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Taken thoroughly through the T


Poem & Prose section got organized once again! Now it’s time for you to easily browse all quotes from Théoden to Thorin Oakenshield and many awesome writers like T.S.Eliot, Theodor Dr. Seuss, Thomas Müntzer. Where else would you get all those quotes translated into the most beautiful language of the elves? Oh yeah…right here at Quenya101!

Be taken by the T

T it all


Also, don’t forget to ask whatever you want (if it’s not already translated here by Q101) at

If you want it to be answered super ultra quick, check how HERE


The Q

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8th Year and counting!

Quenya101 Logo 2018

Quenya101 celebrates its 8th of life and the gift is yours!

New ideas, new projects, new Patreon rewards, new T-shirts, new translations, new languages are all in the mixture for this new year that begins right now! It’s…


Let’s rewind and go back a little in another time, in another reality where it all began…

8th year is the very first year I got helped in loco by my partner in life, my wife to design and come up with the new variant logo for this year. Bone of my bones, love of my heart, I thank you for helping me so much!!!


The Q




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Ranísil ar Erunno

A quick but very important announcement.

Today is my wedding day. I’m gonna be off for some days. Therefore, EVERY SINGLE service from Q101 is halted until December, 10th, 2017. I’m sorry about that. After the specified date, I’ll be back to work and answer all your requests within 101 hours (or even 360 minutes!)

Later, I’ll update this post with a few nice pics, you know… for the curious ones. I am one, I know how it feels sometimes.





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Brace yourselves… Sindarin is coming!


Quenya101 proudly announces the newest, groundbreaking project coming up here! SINDARIN translations FOR ALL!

For ages, since Elwë Singollo (aka Elu Thingol) banned our beloved Quenya from Beleriand, there has been a rift between Quenya and Sindarin speakers. Noldor against Sindar, the elven family divided. Not anymore, not in here!


Quenya101 calls all of you to back up this Patreon goal to start NEWEST pages where you’ll get all the accuracy and quality Quenya101 brings you, but now…in SINDARIN!

So, what do you think? Shall we expand our linguistic borders and embrace all elves out there?






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We are here, gathered together my friends, not to celebrate only the new elvish year (XV 1) which starts at sunset this March, 29th, 2017. No. We’re here because a NEW CENTURY starts! Not a human century though which are shorter, but an elvish one which lasts 144 years!

Last Yén started on March, 29th, 1873 and so you got an idea how far back that was, let’s check some interesting events that happened in the beginning of the XIV Yén:

05/01/1873 = 1st US postal card issued (and now we’re on the age of the internet for some decades where postal cards are pre-historic)

07/21/1873 = Jesse James gang’s 1st train robbery (and now we see those old Wild West stories on movies and not on the news as real life daily routine events)

09/06/1873 = Regular cable car service begins in San Francisco  (and the revolution on transportation didn’t stop there, did it? After all, we went to the moon not on cable cars)

Which changes will there be in 2160? Will there be peace after all? Is death be long gone? New technologies which we don’t even dream right now? Cure for all diseases? All these may be far-fetched, but so was the internet, the movies and the rockets in the year 1873, right?


When is the sunset where you live?

Also, we are proud to announce a NEW version of the Elvish Calendar designed by Erutulco Eruntano, our Quenya Master here, which gets rid of some bugs happening with the days of the week and so on. Now you got a better and enhanced version to calculate your days like an elven boss!

Tengwar calendar

You can change the languages now to: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Quenya and Quenya (Tengwar) beta version.

Download version 3.0 now and start the elvish century anew!


T101 & Q101


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7th Year +


Quenya101 starts its 7th year of life!

It began in a February, 3rd…just like this one here, but it was in a different world, in a different life, many things are left behind there and they are never coming back.

It began with a Welcome! post with no pretension at all. Actually, I had no idea what to do, what to write, how I would build this place wherein I would deposit everything that I love about this language.

It began with my words. My keyboard and words. Love was the fuel and in time, things started to grow, to develop, like an embryo.

