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Mugs, cases and books



Now you can be an elven boss while drinking a mug of coffee, scribbling some notes and texting your folks!

You can get mugs, notebooks and phone cases with all Q101 Shop designs! Get yours now!






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Quenya 1st Class: Lesson 2 starts NOW!

It’s with great happiness that although delayed, I present to you the 2nd lesson of our exclusive Quenya101 Basic Course!

The adjectives!

Everyone already enrolled in the class, please email me to get the new password for this class. When you email me, please tell when you got yourself enrolled. That info will help me.


As Lesson 1, this 2nd lesson will bring a dialogue (already there), grammar detailed explanations about the point being analyzed, vocabulary expansions, exercises and this particular lesson will also feature a very important orthographic/phonetic reminder about Quenya and Tengwar.


I wanna be explicity honest with you all and apologize for the delay in the releasing of this lesson. 2013 was a very nasty year! Growing pains.


Anyway, read AND listen the dialogue of lesson 2 at Quenya101 Basic Course right now! Let’s keep learning and improving our dear beloved Quenya!

Lesson 2 Dialogue




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Curso de Quenya em português!

Boa noite! Este post é dedicado à nossos amigos falantes de português! Hoje, mostrarei a continuação de um projeto muito antigo que acabei abandonando por um bom tempo, mas que finalmente emerge das profundezas do meu computador! Há pouco tempo atrás, um amigo me perguntou se eu podia preparar algo básico para dar uma aula introdutória básica de Quenya para os membros da Toca São Paulo, parte integrante do Conselho Branco Sociedade Tolkien. Lembrei que, lá pra 2011, eu tinha começado um material básico exatamente pra isso. Resolvi aperfeiçoa-lo e divulgá-lo aqui (e para os membros da Toca-SP), na forma de uma apostila introdutória  que pretendo estender conforme possível. Um dos maiores problemas que os falantes de português enfrentam ao tentar aprender Quenya é a falta de material. Existe apenas um curso disponível em português, o Curso de Quenya do Helge Kåre Fauskanger.

Curso de Quenya do Helge

Mesmo sendo um material ótimo e altamente recomendado para os que se interessam pelo assunto, ele não é tão simples para um primeiro contato com o Quenya, pois trata de forma muito profunda e completa todos os temas apresentados. Escrevi esta apostila como uma alternativa inicial ao curso do Helge, introduzindo, de forma simples, o leitor a essa língua maravilhosa. O que disponibilizo hoje é apenas um rascunho e um início, abordando apenas a escrita, a pronúncia, o vocabulário e substantivos.  Há alguns exercícios simples, com gabarito no fim da apostila, de maneira a reforçar conceitos apresentados. Com o tempo, espero aumentar os temas abordados, sempre disponibilizando aqui no Quenya101. Este material  não é perfeito, podem haver falhas, tanto conceituais quanto de escrita. Por favor, me contatem sempre que encontrarem algo que não está bom e, também, com feedback, pedidos de temas que gostariam de ver abordados, sugestões, criticas e tudo o mais. Espero que o material, mesmo sendo básico, agrade e disperte uma curiosidade maior ao leitor pelo Quenya. Então, sem mais enrolação, aqui está:  Apostila em pdf.





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An elvish love story

This is a story of love. This is what happens when a boy meets girl and they are simply meant to be. Don’t worry if you haven’t met your boy (or girl) yet, have patience and surely there will be someone along the road which we call….life, and that someone will be just perfect for you!

By Ismael Seidel

It was a regular, nothing special day. But there was something different…there was someone different. A new girl joined my class. I don’t know the reasons, but her class was split and some soul chose her to belong to mine.

At that time, I was reading “The Sorcerer’s Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter”, taken from the public library. One day I tried to get the book again and someone else had already! To my surprise, THAT new girl was reading “my” book at high school. Sarcastically, I asked if she was enjoying it…but of course she couldn’t understand what I meant actually. Two weeks later, I invited her to be part of our group in a school project about oil.

On the following Monday, I received a proposal to change to another school. I did. Suddenly I got new friends, new place, everything had changed. I lost contact with the old ones. After 1 year and a half, I had a biology homework to do and I remembered that girl called Rafaela who loved biology.

I found her online and the chat took off! We talked so much and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and then the SMS started…..She was lovely but I thought she was out of my league.

A bunch of things were happening those days. Finished high school, I started dating another girl, university came, 4 years went by…we didn’t talk as before. I was too busy with my graduation papers, research and the like. Well, eventually college was finished and so was my date.

