1st Class

…is under way!

(click on the images below to access Basic and Advanced content)


If you don’t have access, enroll yourself and be part of the Elvish School Project!

Basic subscription through Paypal.


Advanced subscription through Patreon with EXTRA rewards and bonuses monthly!

Keep calm and á parë Quenya

45 responses to “1st Class

  1. Anna

    How much are the lessons? Can anyone sign up?

    • Click on the buttons displayed in this page and you’ll check that out. You can subscribe through Paypal or Patreon (which brings you extra rewards as well). There are some different subscription plans with varying bonuses.

  2. Newborn

    so basically we donate to get the Quenya lessons (password)?
    how do you actually learn the vocabulary? through dictionary like Ambar-Eldaron or…. I don’t know. I am a newborn after all

    • Well, people donate to help the Quenya101 Language Institute to grow and spread more and more the Quenya lore. As bonus, they get access to exclusive content as well as extra rewards.

      Vocabulary is learnt through exposition, repetition and practice. This is key no matter what kind of vocabulary you want to learn be it technical, antique or foreign. Those are the principles 1st Class follows.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve already donated and got the verifying e-mail about it but I can’t find the password in it… What I have to do now? How I can start to learn?

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