One section here, another page there, let’s help people with this, now with that…and here I am, years later with millions of faithful elves joining the multitude of devoted Tolkien fans.

Now, Quenya101 has 61 special dates converted into the elvish calendar, 471 famous quotes translated, 524 posts published, 556 names etymologically composed, 4,084 words translated into Quenya, 8,892 comments and thousands (I really can say that) thousands of hours of my FREE time dedicated to Quenya101 Language Institute site.



Because of YOU!

I’m here because of you. You are the ones who want it. You are the ones like myself who urge to learn, to understand, to have that written, pronounced, translated and explained in Quenya.

You want it, you got it!

Forgive me if I cannot deliver the amount you want and deserve. Millions of you are too many for one of me.

But I am here and I’m gonna try my best. Be sure of that.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being there at the other side of the screen.

Year 6 brought some many new things! We were back with regular posts (some months almost in a daily basis…something never saw here), the creation of our OWN exclusive Tengwar Fonts as well as a new Tengwar Font Guide compiling the best there is currently. A SHOP was opened! New services directed to tattoo fans who wish to get theirs. A new full-time project to follow the Ainulindalë Quenyanna legacy now covering Eärendillinwë (thanks to Jonathan Britton)…

Wow, man….if you only knew what is coming this 7th year! But I cannot spoil the surprises. You’ll have to sit down and enjoy at the right time what’s in store for you. Stay tuned here where you know you get everything in Quenya…




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Q101 Fashion

October, 20th, 2016


Quenya101 Shop is released!


There, you can buy several exclusive Q101 elvish products with all your favorite imagery found in the site. T-shirts, pullovers, tanks, bags, duvets, shower curtains, pillows, rugs…it’s a new elvish fashion world opening up before our eyes.49260-threadless-logotype-icon-vector-icon-vector-eps

Quenya101 alongside with Threadless brings you the best quality products with Threadless logistics delivering them everywhere in the world (Middle-Earth included!)

Check out some of the release collection:

…and that’s just a sample of the very first collection! So many things to come yet! Imagine getting your OWN NAME stamped on a T-shirt! Everything is possible. No limits!

To celebrate this special release event, follow the new Quenya101 Instagram account, buy any product of Q101 Store and share a pic of yours with it and the hashtag #Q101Fashion. You’ll gain a free X101 translation as bonus!

This is just the beginning, kids,…just the beginning…don’t forget to…





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Elvish Tattoo Guide


Starting October, 12th, 2016 Quenya101 brings you this new featured service, the Elvish Tattoo Q101!

tumblr_o2iejeu4d01sa2p7qo1_500Have you got the feeling of tattooing the most beautiful alphabet created by Tolkien with a very significant sentence of yours BUT….are you afraid you might end up with gibberish?

Fear it not, my human friend! With Tattoo Q101 not only you’re gonna get a most accurate Quenya translation, but you’re gonna have it HUGE, 6x HUGE (for tattoo artists’ sake). So how does it work? Just like the very good old Fast Line with some differences.  Check the quick FAQ here so you know all details:

FAQ Index

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

3 – How does it work?

4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where will I be answered? Where do I click?

1 – What is Tattoo Q101?

It’s how you can request anything to be translated accurately into Quenya so you get your tattoo with no concerns, fears or the like.

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

Up to 101 hours! That’s right! There are huge lines everywhere but you’ll just need to wait few days and voilà! Ready to ink!

3 – How does it work?

Click on the Tattoo Q101 buttons on the site, donate the requested amount and fill the form HERE asking the name/famous quote/sentence/special date you want to be translated into Quenya.


4 – How many things can I get with one single donation?

Per donation you can ask 1 name OR 1 famous quote (taken from books, movies, songs, etc.) OR 1 random sentence at your choice OR 1 special date. Important: quotes and sentences are limited to 150 characters (space and punctuation counting as well). If you want something above the character limitation, please make additional donations accordingly.

5 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

You get everything Fast Line already brought you! Check here all the details.

6 – How large are these HUGE Tengwar fonts?