I had my dark days and a bunch of friends helped me out. One of them was Rafaela. I got in touch with her again and to celebrate our recently acquired degrees, we spent the Christmas Eve together. I gave her a gift, a plush owl which she loved and gave me a hug. With that hug, I realized 100% the feelings I had for her. By 3AM, it was cold and I touched her frozen hands in order to keep them warm next to mine. We spent 1 and a half hour hugged. Her heart was beating fast. It was a beautiful moment. Later I took her home and before she went out of the car, she said to close my eyes and gave me a shy kiss. It was perfect!

That was it! We were dating! In January, I even wrote a poem to celebrate our commitment.(which later I tried to translate into Quenya). By the way…SHE was the one who presented me for the 1st time,  a language called….

This is our love story and here I present a sneak-preview of my elvish gift for her to celebrate our love:

Wow…and…WOW! I bow down solemnly to Ismael Seidel, the talented author of this beauty and the narrator of his own love story here!

This was just a sneak-preview….the whole thing, pic by pic you’ll see soon here. Stay tuned!



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Elvish School is OPEN!

That’s right! Thanks to your contribution, I gladly announce today (47 Yávië 140) the formation of the:

1st Elvish School class

We achieved this goal thanks to you and now here’s your reward: A new, never seen before, exclusive, nowhere else to be found (I’m really serious about that) material will be made available for the 1st Elvish School class. The money donated so far was used the best way possible. It was reverted to you! It’s not about my personal financial gain, it’s about the spreading of the Quenya lore. You donated, now you deserve it!

A new page will be created for this not yet available material. Unfortunately, there is no date estimate for that, but we’re all gonna have to be patient as uncle Yoda teaches us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since the beginning of the Elvish School Project in 17 Lairë 140 we had donations from people all over the world. Some were interested in using Fast Line (which helped the cause too) and some were genuinely contributing for the Project. Among them I specially thank Linda Brown, Kastytis Zubovas, Goshia Orlowska and Paul Haigh. (When classes begin you’ll have a special prize…we’ll talk later through email)

The last donation counted for the 1st Elvish School Class was made in 09/10/12 at 12:30 and from this time onward, all donations will be used for the NEXT class yet to be formed.

1st elvish class students

Alexandros Giamogiannis / Alison Collins / Amanda Ferreira Lemes / Anne Taggart / Davi de Souza / Evan Fitzgerald /  Goshia Orlowska / Helene Jensen /  Jarid Bowman / Juan Francisco Ismael Manrique Huerta / Kastytis Zubovas / Linda Brown / Paul Haigh / Traci Fagan / Tyler Cotter

In due time, every single one of you will receive through email further instructions about the elvish class. I myself am very excited and anxious for our new material! Stay tuned and…



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Let’s build an elvish school together!

Middle-Earth wants you!

The elves are fading. They are almost all gone now! The ones who chose to tarry in Middle-Earth are but a faint memory of the beings they once were. Their culture, their beauty, their languages will die with them! WE need to do something about it! WE need NOW!

Join the “Let’s build an elvish school together” campaign (a.k.a. “Let’s BEST”) and through that we can maintain the elves’ utmost precious jewel: Quenya! You know education is the cornerstone of any future, it’s the legacy we leave behind, don’t let it be forgotten!


  • What is the “Let’s BEST”  goal?

The “Let’s BEST” goal is to keep and enhance the teaching of elvish lore (including Quenya, Sindarin & the culture behind them) to everyone inclined to learn the beauties of the elves.

  • How that goal is to be achieved?

Through the building of elvish schools, libraries, centers of elvish lore throughout Middle-Earth and beyond!

  • How can I join the campaign?

There are some ways you can do that. One of them is by becoming a Quenya101 Patreon. Through it, you contribute to the achievement of Q101 goals! You can also donate a tiny fixed amount of 101 silver coins (Quenya…101…got it? 🙂 ) which on the elvish current conversation rate is $1.01 (one dollar and one cent). Can you do the tiniest of gestures to contribute with Quenya legacy?

  • Why should I do that? 

Because you’ve got a good heart and you are thankful! That’s why! Maybe you have already got your name composed to Quenya here, or a cool sentence you requested to be translated and it was, or some funny post you laughed and loved. It was all free, because knowledge is free for all here! Now that’s a way you could say “thank you” with a small deed which will make a whole difference. So, in the end…actually…I thank you! and you know that!

  • Ok, but how should I do that?

At the sidebar of Quenya101 Language Institute site (or below here), you can find a new button called “Hantanyel”. Click there and you’ll open a PayPal window where you can donate and help the “Let’s BEST” campaign. When you donate, leave a message and choose where in Middle-Earth, the 1st elvish school should be built: Gondor, Rohan, Rivendell, Shire or Moria. When a sufficient amount is reached, it’ll be announced which place is bestowed with this new beacon of elvish lore. And NEW THINGS will come depending on the place. Surprise, surprise…you know you’ll get something to be surprised!



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