Exercise Keys

Here are the answers for all the exercises given in the Tengwar Alphabet Course. Check your progress and any further doubts concerning these answers, do contact me!

Exercise 1

ta / tá / tópa / quetë / cucua / pitya

Exercise 2

ando / tumba / anga / ungwë / cenda / quendi

 Exercise 3

asëa / fenda / sambë / hwindë / tehta / pahta

Exercise 4

quanta / enquantentë / finca / tampa / ampendë / tinco

 Exercise 5

nanda / ñanda / nwalca / muina / minquë / ñoldo

 Exercise 6

már / vanya / wendë / yávië / yondonya / varna

Exercise 7

lambë / aldu / arda / rómenna / rucë / laurelin

Exercise 8

sarno / pusta / lissë / falas / falass- / alassë

Exercise 9

harma / huinë / aulë / hlarë / hranga / taurë

Final Exercise

I orvar nandeva haryar, i erdë alasseva i talan ná alya mélala cimiello, á patya, áva quelë enyalien, lá. Á lilta morniessë lómeva, á lirë arinwa cálen.


21 responses to “Exercise Keys

  1. Zeke

    Ha! The funny thing is my egnlish teacher is the one who got me into this!

  2. Frederic

    Is it normal that some tengwar have a different sound/meaning in the english mode than in the quenyan mode?

    And what about black speech? The writing on the one ring seems to follow different notions… http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Ring-inscription

    I write pretty fluently now (english mode) 🙂

    • That’s absolutely normal. Tengwar Modes work differently and they tend to look odd when compared to one another. A general phonetic rule is applied but some tengwar may vary.

  3. Llyrianna

    My today’s work was going to my uni’s library to print the tengwas and tehtas and then sitting in front of the computer making my way through these exercises. My brain almost grasped that final e always becomes ë. Almost 😀 Great way to introduce tengwar to newcomers! I can’t wait until I can read Tengwar fluently!

  4. Leandro

    Well, I’m just a neophyte here. I have lots of questions to make, many of them I’m sure are basic so I’ll appreciate some links or tips for a good learning. And the big question I have is (Spanish is my main languague):

    Can I translate Tengwar to Spanish and vice-versa? I mean, literally. For example ‘Hoy es un día hermoso (today is a beatiful day) translate it to Tengwar, and so on…

    Many Thanks.

  5. Alejandro

    So… I started looking for some guides of the quenya/tengwar in english as I could not find them in Spanish. Let me congratulate you sir, for this sis the best I have found. Also, I got all right! 😀

    Ehmmm…. do you have any Tengwar/Quenya dictionary or some sort fo thing? Where I can learn to speak the language, to understand it?

  6. marille

    Thanks! This is great.
    Is there somewhere I can find the English translation for the final exercise?

  7. Me

    Pronounce questions:
    haryar = ‘harryar’ or just ‘haryar’ and
    cimiello = ‘kimiello’?

    And last ‘e’ always turn an ‘ë’? How do I kwon when use ‘ ¨ ‘?

  8. hahah, yes of course! how did i mix those two up? 😛 btw, ‘erunno’ – is that your name or? 🙂

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