em português.

Nazgûlcon 2014: slide, texto.

Campus Party 8: slide (5 fev), slide (7 fev), apostilavídeo – 05/02 (2h), vídeo – 07/02 (1h).

And now, some photos! E agora, algumas fotos.




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Raffle X101

And we had our very first raffle! As explained in X101 guide everybody requesting stuff in the “How do we say (…) in Quenya?” section, earns as a bonus a q-ticket with a random special Tolkien card! Right now, conducted the draw of our Quenya101 raffle. If you are one of the people who used X101, check the draw protocol right now! Click at the button:

Random Pìcker


Congratulations, Radagast!!!! If you have that q-ticket, please send me an email with your complete address so I send you the PRIZE only you’ll have in the whole Valinor….(possibly maybe)

radagast poo



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1,000,000 elves!


Surprise! Minutes ago, we stroke the MILLION mark! Yes, 1 million elves! Although internet is or was full of “click here and win a prize as you’re the 1,000,000th visitor”, here in Quenya101, we’re gonna make it DIFFERENT! Elves are different and we gotta keep our reputation, right?

The 1,000,000th WILL WIN a prize and I myself personally will see to it! I have a few information about our lucky winner! Check the image below:

Who's the elf from Bavaria?

Who’s the elf from Bavaria?

If you are from Bavaria and you were clicking at the Maiar Gallery, please contact me through email so I can give you this special gift as you’re truly the 1,000,000th visitor!!!!!

The dispute was tough as I visualized second by second the race to be the 1,000,000th visitor! I thought Delaware or British Columbia would win. There was also strong California (as always) followed by several European countries like France, Poland, Belgium. In the last minute, Gauteng, South Africa popped up but the winner was….BAYERN, DEUTSCHLAND!

1,000,000 elves


Quenya101 staff





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4th Year begins!

Q101 i fëa Quenyava ná sissë

Quenya101 is BACK! But not only that, we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary and the beginning of year 4! Wow….huh? No…not only that…it’s post-Super Bowl Monday and that’s just an extra reason for the celebration. Ok, ok…Monday is not a day that calls for celebration, but it doesn’t matter! Let’s have it! I’m happy to be back after this hot melting vacations and I’m anxious to release all new stuff coming up in our site!

The amount of people trying to reach me is staggering and it keeps growing. I’m afraid I’m not able to answer them all with the speed they require but be sure I AM DEFINITELY answering them all sooner or later. To help all people who were awaiting the return of Fast Line from vacation, below I’ll provide the list so you know when yours is coming and if I need further info from you.

Fast Line Vacation line

The requests marked as “?” need further info. There was no message attached in Paypal. Even if you have already commented in the site about it, please send an email so I can clarify what your request is.  The request marked as “!” is invalid as it’s not following the Fast Line rules closely. Please, Ines, contact me also by email.

Quenya101 logo 4th year

X101 was a hit and there are already people who joined the special Quenya101 raffle. That’s a great opportunity to get your request answered within 101 hours AND with extra stuff! Use it as you will!

Super new stuff is coming but I cannot spoil the surprise…just yet! Stay tuned for this new 4th year and spread the elven path to all Tolkiendilli out there!

A new dawn arising.

A new dawn arising.




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Summer Vacation….again?


Not only 2013 saw the very first Quenya101 Summer Vacation in July, now we saw another Summer vacation! Yeah, I changed hemispheres and lost the thing I love the most! Cold snowy winters!

Anyway, if you’re interested in Fast Line services and wonder where the posts are…check what changes with this 2nd Summer Vacation:

  • All posts are paused! They’re gonna be back in February!
  • FAST LINE requests are not gonna be answered in 101 hours! From January, 1st, 2014 12:00AM ET to January, 31st, 2014 11:59PM ET, all requests made through Fast Line will be regarded as made in February for delivery sake. For instance, if you make a Fast Line request in 01/10/14, it’ll be counted as made in 02/10/14 and it’ll be answered up to 101 hours from the adjusted date on.


  • X101 services WILL NOT be paused! They’ll be answered regularly with all its extra and new features! If you’re desperate to get something answered in 101 hours during January, X101 is the solution you need!
  • Don’t think Quenya101 is REALLY on vacation! That’s not what happen! In January, regular line requests, answering the staggering amount of comments people leave here and updating some of the site pages will be focused so everyone gets benefited by Quenya101 Language Institute laborious enterprise!

That’s it! Have a nice snow if you’re at the right place and…join my sweaty nights down under!



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