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So much time passed since my last big project, Ainulindalë Quenyanna, that I thought I would never get back to anything like that again. Life changes, circumstances as well, so you know…here I am, 5 years later starting THIS. The second Quenya101 big translation project straight out from Tolkien corpus to the web.

I must say, I’m doing it thanks to Jonathan Britton who sponsored the idea and is as enthusiastically driven to have it as I am.51ph2u8yhhl-_sx321_bo1204203200_

Eärendillinwë is a short lay about Eärendil that appears originally in The Fellowship of the
Ring and its composition history is thoroughly presented in The Treason of Isengard from the series The History of Middle-Earth Volume VII.

There are several versions of this particular poem and we’re having here the F version which historically seems to be the ultimate version written by Tolkien which by an unfortunate chance wasn’t the final one that got published in the Fellowship of the Ring, as Christopher Tolkien tells in page 103. That’s the exact page where it starts the version we’re using here.


A word of caution when you start reading the Quenya101 translation: All rhythm, metrics, rhymes and assonance of the original English poem WILL NOT be present in its Quenya version. Of course. Another language, another phonetics, it’s virtually impossible to strike the same itch using such a different tool to reach it. Languages are bound to have their own unique nature and in no chance a translation will ever be equal to the original. What I found out in many years is: A translation, specially one in Quenya, reaches NEW beauties and riches. It’s full with its inventory of subtleties and marvels that most of the time is not present in the original. Perhaps, you’ll feel the same way reading Eärendillinwë Quenyanna. Perhaps not, I don’t know. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…

Let’s see which beauties you can find in here:

(Click on the images below)


Stanza 1 (L.1-8)


Stanza 2 (L.9-20)


Stanza 3 (L.21-36)


Stanza 4 (L.37-60)


Stanza 5 (L.61-80)


Stanza 6 (L.81-96)


Stanza 7 (L.97-108)

Earendil stanza 8

Stanza 8 (L.109-20)

Earendil stanza 9

Stanza 9 (L.121-32)

9 shield

Middle-Earth-Ready Full Tengwar



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  2. jonathanbritton301045225

    Can’t wait! 🙂

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