Well, They’re super HUGE! How huge? Instead of describing it, let me show you the regular size and the super HUGE. Compare and draw your conclusions:


The regular size. Cool but not good enough for tattoo purposes, huh?


Now, we’re talking! HUGE size. Not huge enough? Click on the image and you’ll see… … yeah, perfect, huh?

Bottom line: instead of an average of 24-sized fonts, you’ll get something around 288! (OUCH, my eyes! They blew up on my eyes!)


7 – How many Tengwar fonts do I get and where do I choose them?

You can get 6 fonts! That’s right, not only one or two like before. SIX! A whole Tengwar collection. You can choose the one 6-font Tengwar collection you want by clicking on the banners below and checking the styles that suit you:









It is ESSENTIAL you mention which Fonts collection you want for your request. If no collection is mentioned, a random one may be picked for you.

8 – I do want my ink as accurate as possible! Where do I click?

At the appropriate page according to your request, you’ll get it answered. Check the pages here.

Shut up and let me click, right? Okie Dokie, sir… click below and let me be at your services:


Click – Ask – Get – Ink




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A new life in the home of the Sun


My life has deeply changed. For the better, I hope. Due to a huge moving process, I couldn’t prepare something cool to post this day. I’m sorry. 2013 has turned out to be a very tough year for me and finally things seem to be bright and shiny in the end of the tunnel. I said good-bye to so many people, so many friends who have helped me out, who have taught me how to cope with hardships, who have taught me how to make it better. What a difficult thing to do, you know! Saying good-bye and jumping into the future. Suddenly, my future is here, it has arrived and I gotta embrace it! Now I’m officially a resident of Anarmar, Yavannaresta; and I’m eager to explore this brave new world who has opened up before my eyes!

See you all soon here and on the bright side of the Sun.





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Elvish Calendar now easier than ever!

OK, let’s get the facts straight: you came to Quenya101 Language Institute to learn more about Elvish culture. You saw a link up there labeled “Calendar“; clicked and  started reading: so far so good! You read about yéni, loar, months, special days, and thought: “Damn, how cool! Tolkien was a genius!”. And he was indeed. Then came the week days, leap years and numerals: a bit harder, but nothing to worry about. And THEN came Anno Domini Synchronization: maybe you understood it, maybe not, but in any case wondering: “how the hell am I gonna use this?”.

Well, to save you (part of) the hard work, I proudly present you this child of mine: NOTIË IMBERISSËO, or “Reckoning of Imladris” in the language of men.


Basically, its a desktop application that gives you:

  • the current date according to the Elvish calendar
  • the ability to see the date in any other Timezone of Arda
  • a converter for any date you want to and from that Reckoning

The application is multi-language, currently available in Spanish, English, Deutsch and, of course, Quenya; Português is on the way and the Tengwar version of the Quenya translation is almost ready.


I guess its pretty straightforward to use. It does not need any installation or configuration: just download and run! What you should do is set your city and country in the Settings tab. Why? Because the app uses them and your timezone to calculate today’s sunset, using an Internet connection (as you should know, an Elvish day starts when the Sun sets).

To be aware of

First of all, its completely free, and you will NEVER get charged for it. But of course, as you can imagine, I couldn’t dedicate the amount of time I would’ve wanted (I sleep, study and work for a living, you know). What does this mean? Nothing bad; its just that you may find some small bugs in the application. NOT in the date conversion, ‘cos it was thoroughly tested with Erunno; but maybe in the interface, or some functionality.

Furthermore, I’m no User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) designer: I’m just a programmer wanna-be-engineer doing its best to help people and spread Tolkien’s work. Therefore, I’m sure its not the best interface you have seen on a software, but its functional and works.

ToDo list

Here are some improvements I intend to add in the (short) future:

  • Tengwar version
  • Português
  • Mobile version (Android first)
  • Revamped User Interface

License & sharing

As I said, this app is 100% free; and I release this app under the GNU General Public License v3. And what the hell is that? Well, to sum up, you are legally encouraged to use, distribute and/or modify this software, while asserting copyright over it. For that reason, I uploaded ALL the source code to a repository on GitHub:

Likewise every piece of content in Quenya101, we charge no fee, but nevertheless demand some credit for it. So please, add some if you’re honest enough.


