1st Class

…has started

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Keep calm and á parë Quenya


19 responses to “1st Class

  1. Você é brasileiro? Não estou conseguindo pagar-lhe, porque diz que brasileiros não podem pagar para brasileiros em dólares! || Are you brazilian? I can’t pay you, ’cause it says always that brazilians cannot pay brazilians in dollars! Please, help me if you can!

  2. Teresa

    hi, i love your website and just donated for the elvish enrollment. however i don’t see an email in my inbox. help!

  3. Marille

    Hi there, I have donated but don’t know where to find the password? I did check my emails, but can’t find it.

  4. Fouad

    Hello dear, i have just donated to the school and i wish i could start learning … i need a password how to get it?

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  6. Cillendor

    Hiya, so I’m looking for a good Quenya course for this summer. I’m hesitant to pay for one just yet because I can’t tell if it’s a one-time payment, or if you pay per lesson. Also, how updated is your course? Some other courses I’ve seen appear to be several years old, and if Quenya has changed as much as Sindarin with recent publications, those older courses are probably out-of-date. Thanks!

    • Hello, Cillendor!

      So…this is just one donation and one donation only. Through it you have access to all the current and future lessons of the course. The course follows the most updated material available. For instance, the Advanced course is strictly based on material published in August,2012.

      One thing I’d like to mention (and is extensively stressed out by Almárë in her Tumblr) is: The course is under construction. It’s not complete yet. Perhaps if you look for something to summer studies (and only while summer lasts) this might not be a good option for you.

      More and more material will always be added in time and it’s far from being a complete Quenya course, from beginning to end.

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