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Bring the waters, Ulmo!

Coirë 2 Patreon

Here comes the last month of the elvish year! It announces the end of NFL Season as well and the deluge caused by tons of snow melting (or the end of summer rains depending on where you are). Thinking about those kind of endings, this month brings to mind, the cover art of Coirë 2 is based on the Fall of Númenor and features Ulmo as well!

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Here’s the full version of last month’s calendar made available now to all:

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Erendis from Númenor … in Quenya

Sink your roots into the rock and face the wind, though it blows away all your leaves in QuenyaSink your roots into the rock and face the wind, though it blows away all your leaves.

NEW quote translated into Quenya!

Erendis @ Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-Earth

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Sink your roots into the rock and face the wind, though it blows away all your leaves. is the 440th famous quote translated into Quenya…



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The story of Númenor: another possible prequel?

hobbit-desolation-smaugWhen Peter Jackson makes a new movie, and we get out of the theater after watching it, most of us think “damn, I want more!”. The fact is he does a great job in taking Tolkien work to the big screen (for some more, for some less). And, looking it from the economical side, The Lord of the Rings is a very lucrative franchise.

So… what will come when The Hobbit ends? Our Master, Helge Fauskanger, has an answer, and I like it a lot! Some time after the movie trilogy ended (back in 2003), he published in Ardalambion a draft for another possible prequel: Westernesse or the story of Númenor.


Its an amazing story, which you may remember from the Akallabêth, the second to last part of The Silmarillion. It tells the tale of the civilization formed by the Men who fought Morgoth in the War of Wrath. For their help, the Valar gifted them with longer life, and an island as close to Valinor as men where allowed to be. Elros, who is Elrond’s brother (that choose mortal life), was the first elrondelros2King of Númenor. When Sauron messes with these men, the downfall begins, leading to them migrating to Middle-earth and establishing the realm of Gondor. As you may see, from the line of these Kings comes the Kings of Gondor, and in the end comes Aragorn.

There are certainly some characters that would be well known to the audience: take Sauron, for instance; and Elrond could also be there (with his brother Elros). In the end, the whole story is about Aragorn’s ancestors, isn’t it? Remember the battle of the Last Alliance, the one in the “prologue” of The Fellowship of the Ring movie? Well, this new movie could end with the very same battle, making the link with the Trilogy.


The only problem is that there is not much canonical material available on this subject, but surely Peter Jackson can manage that, can’t he?

If you have some time to spare, read Helge’s explanation of the movie, or go straight to the two parts of the story itself. Enjoy!

What do you think? Would it be good? I would like to hear from you in the comments below.

I tol Númenórë




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