Well, about this: please give me feedback! Specially about errors, corrections and improvements to the application. If you’re an advanced user, you can also fork the repo on GitHub, and  help me on its development.

But, the easiest thing, use the comments below to praise, criticise or ask questions about the software. I’ll make my best to answer ANY kind of question that arises.


Great, I love all you said, but gimme that app! Well, here it is:

Download here

(2017 edit: A new version with fixed bugs is released! Check it here)


This piece of software is written in Java programming language, and its 100% multi-platform (a.k.a: the same file runs smoothly in GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac). You only need to have Java installed (and most people do). I deliver it in the form of an executable JAR, so its just a matter of double-click to run.*

* Linux users (as myself) will know that, as the file is downloaded from the Internet, it must be set as executable. It’s done by running the following command in the terminal:

chmod +x .jar

For programmers only

If you’re a programmer, and wish to use some of this code/libraries, you can get everything from the aforementioned repository.

I also developed a class called, that emulates, but for the Reckoning of Imladris (of course!). Its the one I used to do the conversions. You can see it here: If you prefer, you can get the JAR library directly from this link.


I’d like to thank my friend Gonzalo for the translation to Deutsch; Ondo for the upcoming Português one; and Erunno for the help in testing, and the great article/page  he wrote about the Elvish Calendar.

I really, really hope you like the app. But above all I hope its useful, and that you show it to as many people you can. Stay tuned for updates, ‘cos they’ll be coming, and you wont wanna miss them!

And now, there’s no excuse to keep using Gregorian Calendar:

Elves of the world unite! Lets all switch back to Notië Imberissëo!



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Impatience? Not a problem anymore!

We all know it, but sometimes you forget you cannot please everybody. It’s hard, you know. You try your best, you do what you can, you give what you get, but you will not please everybody! NEVER ever!

Here, in Quenya101, we (Erunno, Ondo & Erutulco) try our best to please everyone. We cannot, but that’s no point in trying, huh? There are pages and sections for all tastes. For that curious person who just wants to know his/her name in Quenya. For that beginner who wants to know more about Tengwar Alphabet. For that person who wants to get an accurate tattoo and is wise enough to research before getting it. It’s free for all. Come ye all!

BUT…as you may have realized…there is no place for the impatient. OOOooo woe to the impatient one, because it is a punishment to him/her the waiting in line! The impatient one wants his/her name composed into Quenya right now, his/her sentence right now…why should the impatient one wait in line? That sucks, right?

I, therefore, announce: Impatience shall NOT be a problem here anymore!!! Come ye all impatient ones, for thou shalt receive your bounty sooner than thou deemest.

“What do you mean, Erunno Alcarinollo? Have you lost your mind? Aren’t you busy enough with the current 33 names requests, 32 sentences to be translated and even 5 quotes to be composed into Quenya?”

Yes, my friends…I should say. But here is the thing: It doesn’t please me to have a long waiting line as there are many people out there thirsting for Quenya…and I’m just one regular guy (You know…I have to work, eat, sleep and other things too…)

 So….from now on, I create the FAST LINE!

You will not wait weeks or months for a name or sentence..noooooo….if you’re impatient, if you want it fast, make your request in the appropriate section (Names, How do we say (…) in Quenya? or Poem & Prose) and right after it, click on the FAST button in order to leave a donation. (it’s only $1.01) Write down in the comment of the donation your request too (sentence or name) and in less than 101 hours, you’ll have it DONE!

You will not wait more than 5 days! That is it! Request, donate and have it done! FAST LINE!

Of course, everybody can request anything for free here, but if you don’t have patience to wait in line, if you want it fast, if you want it now….FAST LINE is the answer! Your impatience shall not be a hindrance!

PS: All people who have already requested something and want to get it right away, cut out the waiting and order FAST LINE right now!

Just click



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